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Port Clinton Lantern Slides - MS 655

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The collection of lantern slides of Port Clinton dates from around 1886 to the 1930s. The collection consists of seventy-six slides, with copy negatives and prints to six of them, plus two rolls of 16mm motion picture film.

The records were transferred to the Center for Archival Collections in the 1980s with the cooperation of the principal of the Port Clinton High School. Their origin is unknown. There are no restrictions on the research use of this collection and duplication is permitted for purposes of preservation and scholarly research. The collection was processed and the register prepared by Marilyn Levinson, Curator of Manuscripts in November 1992.

Scope and Content

This collection of lantern slides contains numerous views of the city of Port Clinton, with additional slides of historic figures, monuments, artifacts, documents, and costumes. The grouping also includes some building diagrams of the Port Clinton Junior High School. While the material is of unknown origin, it was probably assembled as a teaching aid at the Port Clinton High School.

Of particular note in the scenes of Port Clinton are views of the harbor area with small boats and a grain elevator, a picture of the Port Clinton Fire Department, with hose reels in front of the Station, workers in the yard of a Port Clinton sawmill, a railroad work crew with a Lakeshore & Michigan Southern freight car in the background, a dock scene with a ship under construction, and a scene on Madison & 2nd Streets with wagons gathered for a peach auction.

The quality of the slides varies, with some emulsion flaking. Those slides with good images can produce fairly clear prints. Copy negatives and prints were made for the first six slides of the collection.

Series Description


Street scenes and buildings around Port Clinton, Ohio, including groups of unidentified people, school class pictures, historical figures of the War of 1812 period, and diagrams of Port Clinton Junior High School floor plans. Includes copy negative and print for six of the items.

Circa 1941.
16mm color and black and white film, showing Port Clinton School and unidentified snow scenes.



  1. River scene, Port Clinton, with grain elevator in center (slide, print, and copy negative)
  2. Port Clinton Fire Department. Men with hose reels in front of station house (slide, print, and copy negative)
  3. Railroad yard, Port Clinton. With Lakeshore & Michigan Southern freight car in background (slide, print, and copy negative)
  4. Sawmill, Port Clinton. (Slide, print, and copy negative)
  5. School building, Port Clinton. (Slide, print, and copy negative)
  6. Street scene of Port Clinton, taken from courthouse (slide, print, and copy negative)
  7. Band festival and city street, Port Clinton (slide)
  8. Magruder residence, 2nd & Jefferson, Port Clinton (slide)
  9. Street scene, North Jefferson, or west side Madison, Port Clinton, 1886 (slide)
  10. Street scene, North Madison, east side, Port Clinton (slide--emulsion damage)
  11. Street scene, houses with mill in background, Port Clinton, 1886 (slide)
  12. Street scene, 2nd & Madison, with wagons gathered for peach auction, ca. 1900 (slide)
  13. Street scene, Madison & 6th, with two women in ornate skirts (slide)
  14. Street scene, Madison & 6th, with boy in military uniform (slide)
  15. Building, possibly Ottawa County Infirmary, built ca. 1870 (slide)
  16. School buildings, Port Clinton (slide)
  17. Perry Victory Monument, South Bass Island, newspaper photo (slide)
  18. Johnson's Island Prison Camp, officer's barracks (slide)
  19. Old Port Clinton lighthouse, distant view (slide)
  20. Old Port Clinton lighthouse, close view (slide)
  21. Sketch, steamboat "Walk-in-the-Water" (slide)
  22. Dock scene, schooner by a lumberyard (slide, print, and copy negative)
  23. Street scene, harbor area, with ship under construction (slide)
  24. Plan of Fort Stephenson (Fremont) and diagram of Battle of Lower Sandusky (slide)
  25. Fort Stephenson lithograph (slide)
  26. Cannon "Old Betsy" and Fort Stephenson Monument, Fremont (slide)
  27. Major George Croghan portrait (slide)
  28. George Rogers Clark portrait (slide)
  29. Fort Sanduski Monument (slide)
  30. House with a fountain, unknown location (slide)
  31. Battle of Lake Erie painting (slide)
  32. Battle of Lake Erie painting (slide)
  33. Battle of Lake Erie, Perry transfer to Niagara (slide)
  34. Chief Pontiac portrait (slide)
  35. Chief Tecumseh portrait (slide)
  36. William Henry Harrison portrait (slide)
  37. Portrait, unknown man (slide)
  38. Portrait, unknown woman (slide)
  39. Group of five unidentified men in striped aprons (slide)
  40. Group of two women and a man (same women as in #13) (slide)
  41. Group portrait, possibly graduating class picture (slide)
  42. Group portrait, possibly graduating class picture (slide)
  43. Group of four unidentified women (slide)
  44. Portrait of unidentified woman, ca. 1935 (slide)
  45. Portrait of unidentified woman, "Not finished, but begun" (slide)
  46. Portrait of unidentified woman, ca. 1935 (slide)
  47. Portrait of unidentified woman with musket (slide)
  48. Old wooden building, possibly first school in Port Clinton (slide)
  49. School building, possibly Port Clinton (slide)
  50. School building, Port Clinton, newspaper photo (slide)
  51. Port Clinton Junior High School, diagram (slide)
  52. Port Clinton Junior High School, diagram 3rd floor (slide)
  53. Port Clinton Junior High School, diagram (basement?) (emulsion damage) (slide)
  54. School diagram, unidentified (slide)
  55. Port Clinton High School class picture, 1874 (slide)
  56. Class picture in classroom (slide)
  57. Class picture in classroom (slide)
  58. Class picture in classroom (slide)
  59. School picture, large group of children outside building (slide)
  60. Remains of wrecked boat, in unidentified waterway (slide)
  61. Catawba Cliffs (slide)
  62. Catawba Cliffs (slide)
  63. Harrison Trail Monument, Port Clinton (slide)
  64. Joshua Giddings Monument, Danbury Township (slide)
  65. Log cabin, MoJohn (slide)
  66. Pioneer cabin interior, Ohio State Museum (slide)
  67. Two cannon, unknown location (slide)
  68. Three guns, muskets or long rifles (slide)
  69. Young woman and man wearing Civil War dress and weapons (slide)
  70. Display of unidentified uniform (Civil War?) (slide)
  71. Young man wearing Civil War dress and weapons (slide)
  72. Famous "Sandusky Platter" (slide)
  73. Spinning wheel (slide)
  74. Indian grinding stone (slide)
  75. Land warranty deed, Joseph Gill (emulsion damage) (slide)
  76. Port Clinton Company, land transfer certificate (slide)
  1. Color 16mm motion picture film--High School scenes
  2. Black and white 16mm motion picture film--snow scenes

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