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Paul Schmitz Collection - MS 617

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The Paul Schmitz Collection consists of approximately .5 linear ft. of copy prints, and copy negatives, documenting life and activities around Bowling Green, Ohio between 1900 and the 1930's.

The collection was acquired through loans for duplication with the cooperation of Paul Schmitz in 1979. This register was prepared by Marilyn Levinson, Curator of Manuscripts, Center for Archival Collection, October 1991. No restrictions exist on the use of this collection.

 Scope and Content

The Paul Schmitz Collection consists of 72 copy photographs and 206 copy negatives of scenes around Bowling Green and Northwest Ohio from the turn of the century through the late 1930s.

The photographic prints in the collection primarily center on Bowling Green, Ohio from 1923 to 1936. These photographs include numerous buildings and street scenes. The collection also includes a few shots of agricultural activity at the Mike Schmitz farm on West Poe Road, rural Bowling Green, Ohio around 1923.

The negatives in the collection are copies of a postcard collection of locations around Northwest Ohio, including Bowling Green, Carey, Cedar Point, Perrysburg, Findlay, Fremont, Tiffin, and Toledo. The series on Cedar Point shows turn of the century scenes of the park, the Hotel Breakers, and beach area amusements. The large number of Toledo postcards include prominent buildings, downtown street scenes, schools, hospitals, and hotels. The postcards, while undated, primarily illustrate the period from the turn of the century through the 1920s.

 Series Description


Arranged alphabetically by topic
Copy prints of original photographs retained by Paul Schmitz; primarily of scenes around Bowling Green, Ohio, notably views of prominent buildings and interurban cars on Main Street; includes some views of Toledo and Lucas County.

Circa 1900-1940
Arranged numerically
Copy negatives of original postcards retained by Paul Schmitz; primarily of scenes and buildings around Bowling Green and Toledo, Ohio.

 Photograph Inventory

Box 1


  1. Bowling Green, Ohio. Buildings
    • a. South Main Street, looking north from Royce Building, 1933
    • b. Senior High School, West Wooster Street, under construction, 1928
    • c. Senior High School, West Wooster Street, finished view, n.d.
    • d. Hotel Millikin, Main and Wooster, circa 1925
    • e. Heinz Factory complex, circa 1925
    • f. Reider's Union Mills, North Grove Street, circa 1925
    • g. Wood County Detention Home, West Wooster, circa 1925
    • h. Post Office, North Main and Oak Streets, circa 1925
    • i. Cla-Zel Theatre, North Main Street, 1929
    • j. Cla-Zel Theatre, North Main Street, 1935
  2. Bowling Green, Ohio. Buildings
    • a. National Refining Company gas station, North Main and Poe Road, circa 1925
    • b. Ohio Oil Company gas station at North Main and Merry, circa 1935
    • c. Petty's Garage at North Main and Oak, circa 1925
    • d. Commercial Bank and Trust Company, 130 South Main, circa 1925
    • e. Milnor Greenhouse, North Main and Poe, circa 1925
    • f. Ross Hotel, East Wooster and Prospect, circa 1925
    • g. Church Street School, circa 1925
    • h. Ridge Street School, circa 1935
    • i. Bowling Green High School, circa 1925
    • j. Senior High School, West Wooster Street, at start of construction, 1927-1928
    • k. Senior High School, West Wooster Street, looking west, circa 1928
    • l. Senior High School, West Wooster Street, looking east, circa 1928
  3. Bowling Green, Ohio. Centennial Celebration & Air Races
    • a. Opening of Centennial Celebration at BG College Football Field, 1933
    • b. Opening of Centennial Celebration at BG College Football Field, 1933
    • c. Airplane on field during BG Centennial Air Races, 1933
    • d. Crowd on field during BG Centennial Air Races, 1933
  4. Bowling Green, Ohio. Fairgrounds
    • a. Circus tents at the Fairgrounds, E. Poe Road, circa 1925
    • b. Grandstand at the old Fairgrounds, circa 1925
    • c. Trotter on the track at the old Fairgrounds, circa 1925
  5. Bowling Green, Ohio. Fires
    • a. Charred ruins of elevator fire, N. Grove Street, March 4, 1924
    • b. Charred ruins of elevator fire, N. Grove Street, March 4, 1924
    • c. Del Mar Theatre in ruins after fire, front view, Sept. 29, 1926
    • d. Del Mar Theatre in ruins after fire, rear view, Sept. 29, 1926
    • e. Fire at barn at rear of Reider's Mill, Aug. 26, 1929
  6. Bowling Green, Ohio. Interurban trains
    • a. People boarding a Toledo, Bowling Green & Southern car on South Main Street, circa 1930
    • b. TBG & S car on South Main Street, circa 1930
    • c. Freight being loaded on TBG & S car, circa 1930
    • d. Conductor standing by TBG & S car, circa 1930
    • e. TBG & S line car, circa 1930
    • f. TBG & S car barns, circa 1930
  7. Bowling Green, Ohio. Poe Ditch
    • a. Filling West Poe Road Ditch for new sewage plant, 1934 or 1935
  8. Bowling Green, Ohio. Trains and planes
    • a. Rail car, identified as part of circus train, circa 1925
    • b. Ohio Oil Company National Safety-Health Tour train, circa 1935
    • c. New York Central Railroad, Ohio Central Lines depot, circa 1925
    • d. Airplane, unidentified location, circa 1925
    • e. Airplane from Mt. Clemens, Mich., July 8, 1923
    • f. Airplane from Mt. Clemens, Mich., July 8, 1923
  9. Grand Rapids, Ohio. Buildings
    • a. Nazareth Hall, Ladyglen on the River, 1928
  10. Toledo and Lucas County, Ohio. Buildings
    • a. Skyline of Toledo, circa 1928
    • b. Elephant House at the Toledo Zoo, circa 1928
    • c. Conservatory at the Toledo, Ohio, circa 1928
    • d. Farley School, West Central Avenue, circa 1925
    • e. St. Patrick's Church, Providence, Ohio, circa 1925
  11. Wood County, Ohio. Agricultural scenes
    • a. Mike Schmitz Farm, West Poe Road, circa 1925
    • b. Mike Schmitz with a horse-drawn grain binder, circa 1925
    • c. Hart-Parr engine, Chapman's Thresher, circa 1923
    • d. Chapman's Thresher, Mike Schmitz Farm, August 8, 1923
    • e. Cutting grain, Mike and Paul Schmitz, circa 1923
    • f. Cutting grain, Mike and Paul Schmitz, Mr. & Mrs. August Simon, circa 1923
    • g. Road roller paving West Poe Road, 1926


  1. Burning oil storage tank, number 311, unidentified location
  2. St. Mary's Church, Assumption, Ohio
  3. St. Mary's Church, Assumption, Ohio
  4. St. Mary's Church, Assumption, Ohio, interior view
  5. H.J. Heinz Co. branch factory, Bowling Green, Ohio
  6. A big day, the Wood County Fair, Bowling Green, Ohio
  7. Wood County Detention Home, Bowling Green, Ohio
  8. Main Street and Interurban Station, Bowling Green, Ohio
  9. Aerial view, Bowling Green, Ohio
  10. T. & O.G. Depot and Electric Lighting Plant, Bowling Green, Ohio
  11. Library (McFall), Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio
  12. High School, Bowling Green, Ohio, side view
  13. High School, Bowling Green, Ohio, front view
  14. Senior High School, Bowling Green, Ohio
  15. New York Central Railroad, Ohio Central Lines Passenger Station, Bowling Green, Ohio
  16. Commercial Bank and Savings Company building, Bowling Green, Ohio
  17. State Normal College buildings (Moseley, University Hall, Hanna)
  18. State Normal College, view from University Hall west
  19. State Normal College, view from main entrance toward University Hall
  20. Ross Hotel, Bowling Green, Ohio
  21. Wood County Jail, Bowling Green, Ohio
  22. Kelly Swimming Pool, Troup and Clough, Bowling Green, Ohio
  23. Portage Quarry Swimming Pool
  24. Gymnasium, Bowling Green State College
  25. Shatzel Hall, Bowling Green State College
  26. Ladies Dormatory (Williams Hall), Bowling Green State College
  27. Science Building (Moseley), Bowling Green State Normal College
  28. South Main Street, Bowling Green, Ohio, looking north
  29. North Main Street, Bowling Green, Ohio, showing Cla-Zel & Rogers Drugs
  30. West Wooster Street, Bowling Green, Ohio, residential area
  31. Waterworks, Bowling Green, Ohio
  32. Christman Hotel, Bryan, Ohio
  33. Church of Our Lady of Consolation, old building, Carey, Ohio
  34. Church of Our Lady of Consolation, new building, Carey, Ohio
  35. Big Four Depot, Carey, Ohio
  36. Image of Our Lady of Consolation, Carey, Ohio
  37. Pilgrims House, Carey, Ohio
  38. Catholic Rectory, Carey, Ohio
  39. Carey High School, Carey, Ohio
  40. Our Lady of Consolation School, Carey, Ohio
  41. Administration Building, Cedar Point, Ohio
  42. Amusement Circle, Cedar Point, Ohio
  43. Sea-swing, Cedar Point, Ohio
  44. Sea-swing and Water Toboggans, Cedar Point, Ohio
  45. Inlet Trail, Cedar Point, Ohio
  46. Aerial view of Cedar Point, Ohio
  47. Midway, Cedar Point, Ohio
  48. Steamer G.A. Boeckling at the Cedar Point pier
  49. Crystal Rock, Cedar Point, Ohio
  50. Steamer G.A. Boeckling on the Cedar Point route
  51. New Bon Air Annex, Cedar Point, Ohio
  52. Concourse, Cedar Point, Ohio
  53. Grill Room and Cafeteria Entrance, Cedar Point, Ohio
  54. Convention Hall exterior, Cedar Point, Ohio
  55. Convention Hall interior, Cedar Point, Ohio
  56. Hotel Breakers, Cedar Point, Ohio, aerial view
  57. Section of the Hotel Breakers, Cedar Point, Ohio
  58. Cozy Corner, Hotel "The Cedars", Cedar Point, Ohio
  59. Quarries of the Miama Stone Company, near Haskins, Ohio
  60. Maumee River near Haskins, Ohio
  61. Lima Trust Company building, Lima, Ohio
  62. High School, Metamora, Ohio
  63. Citizen's Banking Company building, Perrysburg, Ohio
  64. St. Rose de Lima Church, Perrysburg, Ohio
  65. High School, Perrysburg, Ohio
  66. Rheinfrank Hospital, Perrysburg, Ohio
  67. Findlay College, Findlay, Ohio
  68. Hancock County Courthouse and American National Bank building, Findlay, Ohio
  69. Amphitheater and Track, Hancock County Fairgrounds, Findlay, Ohio
  70. Buckeye Commercial Savings Bank building, Findlay, Ohio
  71. St. Michael's Catholic Church, Findlay, Ohio
  72. Washington School, Findlay, Ohio
  73. Waterworks and Riverside Park entrance, Findlay, Ohio
  74. Bridge at Fort Meigs
  75. Soldiers Monument and old trenches at Fort Meigs
  76. Sandusky County Courthouse, Fremont, Ohio
  77. Memorial Hospital, Fremont, Ohio
  78. Birchard Library, Old Betsy & Soldiers Monument, Fremont, Ohio
  79. Hayes Memorial, Spiegel Grove, Fremont, Ohio
  80. Ohio State Power Company plant, Ballville, near Fremont, Ohio
  81. Catholic School, Fremont, Ohio
  82. Fremont High School, Fremont, Ohio
  83. Masonic Temple, Fremont, Ohio
  84. High School, Portage, Ohio
  85. St. Mary's Church, Sandusky, Ohio
  86. City Hall, Sandusky, Ohio
  87. Administration Building and Cottages, Soldiers Home, Sandusky, Ohio
  88. Cedar Point Pier, Sandusky, Ohio
  89. St. Mary's School and Auditorium, Sandusky, Ohio
  90. Steamer Put-in-Bay
  91. L.S. & M.S. depot, Swanton, Ohio
  92. High School, Swanton, Ohio
  93. Public School, Swanton, Ohio
  94. North Main Street, Swanton, Ohio
  95. Tiffin National Bank and East Market Street, Tiffin, Ohio
  96. Washington Street Bridge and Sandusky River, Tiffin, Ohio
  97. Home for the Aged D. of A., Tiffin, Ohio
  98. Shawhan Hotel, Tiffin, Ohio
  99. Junior High School, Tiffin, Ohio
  100. St. Joseph's Parochial School, Tiffin, Ohio
  101. Washington Street, looking north from Madison, Tiffin, Ohio
  102. Notre Dame Academy, Toledo, Ohio
  103. St. Ursula's Academy, on Collingwood, Toledo, Ohio
  104. Ore boat, Thomas F. Cole, on the Maumee River, Toledo, Ohio
  105. Ore boat, George F. Baker, on the the Maumee River, Toledo, Ohio
  106. Ore boat, J. Pierpont Morgan, in shipyard, Toledo, Ohio
  107. Cherry Street Bridge, Toledo, Ohio
  108. Summit Street and National Bank Building, Toledo, Ohio
  109. Moose Temple, Ontario & Cherry Streets, Toledo, Ohio
  110. Adams Street, east from Superior, Toledo, Ohio
  111. Business district at Sylvania & Lewis, West Toledo
  112. Jefferson Avenue from Summit Street, Toledo, Ohio
  113. Madison Avenue looking west, Toledo, Ohio
  114. St. Clair & Summit Streets, showing Steedman Monument
  115. St. Clair & Summit Streets, Toledo, Ohio
  116. Circus parade on Summit Street, with 22 elephants, Toledo, Ohio
  117. Paramount Theatre, Toledo, Ohio
  118. Birds-eye-view of Toledo from Courthouse Square
  119. Sky-line, Toledo, Ohio
  120. Toledo University building, old campus
  121. Woodward High School, Toledo, Ohio
  122. Woodward Manual Training School, Madison & Adams, Toledo, Ohio
  123. Superior Street, 400 block, looking south, Toledo, Ohio
  124. Union Station, Toledo, Ohio
  125. Lakeshore Limited in train-yard, Union Station, Toledo, Ohio
  126. Union Station, Toledo, Ohio
  127. Superior Street, looking south, Toledo, Ohio
  128. Scott High School/Siebert Stadium, Toledo, Ohio
  129. Scott High School and Stadium, Toledo, Ohio
  130. Waite High School, Toledo, Ohio
  131. Waite High School and Bowl, Toledo, Ohio
  132. St. Mary's School, Toledo, Ohio
  133. Central Catholic High School, Toledo, Ohio
  134. Libbey High School, Toledo, Ohio
  135. Scott High School, Collingwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio
  136. Riverside Park, Toledo, Ohio
  137. Zoo at Walbridge Park, Toledo, Ohio
  138. Post Office Building, Madison & 13th St., Toledo, Ohio
  139. Drive along the Maumee River, Toledo, Ohio
  140. Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio
  141. Entrance to Casino Park, Toledo, Ohio
  142. Ottawa Park, Toledo, Ohio
  143. Riverside Park, Toledo, Ohio
  144. Home Bank & Trust Company building, Toledo, Ohio
  145. First National Bank building, Toledo, Ohio
  146. Toledo Trust Company building, Superior & Madison, Toledo, Ohio
  147. Ohio Building, Superior & Madison, Toledo, Ohio
  148. LaSalle & Koch Building, Toledo, Ohio
  149. Richardson Building, Toledo, Ohio
  150. Municipal Building, Toledo, Ohio
  151. Nicholas Building, Madison & Huron, Toledo, Ohio
  152. Nasby Building, Toledo, Ohio
  153. Terminal Building, Cherry Street & Seneca, Toledo, Ohio
  154. Willys-Overland Company Administration Building, Toledo, Ohio
  155. Ohio Bank Building, Toledo, Ohio
  156. Public Library (Old), Toledo, Ohio
  157. Soldiers Memorial and Masonic Temple, Toledo, Ohio
  158. McKinley Monument, Toledo, Ohio
  159. Steedman Monument, Riverside Park, Toledo, Ohio
  160. Secor Hotel at night, Toledo, Ohio
  161. Hotel Toledo, Superior Street, Toledo, Ohio
  162. Hotel Waldorf, Toledo, Ohio
  163. Civic Market Building, Toledo, Ohio
  164. Commodore Perry Hotel, Toledo, Ohio
  165. Boody Hotel, Toledo, Ohio
  166. Fort Meigs Hotel, Toledo, Ohio
  167. Hotel Secor, Toledo, Ohio
  168. Toledo Hospital (Old), Toledo, Ohio
  169. Toledo Hospital (New), Toledo, Ohio
  170. St. Vincent Hospital (Old), Toledo, Ohio
  171. St. Vincent Hospital (Old), Toledo, Ohio
  172. Flower Hospital, Cherry Street, Toledo, Ohio
  173. Mercy Hospital, Toledo, Ohio
  174. Robinwood Hospital & Nurses Home, Robinwwod & Delaware, Toledo, Ohio
  175. Toledo State Hospital, Toledo, Ohio
  176. Birds-eye-view of shipyards, Toledo, Ohio
  177. Swayne Field, Toledo, Ohio
  178. Hulett Electric Hoist, Toledo, Ohio
  179. Hulett Electric Unloader, Toledo, Ohio
  180. Pennsylvania Railroad docks, Toledo, Ohio
  181. National Supply Company Building, Toledo, Ohio
  182. Willys-Overland Company, Toledo, Ohio
  183. Willys-Overland Company, Toledo, Ohio
  184. St. John's College, Superior Street, Toledo, Ohio
  185. Lucas County Courthouse & McKinley Monument, Toledo, Ohio
  186. Along Courthouse Square, Toledo, Ohio
  187. Ore docks, Toledo, Ohio
  188. Country Club, River Road, Toledo, Ohio
  189. Inverness Country Club, Toledo, Ohio
  190. Toledo Club, Toledo, Ohio
  191. Toledo Yacht Club, Toledo, Ohio
  192. Spitzer Building, Toledo, Ohio
  193. Spitzer and LaSalle & Koch Buildings, Toledo, Ohio
  194. Second National Bank Building, Toledo, Ohio
  195. Toledo Woman's Club Building, Cherry Street, Toledo, Ohio
  196. Toledo Railways Light Company Building, Toledo, Ohio
  197. Toledo Railways Light Company Building at night, Toledo, Ohio
  198. Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral, Toledo, Ohio
  199. Church of the Good Shepherd, Clark & Nevada, Toledo, Ohio
  200. T.B.G. & S. Line Car
  201. Secor Hotel, Toledo, Ohio
  202. Milner's, Toledo, Ohio
  203. Franklin P. Reigle House, West Wooster Street, Bowling Green, Ohio
  204. Toledo Waterworks, Toledo, Ohio
  205. Fulton County Courthouse, Wauseon, Ohio
  206. High School, Wauseon, Ohio

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