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Stuart Givens Collection - MS 376

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The Dr. Stuart Givens Collection is comprised of ½ cubic foot of research files and notes for The Falcon Soars, his history of Bowling Green State University (BGSU) from 1963- 1985 (Dr. James Robert Overman's history, MS-100, left off at 1963), the year of BGSU's 75th anniversary. Information within this collection dates from 1911-1980's. The files contain predominately photocopied documents with a wealth of information about BGSU history, especially after 1960.

This collection was probably transferred from BGSU's University Archives. No restrictions have been placed on its use. The finding aid was completed by Eric Honneffer in February 2005.

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Stuart Givens was hired at BGSU in 1952 as coordinator of student activities and part-time history professor. Four years later he became a full-time professor of history. He chaired the History Department from 1965-1969 and the Arts and Sciences Council from 1972-1973. Dr. Givens also served as president of the Faculty Senate from 1975-1976. He helped establish a Phi Beta Kappa Chapter on campus and the Canadian Studies Program.

Dr. Givens was also university historian and author of The Falcon Soars, a history of BGSU from 1963-1985. He was the first faculty member to receive the Hollis A. Moore University Service Award and was made honorary University Alumnus in 1983. Dr. Givens retired in 1997.

Dr. Givens was born April 1, 1924 in Honolulu, Hawaii and lived in California and Washington. He was drafted into the United States Army in 1943 while attending George Washington University. During World War II he served in the 17th and 82nd Airborne Divisions - Parachute and Glider Infantry. After the war he received a master's degree in 1949 from George Washington University and a Ph.D. from Leland Stanford University in 1956. Dr. Givens died on August 19, 2004.

(Taken from August 21, 2004 obituaries in the Daily Sentinel Tribune and BG News.)

Scope and Content

The Dr. Stuart Givens Collection is comprised of research files organized by various topics for his history of BGSU, The Falcon Soars, published in 1985.

The files include mostly photocopied reports, memoranda, extracts from the Board of Trustees minutes, news clippings, articles, etc., containing primarily statistics or various facts pertinent to tuition, fees, funding, capital improvements, university buildings, students, faculty, staff, degrees, Board of Trustees members, organizational structure, BGSU presidents, and many other topics from the 1960's-1980's. Some documents provide comparative data across time (some as early as 1911-1980's) for tuition, room and board, alumni giving, and the like. Lists of important events in BGSU history, dates of buildings on campus and individuals who served on the Board of Trustees at any given time are just a few examples of pertinent information contained in this collection.

Series Description


Research Files
Arranged by subject with numbers corresponding to Dr. Givens' listing.
These files contain primarily photocopied reports, memoranda, extracts from Board of Trustees minutes, news clippings and articles containing statistical data and facts about BGSU from the 1960's-1980's for inclusion in Dr. Given's history The Falcon Soars. Some notes are also included such as those for an interview about Hollis Moore with Richard Edwards in 1984. Some miscellaneous correspondence may be included.


Box 1


  1. Research files: tuition, fees, funding, residence halls, 1915-1982
  2. Research files: funding (continued), 1958-1983
  3. Research files: capital improvements, buildings, 1963-1983
  4. Research files: faculty, staff, enrollment, testing, degrees, 1915-1985
  5. Research files: BGSU Library, 1950-1983
  6. Research files: Athletic Mid-Am Conference finishes, 1952-1983
  7. Research files: academic goals and degrees, student guidelines, 1963-1983
  8. Research files: Board of Trustees members, 1911-1986
  9. Research files: administration organization charts, 1973-1982
  10. Research files: campus maps, 1964, 1983-1985
  11. Research files: notes from Richard Edwards interview about Hollis Moore, 7/1984
  12. Research files: brief outline history of the College of Business, 1935-1977
  13. Research files: William T. Jerome III, 1966-1970, 12/10/1982
  14. Research files: campus tensions, 1970
  15. Research files: Hollis Moore, 1973-1974, 1981
  16. Research files: University trademarks/logos, 1977
  17. Research files: COUGAR history, 9/1976
  18. Research files: COPE process, 1/2/1978
  19. Research files: collective bargaining, Fall 1978
  20. Research files: Phi Beta Kappa submission, 10/1980
  21. Research files: conversion to early semester, 7/1981
  22. Research files: articulation document, 10/9/1981
  23. Research files: student body constitution, 11/13/1981
  24. Research files: Olscamp/Ferrari, 1982
  25. Research files: financial exigency statement, 10/18/1982
  26. Research files: teacher certification approval, 1/14/1983
  27. Research files: BGSU accepted by National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges, 11/21/1983
  28. Research files: Pat Gangwer's words to Board of Trustees on retirement, 3/2/1984
  29. Research files: Innovations in Teaching at Bowling Green, 4/21/1971
  30. Research files: Role and Mission of BGSU, 5/1984
  31. Research files: "What Should this University Be in 1990?", n.d.
  32. Research files: chronology and list of University events, 1963-mid-1980's
  33. Inventory of above files, n.d.
  34. Correspondence from T. A. Bailey, 06/09/75

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