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The Lima Federation of Women's Clubs (Lima, Ohio) - MS 533

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The Lima Federation of Women's Clubs collection consists of minutes, directories, yearbooks, and several programs which span the years 1931 to 1987. The collection documents some of the history of this organization whose main goal is to strengthen the relationship between women's clubs in the Lima, Ohio area.

The collection was donated to the Center for Archival Collections in August 1988 with the cooperation of the Lima Federation of Women's Clubs. Literary and property rights have been dedicated to the public and duplication is permitted for the purpose of preservation and scholarly research. The register was completed in July 1992 by Susan Irwin.

Agency History

The Lima Federation of Women's Clubs was founded in 1904 and has been involved in creating a network of women's clubs to help initiate leadership among women. According to their constitution "...The object of this organization shall be to bring into closer relationship the women's clubs of the community in order to promote through their common interests measures for the general welfare, civic betterment and culture of the community." The Federation includes women's clubs of the city of Lima and the surrounding vicinity, ranging from recreational groups to intellectual and political organizations.

Scope and Content

The bulk of the collection of the Lima Federation of Women's Clubs which spans the years 1931-1987, consists of programs, yearbooks and directories-all of which give very similar information. These publications give membership listings, list the programs and events to be covered in the following year, information of the various clubs associated with the Federation and identification of officers and speakers. The yearbooks offer brief descriptions by each club involved of the year's events as well as description of reports given.

Also included in the collection are minutes from the years 1970 to 1973 which give brief descriptions of the meeting proceedings. The constitution and bylaws are also included but only from the year 1966. One other notable part of the collection is the "Planning for Peace" publication which is a compilation of four fifteen minute radio speeches given by the Federation's Post-War Planning Committee, which asks women to consider their rights in world affairs and suggests they take initiative to become involved with men in the "...consideration of affairs that concern human beings."

Series Description


April 1970-March 1973
Arranged chronologically
The minutes consist of brief descriptions of the meeting proceedings, members present, reports given and motions made.

No arrangement
This pamphlet outlines the policies and procedures of the Federation.


No arrangement
Two copies of this booklet are included which consist of four fifteen minute broadcasts which were presented over station WLOK in Lima, Ohio


Arranged chronologically
These directories consist of membership listings and identification of the various organizations and clubs which make up the Federation of Women's Clubs, giving member titles and addresses.

Arranged chronologically
These are programs for the Lima Federation of Women's Clubs events for the year and include officer lists, committee lists, calendars of events, program dates and membership lists.

Arranged chronologically
These publications cover the year's events and also give membership information, as well as reports by all the departments, divisions, guilds, and smaller clubs and their membership.

1934, 1954
No arrangement
This series includes two programs from special events-the Northwest District Conference of the Ohio Federation of Women's Clubs (1934), and a program of the Golden Jubilee Celebration (1954).

June 1961, March 1971
Arranged chronologically
This is the newsletter of the Allen County Historical Society. These particular issues note the Lima Federation of Women's Clubs involvement with the historical society.


Box 1


  1. Minutes, April-January 1970
  2. Minutes, July 1970-March 1973
  3. Constitution and Bylaws, 1966
  4. "Planning for Peace"-radio script, 1945
  5. Directories, 1945-1959
  6. Golden Jubilee Celebration-program, 1954
  7. Programs-year's events, 1955-1987
  8. Yearbooks, 1931-1936
  9. OFWC Northwest District Conference-program, 1934
  10. Allen County Reporter (Quarterly), June 1961; March 1971

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