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St. Luke's Lutheran Church (North Baltimore, Ohio) - MS 342 mf

Introduction | Order of Microfilming


The records of St. Luke's Lutheran Church, North Baltimore, Wood County, Ohio were transferred for microfilming to the Center for Archival Collections in September 1997 with the cooperation of Pastor Ralph Mineo of North Baltimore.

The St. Luke's Lutheran Church Collection consists of nineteen volumes. The majority of the collection (sixteen volumes) is made up of women's social/bible study class meeting minutes. Three classes are represented here, the Ladies Aid Society, the Young Women's Missionary Guild and the Lutherean Class. Also of interest is the Ladies Aid Society Constitution (1936). Genealogists will find the two Parish Registers and the Membership Register helpful as they give baptismal, marriage, death and general membership information. The church was founded with 35 members in 1897 (See " Sketch of the Organizing and Early Years of the St. Luke's Lutheran Church of North Baltimore, Ohio on page 51 in the first Parish Register [1897-1936]). Inclusive dates for the collection are 1897-1997.

This register was prepared by Jason Wesco in October 1997. No restrictions apply to the use of this collection.

Order of Microfilming

Roll 1

  1. Parish Register (includes baptisms and burials), 1897-1936
  2. Membership Register ( includes birth, marriage and death information ), 1930-1942
  3. Parish Register (includes baptisms, marriages and burials), 1943-1997
  4. Ladies Aid Society Minutes, 1913-1914
  5. Ladies Aid Society Minutes, 1915-1917
  6. Ladies Aid Society Minutes, 1917-1919
  7. Ladies Aid Society Minutes, 1919-1921
  8. Ladies Aid Society Constitution, 1936
  9. Ladies Aid Society Minutes, 1938-1940
  10. Ladies Aid Society Minutes, 1941-1942
  11. Ladies Aid Society Minutes, 1943-1951
  12. Ladies Aid Society Minutes, 1952-1959
  13. Young Women's Missionary Guild, 1938-1940
  14. Lutherean Class Minutes, 1938-1939
  15. Lutherean Class Minutes, 1940
  16. Lutherean Class Minutes, 1941-1943
  17. Lutherean Class Minutes, 1943-1944
  18. Lutherean Class Minutes, 1944-1945
  19. Lutherean Class Minutes, 1946-1951
  20. Lutherean Class Minutes, 1952-1954

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