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Zion Lutheran Church (Jackson Township), Hope Lutheran Church (Fostoria, Ohio) - MS 256 mf

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The records of the Zion Lutheran Church, Jackson Township, Seneca County, Ohio, were loaned for microfilming to the Center for Archival Collections in July 1982. The collection, dating from 1837 to 1952, with some family records beginning in 1803, consists of church and family record books and minutes of the Ladies Aid Society and Luther League.

The records of the Hope Lutheran Church of Fostoria, Ohio were transferred for microfilming to the Center for Archival Collections in January 1993 with the cooperation of Sylvia M. Leonard. These records constitute an addition to the items originally transferred in 1982.

Researchers should note that the collection contains records from both congregations: the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church of Jackson Township in Seneca County and the Hope Lutheran Church of Fostoria. These two congregations merged in 1952 under the one name of Hope Lutheran Church.

There are no restrictions on the use of this collection and duplication is permitted for purposes of preservation and scholarly research. The register was prepared by Ann Bowers, Curator of Manuscripts, in August 1982. The addition was prepared for microfilming by Monica Manny in February 1993.

 Agency History

The Zion Lutheran Church was first established on June 18, 1838, by Reverend Adolph Conrad of Tiffin, Ohio, who served as the first pastor. Reverend Edward Kornbaum became the first resident pasator in 1852. The congregation's first building was a log structure which also ws used as a schoolhouse. The second church building was built in 1852 and the current brick structure, located east of Fostoria off of Route 12, was dedicated on September 21, 1890.

All services were held in German until the 1880's when the English service and hymnal were introduced. In 1952 the church disbanded with its membership and property being transferred to the First Hope Lutheran Church in Fostoria, Ohio.

 Scope and Content

The Zion Lutheran Church collection documents the establishment and development of a rural church in an area settled predominantly by German immigrants. The documents pose some research difficulty as during the early years of the church the records were written in German. The Church and Family Record Books (1803-1952) document in detail the births, baptisms, confirmations, marriages and deaths of church members as well as the business conducted during the congregational and church council (vestry) meetings.

The minutes of the Ladies Aid Society provide insights into the educational, social, and fund-raising activities of the women of the congregation but only for the time period 1907-1915. Similarly, the Luther League minutes (1926-1928) document the activities of this youth organization for only a short time span.

The Hope Lutheran Church records consist of three volumes of record books spanning the period from 1789 to 1954. The first volume, written in German, spans the period from 1789 to 1894 and contains the church's constitution and membership list, a family register, and records of baptisms, confirmations, communicants, and deaths. The second volume also contains records of baptisms, marriages, confirmations, communicants, and deaths for the period from [1822] to 1954, but this information was recorded in English. The third volume contains a record of donations made by members on a weekly basis for the three year period from 1902 through 1904. This volume also includes minutes of meetings of the church council and the church congregation for the same period.

 Series Description



Arranged by subject and chronologically.
Contains records of membership including births, baptisms, confirmations, lists of communicants, marriages, and deaths. Volume two mostly contains congregational and council minutes with a few early family records. Volume three contains, in addition to membership records, lists of officers, pastors, historical events of the church and monies collected for various church purposes.

May 1907-April 1915.
Arranged chronologically
Includes the organization of the Ladies Aid Society with the first constitution and the minutes which document the educational, social and fund-raising activities of this Society. Membership rolls are included in the back of the volume.

November 1926-November 1928.
Arranged chronologically
Includes information on business conducted and educational and social activities held during the meetings of this church youth group. Membership rolls are included in the back of the volume.


Scattered dates.
Arranged alphabetically.
Includes name, birth and death date of those buried in cemetery as of 1959.



Arranged chronologically
Includes church constitution, membership list, family register, baptisms, confirmations, communicants, marriages, and deaths. Volume one is written in German, volume two is written in English. Volume three contains mostly records of member donations and minutes of church council and congregational meetings.

 Order of Microfilming

Roll 1: Zion Lutheran Church

  1. Church/Family Record Book, 1836-1897
  2. Church/Family Record Book, 1803-1952
  3. Church/Family Record Book, 1838-1949
  4. Ladies Aid Society Minutes, May 1907-April 1915
  5. Luther League Minutes, November 1926-November 1928
  6. List of those buried in cemetery, scattered dates

Roll 2: Hope Lutheran Church

  1. Church/Family Record Book, 1789-1894
  2. Church/Family Record Book, [1822]-1954
  3. Record Book, 1902-1904

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