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Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church (New Auburn, Ohio) - MS 435 mf

Introduction | Order of Microfilming


The records of Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church were transferred for microfilming to the Center for Archival Collections in July 1998 with the cooperation of Alice Roush, St. Bernard Catholic Church and Mary Fox, Crawford County Chapter, Ohio Genealogical Society.

The collection consists of eight (8) volumes of records containing Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmation, Marriages and Deaths as early as 1880 and continues through 1998. The earliest records are written in Latin. The Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church history is included in the Record Book 1880-1915.

This register was prepared by Molly Biddle in July 1998.

There is a seventy (70) year access restriction on baptism and marriage records. No restrictions apply to the remainder of this collection.

 Order of Microfilming


  1. Record Book, 1880-1915
  2. Baptisms, 1915-1926
  3. Record Book, 1970-1937
  4. Record Book, January 1, 1939-1975
  5. Marriages, 1915-1975
  6. Interments, 1881-1914
  7. Interments, 1915-January 1998


  1. Baptisms, 1927-1953
  2. Baptisms, 1954-1998

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