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George E. Hersh Lumber Company (Grand Rapids, Ohio) - MS 528

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The records of the George E. Hersh Lumber Company, Grand Rapids, Ohio, consist of approximately 1.25 linear ft. of ledgers, day books, and order books (sawmill books), dating from 1888 through 1932.

The collection was transferred to the Center for Archival Collections during April 1988 from the Wood County Historical Museum. This register was prepared by Marilyn Levinson, Curator of Manuscripts, Center for Archival Collections, March, 1990. No restrictions exist on the the use of this collection.

Agency History

The George E. Hersh Lumber Company was a lumber and building supply firm operating in Grand Rapids, Ohio in the late 19th and early 20th century. Located at the corner of Front Street and Wapokoneta, the lumberyard and sawmill served local contractors, including Clark Patton, Charles Bowers, Edd Oberley, and Ben Manor & Son. Names of many of the leading families of the community, including Kerr, Jeffers, Pilliod, and Heising, also appear in the company records.

Scope and Content

The George E. Hersh Lumber Company records consist primarily of the operating ledgers and account books of a small town lumber company from the late 19th and early 20th century. While there are some date gaps in each record series, it is possible to track specific building projects and accounts. Some specific accounts include projects for the Grand Rapids School Board, Farmers Elevator Company, Azor Thurston, A. Pilliod, and the Grand Rapids Ball Team (to build stands).

The ledgers and day books provide general information on the date of services, general description and amount due. The order books (sawmill books) give more detailed information on the materials ordered, including dates, amounts, sizes, and occasionally the project name.

Series Description


Arranged chronologically
Account record by name, specifying date and amount paid for goods and services. Indexed by name.

1888-1890, 1907-1927
Arranged chronologically
Account record by name, specifying date and amount due for goods and services. Indexed by name, with some reference to ledger pages for account.

Arranged chronologically
Sawmill records, itemizing materials ordered by each account.


Lists of stock available from lumber dealers in Toledo, Ohio, Chicago, Ill., and Beaumont, Tex.


Box 1

  1. Ledger, 1888-1910
  2. Ledger, 1908-1932
  3. Day book, 1888-1890
  4. Day book, 1907-1917

Box 2

  1. Day book, 1917-1922
  2. Day book, 1922-1927
  3. Day book, 1926-1927
  4. Order book, 1891-1892
  5. Order book, 1891-1896

Box 3

  1. Order book, 1894-1895
  2. Order book, 1896-1898
  3. Order book, 1898-1899
  4. Order book, 1900-1901
  5. Order book, 1901-1903
  6. Order book, 1904-1905
  7. Order book, 1905-1906
  8. Order book, 1906-1907
  9. Order book, 1907-1908
  10. Order book, 1908-1909

Box 4

  1. Order book, 1909-1911
  2. Order book, 1911-1912
  3. Order book, 1910-1913
  4. Order book, 1914-1916
  5. Order book, 1916-1917
  6. Circulars, 1925

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