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The Ohio Committee for Humane Trapping - MS 271

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The Ohio Committee for Humane Trapping Collection dates from 1975-1981. The items contained in this collection are primarily minutes, correspondence, financial reports, contribution lists, and printed material. The collection occupies approximately one cubic foot.

The records of the Ohio Committee for Humane Trapping (O.C.H.T.) Were donated on November 1, 1982 to the Center for Archival Collections through the cooperation of Darlene Petkwitz, treasurer of the O.C.H.T. and Paul D. Yon, Associate Director, CAC. No restrictions exist on the use of this collection and duplication is permitted for the purposes of preservation and scholarly research. The collection was processed and the register was prepared by Vanessa Lester, undergraduate intern at the Center for Archival Collections during spring semester, 1983.

Agency History

The Ohio Committee for Humane Trapping unofficially organized during the latter part of 1975. On January 2, 1976, the committee filed with the Secretary of State's office papers for officially organizing the corporation.

The committee was established by citizens who were concerned about the use of the leghold trap in the state of Ohio. The purpose of the committee was to launch a political campaign which would increase public awareness about the cruelty to animals which occurred as a result of the usage of this trapping device. The committee was successful in getting this proposed law on the ballot as Issue II. However, Issue II failed to pass in the 1977 election and subsequently the committee disbanded.

The committee consisted of twenty-eight to thirty-one members of whom all were volunteers. Initially, these members met in their homes, using a post office box as a mailing address. Offices were later established in Bowling Green and Columbus.

The members of the O.C.H.T. were all trustees of the corporation, with the officers being the most active members. The following officers maintained their positions for the life of the committee:

  • Sandy Rowland, President
  • Paul McNamara, Vice President and Secretary
  • Darlene Petkwitz, Treasurer

Scope and Content

The papers of the Ohio Committee for Humane Trapping contain proceedings, correspondence, fiscal records, and printed materials. The collection covers a period from April 30, 1975 to November 6, 1981. More specifically, the bulk of the material covers a brief period from 1976-1977.

The minutes are incomplete and only date from November 22, 1975 to November 22, 1977. The strength of the collection rests with the business and political (legal) correspondence. The vast majority of the correspondence is complete. Thus, it provides important information pertaining to the committee's business relationships and attempts to achieve their aim through the political process.

The lack of complete financial records is a major weakness with the collection. The financial documents fail to detail many business transactions, and thus some original bills, receipts, and cancelled checks were retained for the purpose of filling this void.

The lack of printed material is another weakness in the collection. The limited items include brochures, bumper stickers, and some newspaper clippings and articles.

Despite the weaknesses in the collection, it is possible to utilize available materials to better understand the purpose behind The Ohio Committee for Humane Trapping. The O.C.H.T. failed, but certainly the committee and the political movement are deserving of closer examination.

Series Description


November 22, 1975-November 22, 1977
Arranged chronologically
Records include dates and times of meetings, names of members present and excused, announcements, results of elections, discussions, treasurer's reports, general proceedings.

1975, 1976, n.d.
Arranged chronologically
Includes name, address of members of O.C.H.T.


November 1975-November 1981, n.d.
Arranged chronologically
Includes various business correspondence. External communications includes political letters, numerous business letters pertaining to advertising, etc. Internal communications includes results of unofficial polls, memoranda, etc.

July 1977-November 1977
Arranged chronologically
Includes legal briefs and correspondence with political officials regarding placing the issue on the ballot.


January 1976-February 1978
Arranged chronologically
Includes list of monies received, general and legal expenses, check book balances.


December 1975-January 1978
Arranged chronologically
Incomplete listing of expenses including office supplies, telephone, etc. Ledger also includes limited legal expenses and information of cash received.

November 1975-February 1981
Arranged chronologically and by name of bank.
Provides a record of expenses not included in the general expense ledger.

August 1977-October 1977
Arranged chronologically
Includes list of expenditures, date of transaction, with whom transaction was made, address, purpose, amount.

June 1976-February 1978
Arranged chronologically
Includes records of expenses not included in the general expense ledger or the cancelled checks.

November 1975-November 1977
Arranged chronologically
Listings of both known and anonymous donations to the O.C.H.T.


1975-1976, n.d.
Arranged chronologically
Includes brochures, bumper stickers

April 1975-September 1976, n.d.
Arranged chronologically
Includes conservationist items supportive of the O.C.H.T.


Box 1


  1. Minutes, November 22, 1975-November 22, 1977
  2. Membership lists, 1975, 1976, n.d.
  3. Correspondence, November 1975-October 1976 (1976)
  4. Correspondence, January-June 1977
  5. Correspondence, August-December 1977
  6. Correspondence, January 1978-November 1981 (scattered)
  7. Correspondence, n.d.
  8. Correspondence, Legal, July 1977-November 1977

Box 2


  1. Financial Reports, January 1976-February 1978
  2. General Expense Ledger, December 1975-January 1978
  3. Cancelled Checks/Bank Statements (Mid-American Bank), November 1975-February 1976
  4. Cancelled Checks/Bank Statements (Mid-American Bank), March-May 1976
  5. Cancelled Checks/Bank Statements (Mid-American Bank), May-June 1976
  6. Cancelled Checks/Bank Statements (Mid-American Bank), May-July 1976
  7. Cancelled Checks/Bank Statements (Mid-American Bank), June-September 1976
  8. Cancelled Checks/Bank Statements (Mid-American Bank), September-December 1976
  9. Cancelled Checks/Bank Statements (Mid-American Bank), November 1976-May 1977
  10. Cancelled Checks/Bank Statements (Mid-American Bank), May-June 1977
  11. Cancelled Checks/Bank Statements (Mid-American Bank), July-September 1977
  12. Cancelled Checks/Bank Statements (Mid-American Bank), September-November 1977
  13. Cancelled Checks/Bank Statements (Mid-American Bank), December 1977-November 1978
  14. Cancelled Checks/Bank Statements (Mid-American Bank), January 1978-February 1981
  15. Cancelled Checks/Bank Statements (Huntington Bank), June-August 1977
  16. Cancelled Checks/Bank Statements (Huntington Bank), August-October 1977
  17. Cancelled Checks/Bank Statements (Huntington Bank), October-November 1977

Box 3


  1. Statement of Expenditures, August-October 1977
  2. Bills/Receipts, June 1976-February 1978
  3. Contributions, General, November 1975-November 1977
  4. Contributions, Form 31-A, November 1975-March 1977
  5. Contributions, From O.C.H.T., June-October 1977
  6. Contributions, Anonymous, January 1976-November 1977
  7. Campaign Literature, 1975-1976, n.d.
  8. Clippings, Articles, Magazine, April 1975-September 1976, n.d.

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