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Salem Grange #2259 (Wood County, Ohio) - MS 257 mf

Introduction | Agency History | Scope and Content | Series DescriptionOrder of Microfilming


The records of the Salem Grange #2259 were loaned to the Center for Archival Collections for microfilming on July 22, 1982. The records were transferred with the cooperation of Ida M. Lewis, Secretary-Treasurer of Salem Grange, and Paulette Weiser, graduate assistant at the Center.

The collection, dating from the establishment of the Salem Grange in 1919 until 1968, is comprise of minutes, Juvenile Grange minutes, roll and dues books, and an account ledger. No restrictions exist on the use of the microfilm edition and duplication is permitted for scholarly research and preservation. The register was compiled by Ann Bowers, Curator of Manuscripts, in August 1982.

Agency History

The Grange, organized on a national, state, county, and local level, combines fraternity, ritual, and business with cultural and educational programs. Women have been admitted from the beginning as equal members, and a juvenile grange promotes total family participation in this organization.

The Salem Grange was formed in December 1919 with the Grange Hal located at the intersection of Cygnet and Wayne Roads. Later the Hall was moved into West Millgrove and now sits, just east of Route 199 on Cygnet Road. When the Grange's membership dropped, the upkeep of the building became prohibitive and it was sold along with all the furnishings. The Grange currently meets at members' homes.

Scope and Content

This collection of Grange records will prove useful to those researchers interested in agricultural and rural studies. The minutes are complete from the establishment of this Grange in 1919 until 1968. The minutes provide information on offices, membership, dues, programs and business conducted; however, the information is in more of an outline format than narrative and thus lacks great detail.

The minutes of the Juvenile Grange begin with its establishment in 1945 and continue until 1954. The minutes document the activities of this youth organization; however, they, like the Grange minutes, are brief and at times sporadic. The roll book provides information on the charter members including degrees earned and occupations. Lastly, the dues account books (1920-1958) and the treasurer's account book (1921-1938) provide details on the financial transactions of this organization.

Series Description


December 1919-May 1968
Arranged chronologically
Includes officers roll call, committee and business agent reports, bills and receipts, motions and resolutions, program and social activities, membership induction and members sick or in distress. Also includes inspection reports and some correspondence.

June 1945-December 1950; February 1953-February 1954
Arranged chronologically
Includes officers roll call, business conducted, program and social activities, bills and receipts.

Includes member's name, date receiving degrees, occupation and remarks. Includes roll of charter members.


January 1920-March 1958
Arranged chronologically
Includes members' names, quarterly dues paid, remarks.

January 1921-December 1938
Arranged chronologically
Includes date, name and amount of expenditures and receipts.

Order of Microfilming


  1. Minute book, December 1919-December 1923 (includes minutes of May 12, 1925)
  2. Minute book, January 1924-March 1928 (includes minutes of October 20, 1931)
  3. Minute book, March 1928-June 1932
  4. Minute book, (June) 1932-November 1936
  5. Minute book, December 1936-March 1941
  6. Minute book, March 1941-April 1945
  7. Minute book, May 1945-April 1949
  8. Minute book, May 1949-March 1953
  9. Minute book, April 1953-February 1957
  10. Minute book, March 1957-March 1962
  11. Minute book, April 1962-May 1968
  12. Juvenile Grange minute book, June 1945-December 1948
  13. Juvenile Grange minute book, January 1949-December 1950
  14. Juvenile Grange minute book, February 1953-February 1954
  15. Roll book--charter members, 1919
  16. Dues account book, January 1920-December 1932
  17. Dues account book, January 1933-March 1958
  18. Treasurer's account book, January 1921-December 1938

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