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A. Lowell Randall Collection - MS 493

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The A. Lowell Randall correspondence collection was donated by the author on June 1, 1987. The collection is comprised of about 250 letters written while Mr. Randall served in World War II. There are no restrictions on the use of this collection. An interview with the author was conducted on October 6, 1988, in conjunction with the preparation of this register. This finding aid was prepared by April S. Dougal, Graduate Assistant in Public History at Bowling Green State University, in October 1988, and updated in March, 1990.

 Biographical Sketch

A. Lowell Randall was born on November 18, 1912 in Marysville, Ohio, the son of Albert K. Randall and Elizabeth Brooks Montgomery Randall. Lowell has five siblings: Lucille, the oldest; Isabell, now deceased; Ellen Conkwrite; and Bob, who are both younger than Mr. Randall.

Dorothy L. Avery, his wife, was born October 30, 1914, in Bowling Green, Ohio. They were married on April 29, 1934 in Marysville, Ohio, where his grandparents resided. The couple put each other through college. Dorothy, known as "Dotty," attended the Mayo Clinic College of Physical Therapy while he worked to support them. Lowell attended Columbia Junior College in Tacoma, Maryland for his pre-medical education, and the Ohio College of Chiropody in Cleveland for 4 years while Dotty worked. The couple was residing in Cleveland when the United States entered World War II, and it was there that Mr. Randall enlisted.

His letters span the period of his service, from July 1942 to October 1945. During that time he was stationed in Indiana; New York; Algiers, North Africa; Naples, Italy; and Okinawa, Japan.

After his service, Mr. Randall returned to Bowling Green, where he opened a private podiatry practice. Mrs. Randall helped create the physical therapy department at the Wood County Hospital. The couple has four children: Albert, now living in Cleveland, Ohio; John, in Bowling Green, Ohio; Tom, in Indianapolis, Indiana; and Victoria Lee, in Atlanta, Georgia. Albert Randall's letters home from his Army service are also included in the collection. Al served in the Army from 1967 to 1969 in the United States and Germany. John Randall's letters home from Army service are also incorporated into his father's collection. He served in the United States and Vietnam from 1968 to 1970.

As of October 1988, Mr. and Mrs. A. Lowell Randall are retired and live in Bowling Green, Ohio.

 Scope and Content

This collection is comprised of about 250 letters written by A. Lowell Randall from July 14, 1942 to October 18, 1945 while he served in the United States Army in World War II. All the letters are directed to Mr. Randall's mother, Bessie Brooks Montgomery (Randall) Unkart, at her bakery in Bowling Green, Ohio. Mrs. Unkart owned and operated the bakery after Albert K. Randall, her first husband, died in 1934.

With the exception of a gap from August 1942 to July 1944 the letters run almost daily. They provide information on Mr. Randall's daily activities while stationed at Camps Harrison and Atterbury, in Indiana. The gap in chronology appears when he moves from Atterbury to Camp Shanks, in New York, and continues while he is in Algiers, North Africa until his arrival in Naples, Italy. The letters recommence, with a second, minor gap from August 9-23, 1945 while he was in transit from Naples to Okinawa.

In his capacity as a podiatrist, Mr. Randall was part of the Army's support services. His letters indicate the intermittent times of activity and intervening stretches of boredom and inactivity. The generality of most of the letters also provides some indication of the impact of censorship, especially in comparison to the more informative, opinionated letters written in Okinawa, Japan without censorship.

Physically, the letters are very legible, despite the fact that some were photographically reproduced and reduced in the form of V-Mail.

The research historian will find in these letters a source of vast amounts of information on the daily activities of a support serviceman, including the breadth of diversions available to him during inactive periods and leave time. The letters also give an indication of Mr. Randall's impression of the home front from his perspective overseas, and of his interaction with native Italians.

Mr. Randall's correspondence with his mother also inadvertently presents information on her bakery in Bowling Green, specifically regarding the difficulties and changes she made as a result of the war. This information may prove interesting and valuable to the Women's Studies historian.

 Series Description


July 14, 1942-October 18,1945.
Arranged chronologically
Letters from A. Lowell Randall to his mother, Elizabeth B. Montgomery (Randall) Unkart during his World War II career.

November 18, 1943, February 21, 1945, August 17, 1945, October 11, 1945, and September 23, 1957.
Arranged chronologically
Includes one letter from Elizabeth B. Unkart to her son, A. Lowell Randall, three letters from Betty (Randall) Conkwrite, a daughter of Elizabeth Unkart, and her husband Don, as well as a letter from A. Lowell Randall to his brother, Robert Randall.

Sept 15, 1943 to August 19, 1945.
7 Items. Photocopies.
Arranged chronologically
Letters from A. Lowell Randall's wife, Dorothy, during his service in Naples, Italy, and letters from Dorothy to Lowell.  Some are copied from V-Mail in small size

December 12, 1968 to October 4, 1970.
37 Items.
Arranged chronologically
Letters from A. Lowell Randall's second son, John, who was stationed in the United States and Vietnam during his Army service.

July 5, 1967 to June 6, 1969.
37 Items.
Arranged chronologically
Letters from A. Lowell Randall's eldest son, Albert, who was stationed in the United States and Germany during his Army service. Includes one postcard from Albert Randall to his sister, Vicki Lynn Randall.


Arranged by order on negative roll (no chronological order).
Photos taken primarily in Naples, Italy and Okinawa, Japan during A. Lowell Randall's World War II career.


Arranged alphabetically.
Includes general introductory material for speakers.


Box 1


  1. July 1942; Camp Harrison, Indiana.
    Includes financial information; description of surroundings; description of uniform; his impression of army life.
  2. August 1942; Camp Atterbury, Indiana.
    His wife, Dotty, comes to live in Columbus, Indiana, a town near the camp; he receives news that he will be assigned to the physiotherapy department.
  3. January 1943 Camp Atterbury, Indiana.
    New commander in the department; enclosure from Dotty describes their New Year's celebration
  4. July 1944 Naples, Italy.
    Describes time spent at the beach; weather conditions; fruits native to Italy; casualties; his desire for photographic paper and film to take pictures.
  5. August 1944 Naples, Italy.
    Writes of sailing trips; bad Army food; absentee voting in the presidential election; an admonition received from the Colonel for complaining to home about the food; complaints about the censorship; movies; learning Italian from a native, Erno Leonardi, and teaching him English.
  6. September 1944 Naples, Italy.
    Trip to Rome; his opinion of women serving in the war; studying Italian, complaints of slow mail delivery.
  7. October 1944 Naples, Italy.
    Many casualties; October 10 marks his first year in Italy, language exchange with Erno Leonardi; mention of time spent in Africa; leave taken in Rome; his own physical condition; indications of the conditions at home.
  8. November 1944 Naples, Italy.
    Army wage information; movies viewed; receipt of packages; weather description.
  9. December 1944 Naples, Italy.
    Receipt of Christmas package; black market food prices; weather description; movies, other diversions.

Box 2


  1. January 1945 Naples, Italy.
    New Year's celebration, weather descriptions; movies; Italian lessons; other diversions; Ellen, his sister's "problem" (pregnancy); receipt of Newsweek and radio.
  2. February 1945 Naples, Italy.
    Weather descriptions; daily activities; receives news of his sister Betty's marriage to Don; movies and other diversions; boredom.
  3. March 1945 Naples, Italy.
    Descriptions of his dislike of "regimentation;" desire to go home; leave time; church "army style" and his reasons for not attending; correspondence course on English Literature; boredom; his opinion that "Yank," an Army newspaper, most aptly and factually describes Army life; his bladder inflammation and subsequent hospitalization.
  4. April 1945 Naples, Italy.
    Receives news that one of his letters was read before Congress, another printed in the Bowling Green newspaper; took leave on the island of Capri; description of the island; receives news of F.D.R.'s death; movies seen; weather descriptions; his belief that since he's not on the front lines, he's not a "real" soldier.

Box 3


  1. May 1945 Naples, Italy. (19 letters)
    Weather descriptions, trip to Lane Annunzio beach, under Mt. Vesuvius; injuries treated; "V-E day;" movies; his sister, Ellen has had her baby; mother sends news of hiring her first female baker; realization that he will be sent to the Pacific because of the point system; Italian lessons with Erno Leonardi; lift of censorship early in the month.
  2. June 1945 Naples, Italy. (19 letters)
    Lack of financial worries in the Army; packing to move out; visit to Capri and description of the hotels, service, weather, and the island itself; boredom; movies; plans for when he gets home; lament over the return of censorship - Cannot write of the things that affect him most.
  3. July 1945 Naples, Italy. (9 letters)
    Daily activities: reading, chess, movies; boredom; family news.
  4. August 1945 Naples, Italy / Okinawa, Japan. (6 letters)
    Daily activities; arrival in Okinawa, August 23; description of area; changes in point system; weather descriptions.
  5. September 1945 Okinawa, Japan. (20 letters)
    Weather descriptions; "V-J day;" lift of censorship; itinerary of trip from Naples to Okinawa; description of preparations for D-day; boredom and low morale; daily activities: movies, a live show, chess, cards; description of Okinawa.
  6. October 1945 Okinawa, Japan. (12 letters)
    Weather descriptions, including hurricane from October 6-13; daily activities: movies, softball, volleyball; plans and receipt of the news of imminent release, exact date not given.
  7. November 18, 1943
    [Letter from Bessie B. Unkart to A. Lowell Randall addressed "to a dear little son of long ago" and signed "his mother"]
  8. February 21, 1945 Columbia, South Carolina.
    October 11, 1945 Elmira, New York.
    Newsy letters from Betty (Randall) Conkwrite to her mother, Bessie B. Unkart.
  9. August 17, 1945 Bowling Green, Ohio.
    Letter from Bessie B. Unkart to A. Lowell Randall.
  10. Sept 23 1957 Ann Arbor, Michian
    Letter from A. Lowell Randall to his brother, Robert Randall.
  11. Letters from A. Lowell Randall to his wife Dorothy Avery Randall 1943-1945
  12. Letters from Dorothy Avery Randall to her husband A. Lowell Randall, July-Aug 1945
  13. John Randall Correspondence, Dec 12, 1968-[Dec 1969]
  14. John Randall Correspondence, Jan 1, 1970-Feb 28, 1970
  15. John Randall Correspondence, Mar 4, 1970-Apr 23, 1970
  16. John Randall Correspondence, May 9, 1970-Oct 4, 1970

Box 4


  1. Albert K. Randall correspondence, July 5, 1967-Oct 28, 1967
  2. Albert K. Randall correspondence, Nov 17, 1967-Dec 12, 1967
  3. Albert K. Randall correspondence, Dec 16, 1967-June 10, 1968
  4. Albert K. Randall correspondence, June 17, 1968-Oct 16, 1968
  5. Albert K. Randall correspondence, Nov 6, 19 & 20, 1968
  6. Albert K. Randall correspondence, Feb 14, 1969-June 6, 1969


Box 4, Folder 7

Negative No.; Caption

1.) Naples, Dec 26, 1944.
2.) Neapolitans, 1944.
3.) Naples, 1944.
4.) (no caption - Naples street scene [1944])
5.) Along the Naples waterfront, old Vesuvius in the background hogging the picture as she does all pictures of Naples. 1944.
6.) Like a scene from an opera! Naples, Italy - 1944.
7.) Observatory - Naples, 1944.
8.) Naples, Italy 1944.
9.) This is my 'Little Bo Peep,' and he has not lost his sheep - yet! He had the most tragic looking brown eyes and hair as shaggy as his sheep's wool. His cap and jacket are dark green, cut down from an old Italian uniform and are as dirty and ragged as is imaginable. In his grubby little hand he is tightly clutching the ropes holding his sheep. (Not visible in picture.) Don't you just love him? Italy 1945.
10.) Panorama, Naples - 1944. Received in Bowling Green Sept. 12, 1944.
11.) Naples, 1944.
12.) Naples, 1944.
13.) Naples, Italy, 1944.
14.) Lowell Randall, Italy 1944. Received Sept 27, n.d.
15.) Along the Corso V.E. Naples, Italy.
16.) (no caption [1944])
17.) (no caption [1944])
18.) Taken August 10, 1943 - The night before Lowell "shipped across" with his Buddy - Dick Pingstock.
19.) Bombed out apartment house in Naples, Italy, 1944.
20.) Castella Nuova - Naples, 1944.
21.) Castella D'ovo. Naples, 1944. Received Dec. 26 - 44.
22.) Isn't this a swell study? Incidentally, such scenes are not at all uncommon! Italy - 1944.
23.) Castello St. Elmo. A grim monument for 700 years. Naples, Italy 1944.
24.) An Italian beach. 1944.
25.) George Laadt - Through whose courtesy I got many of these pictures, and a rare character, one whose spirit is forever young.
26.) Naples, Italy, 1944.
27.) Naples, Italy, 1944.
28.) Naples, Italy, 1944.
29.) Naples, Italy 1944.
30.) Naples, 1944.

Box 4, Folder 8

31.) Vergil's Tomb Naples, Italy 1944.
32.) You can't blame a guy for lookin!
33.) Scene in cast room. 118.S.H. APO 387 Italy, 1944.
34.) Naples, Italy 1944.
35.) The living know that they will die, the dead know not anything.
36.) Italy 1944 - Naples.
37.) 300th General Hospital - Naples, Italy.
38.) Ischia, Italy 1945.
39.) Jack Snow, Hiroshi Tsukada Italy, 1945.
40.) Ischia, Italy. Hiroshi Tsukada, Lowell Randall, Jack Snow.
41.) Post office - Naples, 1944. Received in BG Sept 12 - 1944.
42.) Sorrento, Italy.
43.) Naples Italy - 1945. [Lowell Randall]
44.) Silly looking isn't he? Naples, Italy 1944.
45.) Received in B.G. 12 - 1944. On the beach at (Sorre?) Ganeta.
46.) Naples, 1944. Floridian Park.
47.) Swimming Pool. Naples, 1944.
48.) Naples.
49.) Naples, Italy 1944.
50.) Mergellina Station, Naples, Italy.
51.) Post office - Naples, 1944.
52.) Naples, Italy 1944.
53.) Ferdinand IV Palace Floridian Park. Naples, 1944.
54.) Naples - 44.
55.) Naples, 1944.
56.) Jack Snow. Italy 1945.
57.) Tsukada, Snow and an Eytie fellow we met on a host ride. The British kicked us off the Isle Ischia. Italy 1945.
58.) This was taken on the balcony of the cute little room we had while on pass. Isle of Ischia - where Tsukada and I were arrested as spies. Italy 1945.
59.) Ischia Harbor, Italy - 1945. British Torpedo base.
60.) Jack S. Snow. Okinawa, 1945.

Box 4, Folder 9

61.) Mike Sargonnetz Okinawa, 1945.
62.) Jack Snow and Jim Arwin at Naka, Okinawa. August 1945.
63.) Monte Monteseratto on Okinawa. October, 1945.
64.) Me on the beach on Okinawa. Monty and I came over here many times and spent the entire day. Lowell Randall.
65.) Monte on the beach. Okinawa Sept. 1945.
66.) Our tent on Okinawa: Al Haran, Don Hazzard, Ralph, Fred, Mike Sargonetz, Jagiclski, Danny Iannucci, Nelson Heitman, Ken Alberico.
67.) Okinawans - 1945.
68.) A B-32 on Okinawa. Aug. 1945.
69.) Copy of negative #66.
70.) Okinawa 1945.
71.) Norman "Montie" Monteseratto Taken in a Jap Baka bomb on Okinawa in October 1945.
72.) Japa "Baka" bomb. A suicide weapon which is carried by a mother plane, and cut loose when a few miles from the target. It is rocket powered and attains a speed in excess of 700 M.P.H. Has very short range independent of the mother plane. October, 1945.
73.) Too bad this was a double exposure. It is Alberico in out open air shower on Okinawa. Aug. 1945.
74.) Wreckage of a Jap village on Okinawa. Taken from a moving G.I. truck. August 1945.
75.) Nelson Heitman Okinawa Sept. 1945.
76.) Myself with a "butch" haircut at the water point on the "Rock." Okinawa, Fall 1945. Lowell Randall.
77.) A.L.R. on Okinawa. Aug. 1945.
78.) Jack Snow and an Okinawan 1945.
79.) Jim Arvin and a couple Okinawans. 1945.
80.) Me in front of our tent on Okinawa. Taken shortly before the typhoon blew us away. October 1945. Lowell Randall.
81.) Norman Monteseratto and myself on the beach at Ishikawa. Sept. 1945. Lowell Randall.
82.) Montie Monteseratto and a dead Jap. Ishikawa beach, Okinawa, 1945.
83.) Okinawa. Hitch-hiking trip. Sept.(19)45
84.) Who but an American would decorate an airplane this way? The other subject is Jack Snow, my roommate Italy 1945. Received March 13 - (19)45.
85.) Seymour Slott at the water point on Okinawa. Taken sometime in August or September. 1945.
86.) A B-29 at Yontan airport, Okinawa. This plane was loaded with supplies for American P.W.'s and took off shortly after this picture was taken, for Japan. Sept. 1945.
87.) a B-32 on Okinawa. Sept. 1945.
88.) Gen. Buckner's grave on Okinawa, August, 1945.
89.) Grave of an unknown soldier on Okinawa. Taken in August 1945.
90.) Okinawa.
91.) Okinawa, Myself, Alberico, Arvin, and Webster on a hitch hiking junket. We were hot and tired when Snow took this. Sept. 1945.
92.) Picture of myself taken on the beach at Ishikawa, Okinawa. Sept. 1945.
93.) Nelson Heitman before one of the many tombs on Okinawa, November, 1945.

Box 4, Folder 10

94.) The ones that won't come back! Italy, 1944.
95.) Lowell Randall, Okinawa.
96.) My happy home on Okinawa. Taken early in October before the typhoon wiped us out. 1945.
97.) Our Company 118 Station Hospital Okinawa. 1945. Inspection.
98.) Bob Hutchinson. Okinawa, Nov. 1945.
99.) Frederick Herbert. Postal clerk 118 Station Hospital Taken on Okinawa in October 1945.
100.) A.L.R. before a B-29 on Okinawa.
101.) Okinawa.
102.) Taken on Okinawa Aug. 1945.
103.) My home on Okinawa Aug-Dec 1945.
104.) Our showdown on Okinawa. Taken on 26 Oct. 1945 when we first got transferred into the 147 Inf. Reg. and thought that we were leaving for Stateside on 3 Nov.
105.) Salerno, Italy 1944.
106.) The square in the tiny village of Ravello, Italy.
107.) The (Amalfi?) trip. Italy, 1944.
108.) (Chinsbrove?) Garden Ravello, Italy.
109.) A white villa on a cliff overlooking the sea. Italy, 1944.
110.) On the Isle of Capri. Lowell Randall. Italy 1945.
111.) Doesn't this beckon to you? Capri, Italy 1945.
112.) Capri, Italy 1945. Lowell Randall.
113.) A monastery garden on the isle of Capri. Lowell Randall and Priest.
114.) The "preacher" and I in the monastery garden on Capri. 1945.
115.) This, believe it or not, is a street. Capri is full of these intriguing, quaint paths! Italy 1945.
116.) The famous "Isle of Capri." 1945.
117.) Taken at the villa of San Michele, Anacapri. Lowell Randall.
118.) We took a ride in this old, battered, bus and had a roaring good time with old "Pop" a native who once lived in Pennsylvania and is now a conductor on the bus. Italy (19)45.
119.) Piccolo Marina, Capri.
120.) This was the terrace on the dining room of the E.M. restaurant in Capri. It was beautiful! Overhead is and the garden is loaded with flowers.
121.) Capri, Italy 1944.
122.) The Isle of Capri - 1945. Received March 13.
123.) On the Isle of Capri May 1945. Jack Snow.

Box 4, Folder 11

124.) Myself (Lowell Randall) on Capri - (San Michele) Italy - May 1945.
125.) My roommate Jack S. Snow on Capri, Italy, 1945.
126.) Jack took this one of me on the square at Capri. 14 June, 1945. Lowell Randall.
127.) Taken on the Isle of Capri in June 1945. This was taken at the ruins of Tiberius Caesar's villas. Lowell Randall.
128.) Sorrento, Italy 1945. From Hotel Vittorio terrace.
129.) Bob Hansen - Italy 1945. Received March 3 - 45.
130.) I insist that Scotty looks like a pregnant Japanese woman in a kimono. He is getting fat! Italy, 1945.
131.) A. Lowell Randall. Italy, 1944.
132.) Cap't. Foster (my dentist and a swell guy!), and I in front of the "Penthouse" one day last summer.
133.) "The Paragon of the Penthouse" Humble isn't it? Lowell Randall.
Have you seen this one? Horrible isn't it? P.S. My room is in the background! Like it? Ha Ha!
134.) Hiroshi Tsukada - Lowell Randall. Italy - 1945.
135.) Italy - 1945. This is Hiroshi Tsukada often referred to as "Scotty," "Hiroshi," "Suki" or most any other name! He is a Jap-American from Hawaii and a swell guy!
136.) This is terrible and you're my mother! Italy, 1944. Received Oct 11, 1944.
137.) Rugged, Beautiful, Magnificent! Italy, 1944.
138.) "A Garden in Ravello" Italy, 1944.
139.) Caruro's Gardens. Ravello, Italy - 1944
140.) Cap't Whitworth in the hotel garden. Sorrento, Italy, 1945.
141.) The hotel (high on the cliff) from the water.
142.) Piccolo Marina, Capri.
143.) Kids on the beach! Sorrento, Italy.
144.) Norman Monteseratto
145.) Bob Hansen, Phil Mager, L. Randall. Italy, 1945.
146.) T/33 Lowell Randall.
147.) Lowell and Dotty Randall. Camp Atterbury, Ind.
148.) Lowell Randall.
149.) Dick Pingstock, Lowell Randall. 1943.
150.) L. Randall, Bob Hansen, Charles Reed. Italy 1945. Received Feb. 17.
151.) Charlie Reed, Phil Mager, L. Randall. 1945 - Italy.
152.) T/33 Lowell Randall. Naples, Italy.
153.) This is "Pat" Putnam, the charge nurse on our ward. She is from Massilon, Ohio and is an O.K. person. It is a pleasure to work with her. She has always been swell to me.

Box 4, Folder 12

154.) "The War and Register" Major John Francis Register, M.C. Italy, 1944.
155.) Aug. 10, 1943. Dick Pingstock, Lowell Randall. T/3/3 Lowell Randall 1.104745 118th Station Hospital APO 387 c/o P.M., NYC.
156.) Aug. 1, 1943. Brown County State Park, MD. T/3/3 Lowell Randall 1.104745 118th Station Hospital APO 387 c/o P.M., NYC.
157.) March 25, 1944. Naples, Italy. L. Randall, Steve Pobias.
158.) Mike Sargonetz and Geno Rizzoli. Cast Room, 118 Station Hospital, Naples, Italy, 1945.
159.) Lowell Randall in a carriage on the Isle of Capri - May 1945.
160.) The old lady is an ex-dancer who once was the toast of Europe. The old man - our guide. The American - Jack Snow. Place Capri. Italy 1945.
161.) Naples, Italy - 1945. Received Feb. 23.
162.) Lowell Randall Capri, Italy. May 1945.
163.) Italy. Cute, huh?
164.) Pompeii, Italy 1945.
165.) This was taken of me wearing my new pea jacket How do you like it? Italy 1945.
166.) Bob Hansen, Lowell Randall. Italy - 1945.
167.) How do you like my new jacket. They are all the rage this season! Italy, 1945. Received March 13, 1945.
168.) Nellie Heitman and (I think) a B-32 on Okinawa. Sept. 1945.
169.) Okinawa is covered with tombs like this. It is considered a sacred burial place and many Japs are sent here to be buried from many parts of the empire. Taken Oct. 1945.
170.) Taken in a neighborhood of ultra modern apartment houses, all connected by winding, white, marble stairways that zig-zag upward to various levels, in a crazy pattern. Italy 1945.
171.) Lowell Randall, in the square at the village of Capri, Italy. May 1945.
172.) Jack says this is really a familiar scene - me writing letters! This was taken from the head of my bed. The door to the roof is at my left. (We let the blackout curtain down to prevent glare in the camera.) Notice the little picture of you stuck in the lower right corner of the big one. The box above the door is our pantry. Italy 1945.
173.) Standing - Frank Horan, Don Haggard, Ralph Gary, Fred ?, Eugene Jayielski, Michael Sargonnetz Squatting - Nellie Heitman, Kenneth Alberico. Okinawa - 1945 - 118 S.H.
174.) Lowell Randall
175.) Lowell 1942.
176.) Italy 1944 - 118 Station Hospital Former school building used for barracks. 177.) Naples, Italy. 118 S.H.
178.) View of Naples taken from ward 305, 118 S.H. 1944.
179.) Lowell Randall and a French soldier in front of his papa's hardware store. Oran, Africa. Sept 1, 1943.
180.) 118 S.H. from the Corso Vittorio - Emanuelle - Main Entrance. Naples, Italy - 1943.
181.) Lowell Randall, "Benson the Ensign" and Pat Patterson. These two (Benson and Pat) were injured in a P.T. boat while taking General Mark Clark to Anzio, Italy, when it was fired upon by one of our own destroyers. Patients in 118 S.H. Naples, Italy 1944.
182.) 118 Station Hospital - 1943. Naples, Italy.
183.) L. Randall and a Navy officer "Pat Patterson" He was shot up while smuggling Mark Clark to Anzio, Italy an a P.T. boat, by our own destroyers.
184.) L. Randall in Naples 1944.
185.) 118 S.H. band - Naples 1944.
186.) Received from Steve July 15 - 1944. A.L. Randall Taken April 1944 at 118 Station Hospital (Morgue in the background) Naples, Italy. 187.) Naples, Italy, 1944 - 118 Station Hospital from Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

Box 4, Folder 13

188.) Headquarters tent on Okinawa (118 S.H.) with transportation orders back to U.S. shown on bulletin board. October 1945.
189.) Left to right standing: N. Monteseratto, A. Molitoris, Octavio Ramirez. squatting: H. McKenacher, Oscar Williams. Vatican City, 1944.
190.) L.R. along Naples waterfront.
191.) Italy, 1944. (Lowell Randall.)
192.) Lowell Randall. Naples, Italy 1944.
193.) Jim Arvin, Mary Leslie, and Gino Rizzolli playing checkers. Naples, Italy. 194.) Mt. Vesuvius from the window of my room 118 S.H. Naples Italy. My home from 10 October 1943 to 29 july 1943.
195.) View from our terrace at the hospital in Naples. Vesuvius in the background. 1944.
196.) Left to right: Harry Saferight, Helen Varga, Jim Arvin, Mary Leslie, Ivy Yoder. Naples, Italy 1944-45.
197.) A corner of the hospital from the Corso. Italy - 1944.
198.) Italy 1945. This is the second candid shot. Notice the envelopes lying on the roof at my left side. Some of them were from you. He (Bill Moorman) took these from beside the Penthouse door which is about ten feet to my right. Something was reading must have pleased me as you notice I have a half smile on my face. Lowell Randall.
199.) Italy, 1945. Darling: These are strictly candid shots. I was sitting out on the roof getting some sunshine and reading my mail when Bill Moorman sneaked up on me and took these without my knowledge. He took two and then called my name and snapped one as I looked up. Aren't they awful? I hate to see myself as "ithers see me." Always, L.
200.) About this time Bill called me and then snapped it as I looked up. At the same time one of the cooks came around the corner from the tents where they line on the roof. Don't I look horrible? What did you ever see in me? (Everyone asks me that, especially when they look at your new picture - Ha! Ha!) P.S. Well, I did have the sun in my eyes. Italy 1945.
201.) My good friend Steve Dobias, as a patient in 118 S.H. He is standing near an unused back gate that perhaps half the detachment didn't know existed. Naples, Italy 1943.
202.) Camp Atterbury. Aug. 10, 1943. Dotty and Lowell Randall -- our last time together.
203.) Colonel William Huntington, Commanding Officer 118 Station Hospital A.P.O. 38T/3 c/o P.M. N.Y. Italy, 1944.
204.) July - 1942.
205.) Oscar Williams - in bed. Phil Mages - Italy, 1944.
206.) Lowell Randall and Ken Alberico in the office of Orthopedic clinic Italy, 1944.
207.) A gang at the beach. 1944 Italy.
208.) Lowell Randall.
209.) Lowell Randall, Dick Pingstock - Camp Atterbury, Indiana.
210.) Camp Atterbury, Indiana. Dotty Randall.
211.) Brown County, Indiana.
212.) A patient and Pat Putnam. Italy 1944 - 118 S.H. Naples, Italy.
213.) Naples, Italy 1944. Received Dec. 26 - 1944. 118 Station Hospital.
214.) They don't all miss! Naples, 1944.
215.) Naples Italy, 1944. Received December 26 - 1944. Patients' mess hall. 118 Station Hospital
216.) Ward 311 - 118 Station Hospital. Naples Italy, 1944.
217.) March 1944. Mt. Vesuvius.

Box 4, Folder 14

218.) This is a good picture of Major Register. Naples, Italy, 1943.
219.) 118 S. Hospital. Ward 205. Naples, Italy; 1944.
220.) Entrance to 118 Station Hospital, Naples, Italy.
221.) George Laadt - Impersonating Louis Pasteur - I think! Italy - 1944.
222.) Two local citizens. Italy - 1944.
223.) Formal retreat 118 Station Hospital. Italy 1944.
224.) March 1944. Mt. Vesuvius.
225.) Naples, 1944. Received Dec. 26 -1944. 118 Station Hospital.
226.) Colonel, W.H. Huntington.
227.) Naples, 1944.
228.) Now will you believe me when I say I have been overseas too long? (Hope you accept this in the spirit in which it was made. Just a little bawdy fun!) Italy 1945. [second copy] Say pal, I never did get a rise out of you on this one. I thought you would have something to say. No? Ha! Lowell Randall and Charles Reed.
229.) I think this is a pretty good picture, don't you? Hiroshi Tsukada and Lowell Randall. Torre Graveta, Italy 1945.[second copy] Hiroshi Tsukada and me (Lowell Randall) on the beach at Torre Gaveta, Italy. Spring 1945. Lowell Randall, Hiroshi Tsukada.
230.) 118 Station Hospital Band. Italy, 1944.
231.) Ambulances from Anzio2 118 Station Hospital, Italy 1944.
232.) 118 Station Hospital Band and Formal Retreat Italy, 1944.
233.) Italy - 1945.
234.) This is my roommate Jack S. Snow. (say it fast!) Italy 1945.
235.) This little signorina kept begging me to take her picture until I finally did. Never knew if the thing on her head was a bandage or a hat. Italy - 1945.
236.) They let me run too much when I was young! Italy 1944.
237.) Naples, Italy. 1945.
238.) Shall we take an apartment for the summer? Italy 1945.
239.) Naples, Italy. April, 1944. Stephen Dobias.
240.) June 1944. Italy. T/3/3 Lowell Randall 15104745.
241.) Lowell and Dotty Randall. Home on leave.
242.) A candid camera shot of your's truly taking his daily noon time sun-bath on the roof outside the penthouse. Naples 1945.
243.) Major J.F. Register, M.C. and Lt. Col. Walter Matuska. 118 State Hospital. Italy, 1944.
244.) Patients put in the halls outside cast room Naples, Italy. 118 State Hospital.
245.) Miss Yoder and Webster in surgical supply room. Naples, 1944.
246.) Lowell Randall 1942. Columbus, Indiana.
247.) Lowell Randall (in white), Jimmie Walker, Miss M.H. White A.N.C. This is a very poor films but was taken while I was putting a cast on a patient in bed. Thought you might find it interesting!

Box 4, Folder 15

248.) Philip Croll. Naples, Italy.
249.) I didn't feel this mean, honest. The sun was in my eyes. Naples, Italy 1945. Received March 18 - 1945.
250.) Bob Hansen on Charlie's bed. Bob sleeps upstairs! Here is where we play pinochle. Ask Steve about it, he has played here many times. 1945.
251.) Italy 1945. My cast room 118 Station Hospital Naples, Italy.
252.) Naples, Italy. In the background can be seen the Castella D`ovo (Castle of the egg!) built about the thirteenth century. Lowell Randall 1944.
253.) Bella Napoli - 1945. Received February 13 - 1945.
254.) Just above your picture is the little "Prayer for the Wartime Lonely" which you once sent me - Remember? Jack is sitting on his locker. To his left you can see the step on the bed (Steve and I put it on one night during an air raid long ago.) I step on his locker then on the step - and up to get into the bed. Notice yours' and mother's pictures above the bookshelf. Jack Snow.
255.) This picture was taken from the far diagonal corner from the one at Jack's left. In the lower right foreground of the picture can be seen the edge of my bed. That gives you an idea of the size of the "Penthouse." The gal to the left of your picture, who seems to standing on her head is on a Varga Girl calendar. The little framed picture above the one of Bob was a scene from the Christmas card Kay Bird sent me from England. The large painting above the books was one I won from Steve on a bet! Jack Snow. Italy, 1945.
256.) This is the "penthouse." You can see the step on the bed. You once asked how I got up so high - that's it! Steve and I put that on my bed one night during an Air raid , in the dark, with the windows rattling and the building shaking. Don't ask me why, I guess I was tired of jumping so high, and in a hurry to get into bed. People do crazy things, don't they? Lowell Randall, Italy, 1945.
257.) If I look lonesome it is because I am thinking of you across the miles and longing, once again, to hold you in my arms. Someday I'll come to you in the flesh and when I do I'll never let you go again. All my love is yours. Always. Lowell. Italy 1945.
258.) This is what we choose to call our "Penthouse." This was taken from the far threshold so you can see how large it is. I labeled everything so you will know what it is. My big pin-up, believe it or not, is named Rebel Randall, that, and the fact that she is luscious looking is why she is there. I keep you on the shelf (and you always fall down). Dotty is hung by my pillow. If you notice the height of my bunk you will realize why i am in such good shape. It is a long leap! P.S. Judy Garland is at my feet!
259.) Lowell Randall and Charles Reed in the pharmacy - Italy 1945.
260.) Bob and I playing chess in the pharmacy. Italy 1945. Lowell Randall, Bob Hansen.
261.) This is "Sitting Bull" doing that and peeling an orange on his first trip to the beach in 1945 - Italy.
262.) Just to lose your mind of any worry about me, this was taken the day after I got out of the hospital. Doesn't look exactly like an invalid does he? Italy 1945.
263.) 118 Station Hospital Ortho Clinic Italy 1945. T/3/3 Lowell Randall.
264.) On a visit to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Italy 1945.
265.) This is a goofy looking picture of me but I wanted you to meet Bob Hansen. (I'm the taller one!) Received Sept 26, 1944.
266.) "A Convoy is in" - 118 Station Hospital, Italy 1944.
267.) This is Bob Hansen from Cincinnati, Ohio. Naples, Italy.
268.) This is practically the same as the other one I sent you. The picture above yours is that scene from Brown County you sent me. I surely like it! For a pin-up I still stick to "Rebel Randall." Notice that my radio is turned on. Under the bed you can see the electric stove we used in cold weather. Also mine and Jack's moccasins. (I need new ones, too!) Ha!
269.) Italy 1945. [118 Station Hospital Ortho Clinic?]
270.) Bob Hansen tried to take this one on the sly, but Uncle Morelli saw him and pointed and I looked around. Italy 1945. Received Feb 13 - 1945.
271.) Pharmacy - where I spend a lot of time. 1945.
272.) Picture taken in Naples, Italy, May 1945, showing a sidewalk urinal. This is a very common sight in Italy.
273.) Your eldest son, Lowell. Italy, 1945. Received March 18 - 1945.
274.) Left to right. 1. The guy that's nuts about you. 2. Sgt. Octavis (Tex) Ramirez. 3. Sgt Nick (I should kill him) Kissler - he is the mess Sgt! When Charlie Reed took this I had nearly finished off Tex in the chess game. Italy - 1945.
275.) Taken atop the little chapel at Dr. Munthe's San Michele on Capri. 14 June, 1945.
276.) To my way of thinking this is lusty Americanism, and expresses a cocky virility that helps to explain why America is the best country in the world. Imagine a German being allowed to do such a thing. Incidentally Jack Snow is the other subject. Italy 1945.
277.) At Dr. Munthe's - San Michele. Capri, Italy. 1945 - May.
278.) Sorrento, Italy 1945.
279.) Sorrento, Italy.
280.) Sorrento, Italy 1944.
281.) Sorrento, Italy 1944.
282.) Scene near Sorrento, Italy.
283.) Naples - from Sorrento and Miss Yoder, R.N. 1944.
284.) Sorrento, Italy.
285.) Sorrento, Italy.
286.) Sorrento, Italy.
287.) This was the "preacher" who shared my room at Sorrento!
288.) Sorrento, Italy.
289.) View of the beach from my hotel room. Sorrento, Italy 1945.


Box 4, Folder 16

"Friendly Speeches"

Box 4, Folder 17

"Little Stories"

Box 4, Folder 18

"Punch Lines for Every Purpose"

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