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George Adam Negative Collection - MS 482

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The George Adam Negative Collection consists of 84 4.25 x 6.5 in. and 112 3.25 x 4.25 in. glass plate negatives produced by Adam in the early 20th century in the Van Wert, Ohio area.

The first group of 140 negatives were donated to the Center for Archival Collections on February 20, 1987 by Bonnie Adam Wallace, and Edwin L. Adam, Delphos, Ohio. A second group of 43 negatives were donated on May 8, 1990, with a third addition of 13 plates in September 1998. This register was prepared by Marilyn Levinson, Curator of Manuscripts, Center for Archival Collections, May, 1989, with additions in May 1990 and September 1998. No restrictions exist on the the use of this collection.

Biographical Sketch

George Albert Adam was born March 28, 1894 in Jackson Township, Van Wert County, Ohio, the fourth child of John and Della Straley Adam. He married Nellie Catharine Tuohy, a school teacher from Grover Hill, Ohio, on July 19, 1918, and they had two children, Bonnie Isabel and George Clayton. A farmer by occupation, he had a history of poor health, including a medical discharge from Tr. Bn. 158 during World War I after only one week of service. He died on July 25, 1925, at his Jackson Township residence, at the age of 31.

Scope and Content

The George Adam Negative Collection consists of 84 4.25 x 6.5 in. and 112 3.25 x 4.25 in. glass plate negatives. As the work of an amateur photographer active in the first quarter of the 20th century, the collection provides a view of life in Jackson Township, Van Wert County, Ohio. While most of the pictures are typical, personal interest shots showing family activities and individual portraits, there are a number of very good views of farm life, and a few glimpses of activities around Van Wert, Ohio.

Some of the more interesting items in the collection include a series of pictures of work on the farm, showing roofing a shed, threshing, a Deering Reaper, mechanized wood-cutting, and baling hay.

The quality of the exposure and clarity of the pictures is sometimes quite uneven. However, many of the plates are good, with details that can be enlarged without too much loss of resolution. Most of the photographs have no identification, although some have been dated.

Series Description


NEGATIVES. (4.25 x 6.5 in. glass plate format)
Circa 1900-1925
Includes family portraits, school classes and interiors, and farm life and operations.

NEGATIVES. (3.25 x 4.25 in. glass plate format)
Circa 1900-1925
Includes family portraits, views of store window of Krenzien Jewelers and Opticians, and farm life and operations.


Box 1

  1. School class picture, Spangler School, Feb. 1912
  2. School class picture, Spangler School, Feb. 1912
  3. Baxter School class picture, Jan. 1911
  4. Baxter School, Van Wert County, Ohio, c. 1910
  5. School class picture, unidentified
  6. School class picture, unidentified
  7. Four people with cats (underexposed plate)
  8. Small family in front of house
  9. Photo of two children
  10. Fishermen along riverbank (center overexposed)
  11. Men with teams of horses
  12. Family posed on log-pile
  13. People in a car
  14. Mother and daughter reading a book
  15. Photo of a couple
  16. Three young women
  17. Man with hogs
  18. Baxter School interior, Van Wert County, 1911
  19. Baxter School class picture, Jan. 1911
  20. Dead baby in a casket 1
  21. Dead baby in a casket 2
  22. Young couple
  23. Young man 1
  24. Young man 2
  25. People in barnyard
  26. Family in front of house
  27. Young woman (overexposed plate)
  28. Team of horses in field
  29. Barn
  30. House and windmill
  31. Two boys in a bare orchard
  32. Large group on back porch
  33. Family on porch
  34. Threshing
  35. Family in front of house
  36. Threshing operation
  37. Roofing a shed
  38. Group of young men and women
  39. Group with Excelsior Auto Cycle
  40. Men at Cloverdale Train Station
  41. Horse
  42. Horse and buggy
  43. Two men with horses by barn 1
  44. Two men with horses by barn 2
  45. Young man in long coat
  46. Barnyard
  47. Small child sitting on steps
  48. Two women
  49. Family group
  50. Group of men

Box 2

  1. Krenzien Jewelers and Opticians, window, 1906
  2. Krenzien Jewelers and Opticians, window, 1906
  3. Krenzien Jewelers and Opticians, side window, 1906
  4. Krenzien Jewelers and Opticians, interior, 1906
  5. People building a church
  6. Church under construction
  7. Men playing croquet
  8. Three girls
  9. Three boys
  10. Group of four children
  11. Dogs in fenced enclosure 1
  12. Dogs in fenced enclosure 2
  13. Rabbits in a cage
  14. Rabbits in a cage 2
  15. Man with horse and buggy
  16. Man with horse buggy
  17. Horse with blanket and man
  18. Horse with blanket and dog
  19. Man sitting by saddled horse
  20. Man sitting by saddled horse 2
  21. Rail sidings by factory
  22. Lincoln/Garfield/McKinley martyr portrait
  23. Man with colt
  24. Man with young horse
  25. Man with horse by barn 1
  26. Man with horse by barn 2
  27. Chickens
  28. Man with chickens
  29. People in small boat
  30. Girl with fan
  31. Woman with hat
  32. Two women seated on a wheelbarrow
  33. Four women seated on back porch
  34. Family group in front of fenced house
  35. Children seated on ground
  36. Family group seated in a line
  37. Family group in front of a frame house
  38. Family group in front of a stone house
  39. Back porch with three women
  40. Large group of children
  41. Family group by a park fountain
  42. Man on porch of house
  43. Women on a small log bridge
  44. Ditch or stream by row of trees
  45. Stream or pond 1
  46. Stream or pond 2
  47. Family by house with windmill
  48. Women in front of church or mausoleum
  49. Street-railroad car
  50. Baby in carriage
  51. Woman with large bow 1
  52. Woman with large bow 2
  53. Two women seated on lawn
  54. Two women standing by pines
  55. Family standing on front porch
  56. Building or barn (underexposed plate)
  57. Park fountain/Boat on water (double exposure)
  58. Woman with a fur stole (broken plate fragment)
  59. Dirt road with ruts
  60. Orchard
  61. Stone house, front
  62. Stone house, outside fence
  63. Stone house, backyard
  64. Potted plant by stone house
  65. Distant view of farm field 1
  66. Distant view of farm field 2
  67. Schoolhouse (?)
  68. Frame house with bare tree in front
  69. Farm field behind barn
  70. Field with haystacks
  71. Stack in farmyard (?)
  72. Men in hayfield 1
  73. Men in hayfield 2
  74. Threshing
  75. Deering reaper with 3-horse hitch, front view
  76. Deering reaper with 3-horse hitch, rear view
  77. Cutting firewood 1
  78. Cutting firewood 2
  79. Baling hay (?) 1
  80. Baling hay (?) 2
  81. Men with hay baler
  82. Field with rail fence and log shed
  83. Farm buildings (?) (overexposed)
  84. Farm house and barn
  85. Farm house and outbuildings
  86. Barnyard
  87. Barn and outbuildings from field
  88. Barn with horses in front
  89. Cows
  90. Cows by barn (positive lantern slide)

Box 3

  1. Five men with bicycles
  2. Portrait of Uncle James (Jim) Adam
  3. Man in overalls standing by horse with blanket
  4. Four women
  5. Two teams of horses - one hitched to a wagon
  6. Spangler School, looking northwest
  7. One of John Adam's sons on porch of home
  8. George Adam with camera
  9. Haymaking
  10. Fourteen youth on porch of John Adam's home
  11. Gathering on John Adam's porch
  12. Another gathering on John Adam's porch
  13. John Adam and Dr. Wolfe family groups
  14. George Adam sitting under tree in woods
  15. George and Nellie (Tuohy) Adam
  16. Gareth Hitchcock (child) sitting on top step
  17. Bonnie Isabel Adam in wicker baby carriage
  18. Bonnie Isabel Adam playing with bootie tie
  19. Bonnie Isabel Adam holding doll while asleep
  20. Laura & Dorothy Adam, with hired girl, in winter
  21. Pennsylvania RR tracks in Van Wert
  22. Child in carriage
  23. Woman sitting at a table
  24. George Adam, one horse and part of buggy
  25. George Adam, wearing overcoat
  26. John Adam homestead
  27. Five women at north side of John Adam's home
  28. Jesse Adam standing with horse in front of barn
  29. Unknown man, in pensive pose, wearing hat
  30. Laura Adam wearing a large hat
  31. Men standing in front of Ditto's Store in Wetsel
  32. Men standing by W.H. Straley Store, Semersville
  33. Elm Grove Methodist Church, Jackson Twp.
  34. Aerial view of granary at John Adam's farm
  35. George, Nellie, Jack & Alta Adam in Wetsel, Ohio
  36. Nellie & Alta Adam, porch Jack Adam home, Wetsel
  37. Group picture, George Adam's home (indiv. ident.)
  38. View of Ditto's Store in Wetsel
  39. Spangler School, view from bridge west of school
  40. Bonnie Isabel Adam in wicker carriage
  41. George Adam between two horses, at John Adam barn
  42. Butchering time at John Adam's farm
  43. Unidentified baby in coffin
  44. Young man holding a book
  45. Young man with hands in his lap
  46. Young man formal portrait
  47. Man standing beside automobile
  48. Two babies, photo blurred
  49. School group, unidentified
  50. Young woman, holding flowers
  51. Four young boys
  52. Small stream or creek
  53. Three children, one on a chair
  54. Two men and two women, blurred
  55. Small child, photo blurred
  56. Two women, holding two babies

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