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Tri Sigma Club (Upper Sandusky, Ohio) - MS 324

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The Tri Sigma Club Papers consist largely of scrapbooks, newsletters, and programs. These papers document the activities of this woman's service and social organization. The collection was donated to the Center for Archival Collections in August 1983. No restrictions exist on the use of the collection and duplication is permitted for research purposes.

The collection was arranged by Jennifer Nagy, student assistant, and the finding aid completed by Ann Bowers, Assistant Director, in April 1998.

Agency History

The Tri Sigma Club organized on August 29, 1938 in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. The Club started as a business girls sorority. The stated goals of the organization have not changed over the years: service, sincerity and success, with the welfare of the community as its main interest. Membership was limited to fifty and dues were charged. Monthly meetings were held in which educational or social programs would be offered. A newsletter was published from 1939 through 1940; it stopped being written and resurfaced again in 1954 for that year only.

Programs were largely social in nature, however, some were held to raise funds for community projects and philanthropies. The Club is still in existence today.

Scope and Content

The Tri Sigma Club Papers consist largely of scrapbooks which date from 1938 when the Club was founded through 1981. These scrapbooks include newsclippings, photographs, programs and favors all of which document the Club members' activities and educational programs.

Also included are newsletters which date from 1939-1940, and 1954. These newsletters provide information on programs, poems and other original writings, announcements, and news about members. A few programs which are separate from the scrapbooks and a script for a fashion show, the first constitution, some financial records, a songbook and a few pieces of correspondence complete this collection.

Although no minutes are available, the scrapbooks provide an interesting and fairly complete look at this organization and its activities. This collection provides a very good representation of a small town women's club during the mid to late twentieth century.

Series Description


Includes articles establishing the functions of the organization.


Arranged chronologically
Includes listing of expenses, income and balances.


1945, 1961, 1962
Arranged chronologically
Includes three program booklets, one of which outlines the year's programs and two which document one meeting. put together for one meeting. A script used for the style show is also included.

Includes various song sheets and one booklet of songs of which the Tri Sigma uses during their meetings.


1939-1979 (scattered)
No arrangement
Includes invitations, historical notes, certificate of appreciation.


1939-1940, 1954
Arranged chronologically
Includes newsletters written and distributed to members with meeting announcements, news of members and their families, poems and short writings.


1938-1950, 1961-1981
Arranged chronologically
Includes newsclippings, photographs, programs, letters all of which shed insights into the club's activities and program.


Box 1

  1. Constitution, 1955
  2. Financial Ledger, 1948-1951
  3. Songs, n.d.
  4. Programs/Style Show Script, 1945, 1961, 1962
  5. Correspondence/notes, 1939-1979 (scattered)
  6. Newsletter, "The Triangle", 1939
  7. Newsletter, "The Triangle", 1940
  8. Newsletter, "The Triangle", 1954
  9. Scrapbook, 1938-1939
  10. Scrapbook, 1939-1940
  11. Scrapbook, 1940-1941
  12. Scrapbook, 1942
  13. Scrapbook, 1943-1944

Box 2

  1. Scrapbook, 1945-1950
  2. Scrapbook, 1961-1962
  3. Scrapbook, 1963-1967
  4. Scrapbook, 1968-1970
  5. Scrapbook, 1971-1978
  6. Scrapbook, 1980-1981

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