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National Allilance for Optional Parenthood: Toledo Area Affiliate (Ohio) - MS 373

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The records for the Toledo Area Chapter/Affiliate of the National Alliance for Optional Parenthood date from 1970 to 1982. The collection includes the by-laws of the organization, correspondence, magazine and newspaper articles, newsletters, printed materials and various other documents. These files provide background information on the organization and document some of the activities at the national and local levels.

The collection was donated to the Center for Archival Collections in September of 1984 with the cooperation of Darlene Petkwitz. There are no restrictions on the research use of this collection and duplication is permitted. The collection was processed by Christie Batt, undergraduate intern in history, in March 1996.

Agency History

The National Alliance for Optional Parenthood, originally called the National Organization for Non-Parents (N.O.N.), was formed in 1972. The Toledo Chapter of N.O.N., founded by Tom and Sandra Vogt and Richard and Shirley McDonald, held its first meeting on November 9, 1974, at the McDonald home in Toledo, Ohio. In 1978, the non-profit organization changed its name to the National Alliance for Optional Parenthood (N.A.O.P.).

According to its bylaws, the purpose of the National Alliance for Optional Parenthood was to educate the public on non-parenthood as a valid lifestyle option, support those who choose not to have children, promote awareness of the overpopulation problem, and assist other groups that advanced the goals of the organization. The Toledo Area Chapter/Affiliate was mainly a support group for non-parents. Most meetings featured a speaker or were social gatherings. Membership in N.A.O.P. was open to married and single individuals, both parents and non-parents alike.

In order to qualify for chapter status in N.A.O.P., a local organization was required to have ten national memberships. Groups of lesser numbers assumed affiliate status. By 1977, the Toledo organization consisted of less than ten national memberships, and thus, was an affiliate. Whether 1977 was the first year for its affiliate status is unclear from the records.

The national organization disbanded in 1982 due to financial difficulties. The Toledo Area Affiliate of N.A.O.P. dissolved before that time, but the exact date is unclear.

Scope and Content

The records contained in the Toledo Area Chapter/Affiliate of the National Alliance for Optional Parenthood collection date from 1970 to 1982. The strengths of the collection are its correspondence, newsletters, and magazine and newspaper article files. These give background information on the national organization, some insight into the Toledo Area Chapter/Affiliate, and demonstrate the relationship between the two groups. The major weakness of the collection is its lack of documentation on the activities of the Toledo Area Chapter/Affiliate. There is only one copy of meeting minutes from the local group and membership data is scattered. The primary focus of the collection is the national organization.

The majority of the information about the Toledo Area Chapter/Affiliate comes from correspondence records. These are comprised of materials sent to various segments of the Toledo organization from N.A.O.P. and various individuals, as well as outgoing mail from the Toledo Area Chapter/Affiliate. Much of the correspondence from the national organization consists of form letters, and this is a weakness, but these documents do demonstrate the relationship between headquarters and the Toledo group. The outgoing correspondence from the Toledo Area Chapter/Affiliate is the most revealing of local activities, especially the meeting announcements.

Another strength of this collection is its newsletters. These documents originate from N.A.O.P., the Toledo Area Chapter/Affiliate, and various regional chapters throughout the United States. Again, representation from the Toledo organization is weak, with only one newsletter present. The national and regional newsletters, however, provide information on activities across the nation.

The collection has a strong magazine and newspaper article series. While only a few of the clippings deal specifically with the Toledo Area Chapter/Affiliate, the files do provide considerable background information on N.A.O.P. and topics relevant to the child-free lifestyle.

The collection is completed by an assortment of files, such as the organizational by-laws, several reports, pamphlets and brochures, publicity materials, and various ephemeral documents.

Series Description


1977, n.d.
Arranged chronologically
Includes rules and regulations from the national organization regarding name, purpose, membership, chapters and affiliates, officers, committees, the advisory council, finances, and amendments.

Includes suggestions for chapter formation, statements of organizational purpose and image, chapter/affiliate regulations, suggestions for chapter organization and administration, membership development, fund raising, publicity, and national officer responsibilities.

1976-79, n.d. (scattered.).
Arranged by type of document and then chronologically.
Includes addresses of the Toledo Area Chapter/Affiliate and new N.A.O.P. members, membership forms, and questionnaires.

February 23, 1976.
Includes meeting date and location, discussion of future activities, and committee appointments.

(1974), n.d.
Includes general descriptions of the national organization, its objectives, and activities.


1974-80, n.d. (scattered)
Arranged by addressee and then chronologically.
Includes correspondence sent from the national organization and others to N.A.O.P. representatives, chapter/affiliate leaders, Correspondence Club members, N.A.O.P. members., specific individuals of the Toledo Area Chapter/Affiliate, general addresses, and letters forwarded to the local organization.

1974-77, n.d. (scattered).
Arranged chronologically
Includes correspondence from the Toledo Area Chapter/Affiliate to local businesses and organizations and meeting announcements for chapter/affiliate members.


Includes address lists of those interested in N.A.O.P.


Includes information on projects completed, finances, and future goals N.A.O.P.

Includes information on the revenues and expenditures of N.A.O.P.

Includes survey results that contain membership profile.

Includes completed copies of a local meeting preference survey and the tabulated results.

1976-78 (scattered)
Arranged chronologically
Includes numerical data on N.A.O.P. media coverage, projects, chapters and affiliates, and membership inquiries.


March 29, 1972.
Includes a statement of purpose, names of directors, legal and financial restrictions, and the date of incorporation of N.A.O.P.

November 19, 1975.
Includes the employment identification number assigned to the Toledo Area Chapter/Affiliate.

Includes information on a suit brought against N.A.O.P. and actions taken to comply with the court ruling.


(1975), 1977, 1978 (scattered)
Arranged chronologically
Includes titles of books, magazine articles, and studies dealing with topics related to protonatalism and childlessness.

1976-78, n.d. (scattered)
Arranged chronologically
Includes such material as convention programs, advertisements, and registration forms.

March 1977, n.d.
Includes information on lobbying laws for tax-exempt organizations and abortion lobbying.

1970, 1972-80, n.d. (scattered)
Arranged chronologically
Includes information on the national and local organizations, individual members of both groups, and topics related to childlessness.

1973-82 (scattered)
Arranged chronologically
Includes information on the activities and members of N.A.O.P., the Toledo Area Chapter/Affiliate, and several other chapters.

1978-79, n.d.
Arranged chronologically
Includes printed materials from N.A.O.P. that discuss such topics as organizational purpose, issues related the non-parenthood, and a teen program.

1972-74, (1977)-79, n.d. (scattered)
Arranged chronologically
Includes items such as N.A.O.P. announcements, a sample form letter, suggestions for media utilization, and copies of several discussions of N.A.O.P. and the non-parenthood issue in the media.

(1974), 1976-77, n.d. (scattered)
Arranged chronologically
Includes chapter and affiliate activity ideas from N.A.O.P. and a survey advertisement.

1977, n.d.
Includes such items as Speaker's Bureau materials and N.A.O.P. advertisements.


Includes a N.A.O.P. promotional bumper sticker.

Includes a promotional button from the national organization.


Box 1


  1. Bylaws, 1977, n.d.
  2. Guidelines and Handbook, (1974)
  3. Membership-New N.A.O.P. Members, 1976-79,n.d. (sc)
  4. Membership-Toledo Area Chapter/Affiliate, January 4, 1976, May 19, 1977, n.d.
  5. Minutes-Toledo Chapter/Affiliate, February 23, 1976
  6. N.A.O.P. Statement of Purpose, (1974), n.d.
  7. Correspondence-Incoming to Area N.A.O.P. Representatives, 1978-1980 (sc)
  8. Correspondence-Incoming to N.A.O.P. Chapter/Affiliate Leaders, 1975-76
  9. Correspondence-Incoming to N.A.O.P. Chapter/Affiliate Leaders, 1977-79, n.d. (sc)
  10. Correspondence-Incoming to N.A.O.P. Correspondence Club Members, (1974), 1977, n.d. (sc)
  11. Correspondence-Letters Forwarded to the Toledo Chapter/Affiliate, 1974-77, 1979 (sc)
  12. Correspondence-Incoming to General Addressees, 1975-76, 1978, n.d. (sc)
  13. Correspondence-Incoming to Individuals in the Toledo Chapter/Affiliate, 1974-80, n.d. (sc)
  14. Correspondence-Incoming to N.A.O.P. Members, (1975)-78, 1980, n.d. (sc)
  15. Correspondence-Outgoing from the Toledo Chapter/Affiliate, 1974-77, n.d. (sc)
  16. Membership Inquiries, n.d.
  17. N.A.O.P. Annual Report, 1976
  18. N.A.O.P. Financial Report, 1976
  19. N.A.O.P. Membership Survey, (1976)
  20. Questionnaire-Toledo Area Chapter/Affiliate, (1974)
  21. N.A.O.P. Statistical Information, 1976-78 (sc)
  22. N.A.O.P. Articles of Incorporation, March 29, 1972
  23. IRS Document, November 11, 1975
  24. Litigation, 1977 (sc)
  25. Bibliographies, (1975), 1977-78 (sc)

Box 2


  1. Conventions and Workshops-Local, n.d.
  2. Conventions and Workshops-National and Regional, 1976-78, n.d. (sc)
  3. Lobbying Information, March 1977, n.d.
  4. Magazine and Newspaper Articles-N.A.O.P. and Related Topics, 1970, 1972-75
  5. Magazine and Newspaper Articles-N.A.O.P. and Related Topics, 1976
  6. Magazine and Newspaper Articles-N.A.O.P. and Related Topics, 1977
  7. Magazine and Newspaper Articles-N.A.O.P. and Related Topics, 1978
  8. Magazine and Newspaper Articles-N.A.O.P. and Related Topics, 1979-80, n.d.
  9. Newsletters-N.A.O.P., 1973-76 (sc)
  10. Newsletters-N.A.O.P., 1977 (sc)
  11. Newsletters-N.A.O.P., 1978 (sc)
  12. Newsletters-N.A.O.P., 1979 (sc)
  13. Newsletters-N.A.O.P., 1980-82 (sc)
  14. Newsletter-Toledo Area Chapter/Affiliate, January 13, 1975
  15. Newsletters-Various Chapters, 1974-79, n.d. (sc)
  16. Informational Pamphlets, 1978-79, n.d.
  17. Booklet-"The One Child Family", n.d.
  18. Booklets-"Protonatalism: A Hidden Persuader Limits Personal Rights" and Protonatalism: Threat to Personhood and Planet", 1979, n.d.
  19. Booklet-"Questions and Answers: Optional Parenthood Today", n.d.
  20. Booklet-"Searching for Alternatives to Teen Pregnancy", 1978
  21. N.A.O.P. Press Releases, 1972-74, (1977)-79, n.d. (sc)
  22. N.A.O.P. Project Ideas, (1974), 1976-77, n.d. (sc)
  23. N.A.O.P. Publicity, 1977, n.d. (sc)
  24. Artifact-bumper sticker, n.d.
  25. Artifact-pin, n.d.

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