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American Association of University Women (Fostoria, Ohio) - MS 557

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The Fostoria branch of the American Association of University Women collection consists of minutes and proceedings, financial information, membership listings and scrapbooks, spanning the years 1950 to 1988. The bulk of the collection is made up of the AAUW Fostoria Branch newsletter The Ex-Co-Ed, yearbooks of the organization's events, and scrapbooks.

The collection was donated to the Center for Archival Collections on September 21, 1989 by the Fostoria branch of the AAUW. Literary and property rights have been dedicated to the public and duplication is permitted for the purpose of preservation and scholarly research. The register was completed by Susan Irwin in July 1992.

Agency History

The American Association of College Women (AAUW) was founded in 1882 by 65 women college graduates in Boston. The Fostoria, Ohio AAUW is a branch of that original organization and was founded July 21, 1950. The purpose of the Association as stated in their charter is to "...unite alumnae from different institutions for practical educational work, ... and in general for the maintenance of high standards of education". The organization has worked to improve the quality of higher education for women, to create professional opportunities for women in faculty and administration, and to recognize their accomplishments.

Scope and Content

The collection of the Fostoria, Ohio American Association of University Women consists of proceedings, some correspondence, membership and financial information, yearbooks or programs, newsletters, and five scrapbooks. The materials span the history of the organization, from its founding in 1950 to the late 1980's and give information not only about the Fostoria branch but also about the national AAUW.

Even though this is a small collection it gives the researcher information about all aspects of the organization. The minutes give brief descriptions of the events at meetings, discussions and decisions, and the charter information and handbooks cover procedures for executive officers and members. The financial documents cover membership dues and membership is documented through listings of members, their addresses, educational information and affiliation.

The yearbooks included in this collection are more like programs for the year's events, including membership lists, officer lists, calendars of events and the various programs to be given throughout the year. The newsletter The Ex-Co-Ed also gives information on upcoming events and meetings.

The scrapbooks serve as a documentation of the different events held by the AAUW including their annual book sale and political forum. The scrapbooks are fairly well organized containing photographs--which are sometimes identified--programs, invitations, yearbooks, newspaper clippings, etc., which are organized by year. Some of the materials are loose and a few scrapbooks have scattered entries or only a few entries. Also included is an audio cassette presenting historical highlights of the AAUW national organization. Overall this collection gives insight into the history and accomplishments of the Fostoria branch of the AAUW.

Series Description


1950-1960, 1985-1989
Arranged chronologically
These minutes give brief descriptions of the events of the general meetings, how many members attended, what reports were given and when future events should be scheduled, etc.

Arranged chronologically
These minutes give a brief synopsis of the meeting events, discussing decisions made, what reports were given, what topics were discussed, membership information, etc.

1971-1989; September 1982.
Arranged chronologically
Included with the by-laws is also information about president responsibilities, policies concerning officers and the charter, and booklets outlining the by-laws from 1971 and 1987. The handbook is for branch leaders and discusses administrative procedures in the AAUW program.

1955-1957, 1971-1989
Arranged chronologically
Included in this series are membership lists and cards including resigned members, as well as a membership booklet (1987-88) describing policies and procedures and a listing of organizations in the Fostoria area.


Arranged chronologically
This correspondence consists of letters inviting members of other organizations to a political forum sponsored by the AAUW, in which candidates in the Fostoria area are given opportunity to present their platforms. Also included are organizational notes and candidate lists.


Arranged chronologically
This file contains information on this annual event which serves to increase membership and raise money. Included are notes on procedures, lists of those involved and their jobs and brief descriptions of the book sale results.

Arranged chronologically
Included in this file is a history of Fostoria, Ohio, information pamphlets on AAUW, news clippings, some correspondence from AAUW, information on sex-role stereotypes, and membership forms.


Arranged chronologically within group
This series includes files and two ledger books which record membership dues, balances, receipts, disbursements, vouchers, paid bills and tax records.


Arranged chronologically
The scrapbooks contain photographs--which are sometimes identified--newspaper clippings, programs, invitations, etc., which are organized by year.


Sept. l953-Ma~98l (incomplete)
Arranged chronologically
This is the monthly newsletter of the Fostoria, Ohio Branch of the AAUW and contains information on upcomming events, projects, and meetings.

1955-1972, 1976-1987
Arranged chronologically
These are programs for the Fostoria AAUW's events for the year and include officer lists, committee lists, calendars of events, program dates and descriptions and membership lists.


AAUW CENTENNIAL--1881-1981 (1981).
No arrangement
This audio history is described as an audio presentation of historical highlights of the AAUW.


Box 1

  1. General Meeting Minutes, 1950-1960; 1985-1989
  2. Executive Board Minutes, 1950-1960
  3. By-laws of AAUW, 1971-1989
  4. Branch Leaders Handbook, Sept. 1982
  5. AAUW Membership Booklet, 1987-1989
  6. Political Forum--correspondence, 1957-1985
  7. Book Sale file, 1977-1988
  8. History file, 1976-1985
  9. The Ex-Co-Ed, Sept. 1953-Dec. 1960
  10. The Ex-Co-Ed, Jan. 1961-Dec. 1970

Box 2

  1. The Ex-Co-Ed, Jan. 1971-Dec. 1974
  2. The Ex-Co-Ed, Feb. 1975-May 1981
  3. Ledger Books, 1962-1985
  4. Budget Records, 1966-1987
  5. Paid Bills and Vouchers, 1976-1980
  6. Tax Records, 1971-1985
  7. Dues Reports, 1980-1986
  8. Membership Lists/Cards, 1955-1957

Box 3

  1. Resigned Membership Lists, 1971-1986
  2. Yearbooks, 1955-1972
  3. Yearbooks, 1976-1987
  4. AAUW Centennial Audio Tape, 1981

Box 4: Oversize Materials

  1. Scrapbook, 1950-1960
  2. Scrapbook, 1969-1973

Box 5: Oversize Materials

  1. Scrapbook, 1973-1978
  2. Scrapbook, 1978-1979

Box 6: Oversize Materials

  1. Scrapbook, 1981-1987

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