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Epworth United Methodist Church (Toledo, Ohio) - MS 302 mf

Introduction | Order of Microfilming


The records of the Epworth United Methodist Church, Toledo, Ohio were transferred to the Center for Archival Collections, Bowling Green State University for microfilming in March 1983 with the cooperation of Gerald Craig and the Genealogical Society of Utah. The collection (1894-1982) consists of record books, reports, and a church history. There are no restrictions on the research use of this collection.

The Epworth United Methodist Church collection consists of nine volumes of record books (1894-1982) which include lists of members,probationers, baptisms, marriages, and deaths. There is ia one-volume membership record (1894-1959) and a collection of marriage licenses (1917-1941). Also contained in the collection are annual conference reports (1974-1975) and membership reports (1970-1974). The church history includes biographical sketches and photographs of the pastors, news clippings, the history of the Sunday School, Epworth League, and Men's Clubs.

The finding aid was prepared by Ann Subic in April 1983.

 Order of Microfilming

Roll 1

  1. Record Book, 1894-1908
  2. Record Book, 1909-1910
  3. Record Book, 1909-1916
  4. Record Book, 1909-1931
  5. Record Book, 1932-1934
  6. Record Book, 1935-1939
  7. Record Book, 1939-1946
  8. Record Book, 1945-1959

Roll 2

  1. Record Book, 1959-1982
  2. Membership Record, 1894-1959
  3. Marriage Licenses, 1917-1941
  4. Annual Conference Reports, 1974-1975
  5. Membership Reports, 1970-1974
  6. Church History, 1894-1944

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