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Nieman-Beckman Funeral Home (Pemberville, Ohio) - MS 505 mf

Introduction | Order of Microfilming


The records of the Nieman-Beckman Funeral Home, Pemberville, Ohio, were donated by Clarence Beckman on November 12, 1987. The records consists of nine volumes of funeral registers which include extensive information on the deceased such as name, age, residence, occupation, date and place of birth, date and place of death, name and birthplace of father and mother, date of funeral, religion of deceased, and place of burial, as well as information on the type of casket and type and costs of the funeral. The records date from 1893 through 1986, and all are indexed.

These records are available both in the original and on microfilm. No restrictions exist on their research use and duplication is permitted for educational purposes. This register was prepared by Ann Bowers, Assistant Director, in January 1988.

Order of Microfilming

  1. Funeral Register, November 1893-August 1910
  2. Funeral Register, March 1911-February 1924
  3. Funeral Register, April 1924-December 1951
  4. Funeral Register, January 1952-July 1958
  5. Funeral Register, August 1958-December 1965
  6. Funeral Register, January 1966-February 1973
  7. Funeral Register, January 1973-December 1977
  8. Funeral Register, February 1978-November 1983
  9. Funeral Register, December 1983-June 1986

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