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Bancroft United Methodist Church (Toledo, Ohio) - MS 263 mf

Introduction | Order of Microfilming


The records of Bancroft United Methodist Church, Toledo, Ohio were transferred for microfilming to the Center for Archival Collections in September 1997 with the cooperation of Robert Ball, Toledo District Superintendent of the United Methodist Church.

The Bancroft United Methodist Church Collection consists of five volumes, two of which are general record books, which may contain membership, baptismal, marriage and death records. The remaining three volumes are membership records. Inclusive dates for the collection are 1903-1978. Bancroft United Methodist, which was previously First Evangelical United Brethren, was located at 1664 West Bancroft prior to it closing on 29 October 1978. The denominational change from Evangelical United Brethren to United Methodist took place sometime after 1966. For an interesting bit of church history see pages one through three of the final record book ( 1953-1978 ). The records of the church are currently maintained by the Toledo District Superintendent's Office, Maumee, Ohio.

This register was prepared by Jason Wesco in October 1997. No restrictions apply to the use of this collection.

 Order of Microfilming

Roll 1

  1. Membership Register, 1903-1908
  2. Membership Register, 1913-1923
  3. Membership Register, 1924-1928
  4. Record Book (includes memberships, baptisms, weddings and funerals), 1932-1963
  5. Record Book (includes memberships, baptisms, weddings and funerals), 1953-1978

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