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The Bowling Green State University Faculty Women's Club - MS 508

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The Bowling Green State University Faculty Women's Club collection consists of correspondence, proceedings of meetings, financial documentation, and membership information. The records of this social organization span from 1931 to the disbandment of the club in 1987, and document the interests and accomplishments of the women faculty members involved.

The records were donated with the cooperation of the BGSU Faculty Women's Club in December 1987. Literary and property rights have been dedicated to the public and duplication is permitted for the purpose of preservation and scholarly research. The register was prepared by Susan Irwin in July 1992.

 Agency History

The Bowling Green State University Faculty Women's Club was organized in 1931 as a social club for women faculty members in order to promote unity and fellowship among women of the BGSU faculty. The club served as a way for fellow women to meet and share interests, as well as to promote academics. For example, the organization was responsible for a small scholarship given to the outstanding junior woman who maintained the highest cumulative grade point average.

The club's main purpose, however, was for recreation, holding activities such as picnics, teas, special speaking engagements and demonstrations on various topics of interest, and monthly meetings. The club was disbanded in May 1987, but while it existed, it helped bring professional women together to enjoy shared interests.

 Scope and Content

The Bowling Green State University Faculty Women's Club collection is an example of a women's social organization consisting of professional women who meet on a recreational level. Most of the collection consists of membership information which is interspersed with correspondence and notices of upcoming events and meetings. The minutes give brief descriptions of the events which took place at meetings and of upcoming gatherings which include picnics, teas, speakers, and demonstrations. Most of the correspondence is routine but there is a group of letters concerning the yearly scholarship that the club awarded to the outstanding female junior.

The financial ledgers mostly document membership dues paid and some financial reports are included giving the balance of the club's accounts. Also included are the constitution and bylaws from 1934 to 1977 which show the revisions that have been made in the organization of the club.

Overall, the organization maintained its original purpose which was that of a social club wishing to promote unity and fellowship among the women of the Bowling Green State University faculty.

 Series Description


Sept 1936-May 1987
Arranged chronologically
Includes brief descriptions of club meetings, and some correspondence associated with the meetings.

Arranged chronologically
These include listings of members and the departments they were associated with at the University. Some of this information is also found in the correspondence series.

Arranged chronologically
These include the organization's accepted and revised constitutions which describe the purpose and procedures of the club.


Arranged chronologically
This series contains routine correspondence about meetings to be held and special events.

Arranged chronologically
This correspondence deals with the scholarship award given by the club to the outstanding junior woman of the year. Included is information on candidates, letters to them, and a list of recipients from 1940-1976.


Arranged chronologically
This series includes three ledger books which contain entries on the club's funds, receipts and expenditures, and dues paid along with miscellaneous expenses.


Arranged chronologically
These include listings of the members of the various committees for the year and when they will be meeting. These materials also include information on the purpose and membership eligibility for the club.


Box 1


  1. Minutes, Sept 1936-April 1947
  2. Minutes, October 1947-May 1950
  3. Minutes, October 1950-May 1956
  4. Minutes, October 1956-May 1975
  5. Minutes, October 1975-May 1987
  6. Membership, 1950-1982
  7. Constitution/By-laws, 1934-1977
  8. Correspondence--General, 1950-1982

Box 2


  1. Correspondence--Scholarship Award, 1967-1976
  2. Financial ledger, 1931-1947
  3. Financial ledger, 1953-1971
  4. Financial ledger, 1971-1987
  5. Programs/Committees, 1952-1985

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