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St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church (Toledo, Ohio) - MS 461 mf

Introduction | Order of Microfilming


The records of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Toledo, Ohio, were transferred for microfilming to the Center for Archival Collections on April 10, 1986, with the cooperation of Kathleen Harman. The collection consists of eight volumes of record books, 1858-1986, which contain information on baptisms, marriages, funerals, confirmations, and those taking communion. Additional lists of baptisms, marriages and confirmations dating from 1882-1886 follow the record books. Also included with the collection are two volumes of what appears to be Trustees minutes books dating from 1891-1911; a school attendance register, dating from 1881-1891; and, two printed histories of the church, one written in 1907 and the other in 1932.

A large part of this collection consists of the minutes, membership and financial records of several church women's organizations. Included are the records of the Ladies Aid Society, 1895-1949; the Young Ladies Bible Class, 1910-1926; the Daughters of the Reformation, 1940-1943; and, the Mary-Martha Society, 1926, 1942-1961.

An additional volume and probably the first record book was transferred at a later date from the Lucas County-Toledo Public Library to be added to the microfilm edition of this church collection. The volume dates from 1850-1858 and also includes information from 1884-1886, and includes records of baptisms, marriages and funerals. This record book is located at the beginning of roll number five.

The bulk of the records up until the 1920s are written in German. The collection was prepared for microfilming and finding aid completed by Ann Bowers, Assistant Director, in April 1986.

 Order of Microfilming

Roll 1

  1. Record Book, 1858-1867
  2. Record Book, 1868-1877
  3. Record Book, 1876-1886
  4. Record Book, 1886-1899

Roll 2

  1. Record Book, 1900-1925
  2. Record Book, 1926-1949
  3. Record Book, 1950-1970

Roll 3

  1. Record Book, 1971-1986
  2. Baptismal Records, 1884-1886
  3. Marriage Records, 1884-1886
  4. Confirmation List (girls), 1882
  5. Trustees Minute Book, December 1891-December 1902
  6. Trustees Minute Book, December 1902-(January) 1911
  7. History of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1907, 1932
  8. Bulletin of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, March 29, 1903
  9. School Attendance Register, August 1881-June 1891
  10. Ladies Aid Society Minute Book, 1895-1899
  11. Ladies Aid Society Minute Book, 1900-1902
  12. Ladies Aid Society Minute Book, 1903-1907
  13. Ladies Aid Society Minute Book, 1908-1910
  14. Ladies Aid Society Minute Book, 1911-1917

Roll 4

  1. Ladies Aid Society Minute Book, 1918-1922
  2. Ladies Aid Society Minute Book, 1923-1924
  3. Ladies Aid Society Minute Book, 1925-November 1929
  4. Ladies Aid Society Minute Book, December 1929-September 1934
  5. Ladies Aid Society Minute Book, October 1934-December 1939
  6. Ladies Aid Society Minute Book, January 1940-December 1949
  7. Ladies Aid Society Treasurer's Book, January 1941-November 1949
  8. Young Ladies' Bible Class Minute Book, May 1916-January 1926
  9. Young Ladies' Bible Class Treasurer's Book, 1910-1926
  10. Daughters of the Reformation Minute Book, September 1940-April 1943
  11. Mary-Martha Society Minutes and Membership Records, April 1926, July 1948, June 1953-June 1957
  12. Mary-Martha Society Program Committee Scrapbook, 1951-1961
  13. Mary-Martha Society Financial Record Book, 1942-1952
  14. Record Book, 1850-1858, 1884-1886

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