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Ladies' Literary Club (Sylvania, Ohio) - MS 478

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The records of Ladies' Literary Club, Sylvania, Ohio, consist of approximately 1 linear ft. of minutes, programs, financial records, clippings, and photographs from 1898 through 1985.

The collection was transferred to the Center for Archival Collections February 5, 1987 through the cooperation of Lillian M. Carroll. This register was prepared by Marilyn Levinson, Curator of Manuscripts, Center for Archival Collections, March, 1991. No restrictions exist on the the use of this collection.

Agency History

The Ladies' Literary Club was organized in October 1898 in Sylvania, Ohio "to promote the ethical, social, and intellectual interests of its members and community". The group conducted serious literary study, focusing at first on a single work, chapter by chapter. Original programs also included music and discussions of current events. In later years the programs covered a variety of literary, cultural, or social themes. According to the Club's constitution, "neither theological questions nor partisan politics shall be discussed".

The Club conducted no fund-raising, relying on dues to cover the costs of the annual printed program. Membership was steady through the years, with 29 active members listed in the 1985/86 program booklet.

Scope and Content

The records of the Ladies' Literary Club of Sylvania, Ohio document the history of this women's group from its establishment in 1898 to 1985. The Collection consists of minutes, programs, financial records, clippings, and photographs.

The series of minutes of the Club are almost complete, with one gap between 1903 and 1906. These records document the activities of the group, including topic of study with some details of the proceedings, members present, and other meeting business. The financial record book is primarily a record of membership dues, with expenses limited to printing and postage costs associated with distribution of the annual programs, gift books, and speaker's fees. The programs of the Ladies' Literary Club present a complete record of the group's activities from its beginning through to the 1985/86 program year, providing details on officers and members, the various programs held, and topics studied.

Series Description


Arranged chronologically
Include topic of study, members present, and other meeting business.

1916, 1966
Contains organizational structure and operating guidelines for the Club. Constitution for 1901 located in the back of the first minute book.


Arranged chronologically
Gives a record of membership dues, with associated expenses.


n.d., 1956
Undated notices of Club functions from local newspaper society pages, and a general history of the group recognizing its members and activities.


Provides details on officers and members, the various programs held, and topics studied.

Songs of yesteryear, a privately printed collection of poetry.


Three pictures of Club gatherings from the 1920's, and a newspaper publicity photograph from 1968.


Box 1

  1. Minutes, Oct 1898-June 1903
  2. Minutes, Oct 1906-1907
  3. Minutes, Oct 1908-Jan 1913
  4. Minutes, Oct 1913-Apr 1925
  5. Minutes, May 1925-Jan 1935
  6. Minutes, 1935-1940
  7. Minutes, 1940-1950

Box 2

  1. Minutes, 1950-1960
  2. Minutes, 1960-1970
  3. Minutes, 1970-1983
  4. Constitution and by-laws, 1916, 1966
  5. Financial record book, 1936-1977
  6. Newsclippings, n.d., 1956

Box 3

  1. Programs, 1902-1920
  2. Programs, 1920-1930
  3. Programs, 1930-1940
  4. Programs, 1940-1950
  5. Programs, 1950-1960
  6. Programs, 1960-1970
  7. Programs, 1970-1979
  8. Programs, 1980-1985
  9. Miscellaneous program items, n.d.
  10. Pamphlet, Songs of yesteryear, 1944
  11. Photographs, 1920's-1968

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