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Grace Wagner Collection (Bowling Green, Ohio) - MS 502

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The collection of material gathered by Grace S. Wagner was donated and transferred to the Center for Archival Collections after being acquired by John Sweeney at an estate sale in October 1987. The records, dating from 1925 to the 1940s consists primarily of printed items used during her tenure as the Home Demonstration Agent of the Agricultural Extension Service in Wood County, Ohio.

No restrictions exist on the research use of this collection and duplication is permitted for research purposes. The collection was arranged and described by Marilyn Levinson, Curator of Manuscripts in June 2004.

Biographical Sketch

Grace Swallow Wagner was born in Seattle, Washington around 1893. Educated at Colorado State College of Education and Columbia University, she served as the Home Demonstration Agent of the Wood County Agricultural Extension Service in Bowling Green, Ohio from September 1930 until she retired at the end of 1947. During this period she was recognized with a distinguished service award by the National Association of Extension Home Economists. Married to Ira G. Wagner, she lived in Phoenix, Arizona after her retirement and died on August 30, 1970.

Scope and Content

The Grace Wagner collection of materials does not include much of a personal nature, but through the printed material she gathered over the years it does reflect on the variety and depth of topical expertise expected in the work done by county Home Demonstration Agents working for the State Agricultural Extension Service. With her career spanning the years from 1930 through 1947 in Wood County, Ohio, Grace helped women adapt to the economic challenges of maintaining an efficient household through the depression and war years.

Series Description


Handwritten collection of recipes, probably compiled by Grace Wagner

Loose sheets and scraps of paper with full recipes or lists of ingredients, probably compiled by Grace Wagner


Arranged topically.
Selected pamphlet publications put out by government agencies, utilities, food processors and appliance manufacturers on topics ranging from recipes, home economics and home management, first aid, health, gardening, wartime rationing, and nutrition

Circa 1900, 1929, n.d.
Recipe collections printed locally, with numerous ads for local businesses in Bowling Green and Weston, Ohio


Box 1

  1. Handwritten recipe booklet
  2. Loose recipe notes
  3. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. Farmers' bulletins
    • Stain removal from fabrics, home methods (no. 1474)
    • Closets and storage spaces (no. 1865)
    • Making a dress at home (no. 1954)
  4. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. Leaflets
    • Cooking beef according to the cut (no. 17)
    • Lamb as you like it (no. 28)
    • Fats and oils for cooking and table use (no. 204)
  5. Ohio State University. Dept. of Rural Economics. Facts series
    • Grain or grass? (no. 24)
  6. Ohio State University. Extension Service. [Clothing series]
    • Care of clothing: dry cleaning and stain removal (July 1930)
    • Care of clothing: washing and pressing special clothing (August 1930)
    • Care of clothing: storage of clothing (September 1930)
  7. Ohio State University. Agricultural Extension Service. Bulletins 1-100.
    • Vitamins (no. 54)
    • Just kitchens (no. 66)
    • Control of garden insects and diseases (no. 76)
    • Home care of the sick (no. 88)
    • Injurious household insects (no. 97 - Jan. 1933)
    • Injurious household pests and their control (no. 97 - Jan. 1939)
    • Home flower garden (no. 99)
  8. Ohio State University. Agricultural Extension Service. Bulletins 100-199.
    • Gladiolus and dahlia culture (no. 100)
    • Home canning for better family meals (no. 104 - May 1942)
    • Home canning for better family meals (no. 104 - Jan 1943)
    • Home canning for better family meals (no. 104 - Apr 1945)
    • Flowering bulbs (no. 120)
    • Three meals a day (no. 133)
    • Repair of clothing (no. 134)
    • Your sewing machine: its care and adjustment (no. 140)
    • Garment construction (no. 155)
    • Cakes and cookies (no. 163)
    • Hospitality in the home (no. 164 - May 1937)
    • Hospitality in the home (no. 154 - June 1940)
    • Buy your gas range with dollars and sense (no. 168)
    • Meats (no. 182)
    • Food for healthful living (no. 197)
  9. Ohio State University. Agricultural Extension Service. Bulletins 200-250.
    • Eighty-five ways of using apples (no 202)
    • Electric vacuum cleaners (no. 204)
    • Eggs: a dozen reasons and dozens of ways (no. 206)
    • Plan! Then produce food for the family (no. 217)
    • Mending of clothes (no. 242)
    • Paper dress form (no. 247)
  10. Gas Company Home Service. [Miscellaneous publications : Cookbooks and recipe booklets]
  11. Wartime rationing recipe booklets
  12. Meat recipe booklets

Box 2

  1. Dessert recipe booklets (Gelatin, junket, tapioca)
  2. Baking powder recipe booklets
  3. Baked goods (Breads, cakes, cookies)
  4. Specialty booklets (rice, salads, chocolate, wine, etc.)
  5. General booklets and recipe sheets
  6. First aid/health/nutrition booklets

Box 3

  1. Gardening
  2. Clothing (Sewing, laundering)
  3. Household equipment (Refrigerators, stoves, misc. appliances)
  4. Housekeeping (Cleaning, organizing, painting)
  5. Travel
  6. History
  7. Personal (incl. Mrs. F. Augusta Baldwin)
  8. Twentieth century cook book by the Ladies' Aid Society of the M.E. Church, Weston, Ohio
  9. Food for our friends (Weston. Ohio area cookbook)
  10. Bowling Green Cook Book: favorite and tested recipes (1929)

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