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Elijah Whitmore Papers - MS 730

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The Elijah Whitmore Papers consist of a series of Civil War era letters, covering the period from 1863 to 1866 between Elijah Whitmore and other member of his regiment, the 67th O.V.I., and members of his family. Also included in the collection are a few official documents related to his service with the 67th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and a couple of miscellaneous items connected with Luther Whitmore.

The collection was loaned to the Center for Archival Collections for photocopying by Katherine MacKinnon of Fremont, Indiana on 9 May 1996. No restrictions exist on the use of this collection. Duplication is permitted for the purposes of preservation and research. The collection was processed and the register and transcripts prepared by Marilyn Levinson, Curator of Manuscripts in October 1996.

Biographical Sketch

Elijah Whitmore was the eldest son in the family of Luther and Martha Trask Whitmore, living in Oregon Township of Lucas County, Ohio. The Whitmore Family is considered one of the pioneer families of the area, and several of the local names mentioned in the family correspondence are individuals from other prominent families such as the Fassetts, Wales, Ward, Coy, Crane, and Jeneson.

According to the Census of 1860, Luther Whitmore, age 50, was a prosperous farmer in Oregon Township, with real estate valued at $35,000 and personal property at $1100. The Whitmore Family consisted of Luther (age 50), Martha (38), Elijah (20), Warren (17), Lydia (14), Adelia, referred to in the letters as Delia (11), and Mary (8). Related to this collection, Elijah married Mary B. Chamberlain, Sept. 28, 1865, sister of Robert Chamberlain, moving to Ross Township, Wood County. Robert Chamberlain later married Delia, Elijah's sister.

Elijah Whitmore mustered-in to Company B of the 67th Ohio Volunteer Infantry on Oct. 12, 1861 as a corporal for three years of service. He was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant on October 2, 1862 and was wounded July 18, 1863 in the assault on Fort Wagner, S.C. He resigned his commission and left the service Jan. 28, 1864. Many of the letters addressed to Elijah were from men still serving in the 67th Regiment; William Nixon was another 2nd Lieutenant, Hiram Craig was 1st Sergeant, Samuel McDonald was a Corporal, Joseph Wolcott was Quarter Master Sergeant.

Elijah's brother, Warren, mustered-in as a Sergeant to Company A of the 130th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (made up of elements of the 1st ONG Lucas Co., and the 75th ONG Fulton Co.) at the age of 20 on May 2, 1864 for 100 days of service. One letter in the collection is from Warren, and two others are from Robert Chamberlain, a private in the same Company.

Scope and Content

The Elijah Whitmore Papers consists of photocopies of a series of Civil War era letters, with transcripts, dating from 1863 through 1866, various military service documents, and miscellaneous items related to Elijah's father, Luther Whitmore.

Although Whitmore served with the 67th O.V.I. from late in 1861, the series of correspondence primarily covers the period late in his military career, after he was wounded during the assault on Fort Wagner, S.C. and after he resigned his commission. The letters before January 1864 deal with his convalescence from his wounds, with the later letters providing news of the Regiment after he returned home.

The most interesting letters of the series in relation to the war and the actions of the 67th O.V.I. are the two items in the collection written by William Nixon. The letter of September 1863 gives a good description of conditions during the siege of Fort Wagner, as well as some interesting gossip about Regimental "politics". His letter of January 23rd, 1864 is extremely good for an account of actions around the time of the Expedition up the James River, including a detailed description of naval actions of an ironclad and gunboats of the Confederates which came down the James from Richmond.

The three letters relating to the 130th O.V.I. (those of Warren Whitmore and Robert Chamberlain), are most notable for the information about the service of that 100 day Regiment at Point of Rocks, Virginia and references to other local men from Lucas County serving in the unit.

Family letters in the collection deal primarily with events and people in the area of Oregon Township and East Toledo. Names in the correspondence include many of the prominent families of the area and include a glimpse into the general activities in the area during the war.

Series Description

Arranged chronologically
Letters to Whitmore in relation to the war and the actions of the 67th O.V.I., as well as letters to and from various members of his family detailing local events

Arranged chronologically
Passes, receipts, correspondence regarding leave, resignation, and discharge, pension application, and GAR activities


Story told by Luther Whitmore, as told to him by Andrew Race, one of the Sharpshooters under Gen. Harrison in Ft. Meigs during the fight between Gen. Wayne and the Indians at Turkey Foot


April 9, 1864
Receipt for two horses, a wagon, and a sleigh, sold by Luther Whitmore for $300


Box 1


  1. [Extract], E. Whitmore to his sister, Mar 26,1863
  2. Lieut. Whitmore, Dear Sir [from] W.Nixon, Sept. 1863?
  3. Friend Elijah [from]David McIntosh, Camp Stoneman, Oct 31, 1863
  4. Lieut. E. Whitmore, Dear Sir [from] Samuel McDonald, S.C., Nov 4, 1863
  5. My dear brother [from] Delia, East Toledo, Ohio, Dec 6, 1863
  6. Friend Whitmore [from] W.Nixon, Richmond, Va., Jan 23, 1864
  7. Dearest Mary [from] Your Darling Boy, East Toledo, Ohio, Feb 16, 1864
  8. Friend Whitmore [from] W.Nixon, Camp Grant, Va., Apr 14, 1864
  9. Friend Elijah [from] Joseph Wolcott, Camp Grant, Va. Apr 18, 1864
  10. Friend Elijah [from] H[iram] Craig, Gloucester Point, Va., Apr 26, 1864
  11. Friend Elijah [from] Joseph Wolcott, Bermuda Hundred, Va. June 10, 1864
  12. Dear Friend [from] Bob [Robert Chamberlin], Point of Rocks, June 26, 1864
  13. Dear Brother [from] Warren Whitmore, Point of Rocks, June 28, 1864
  14. Dear Friend [from] Robert V. Chamberlin, Point of Rocks, July 31, 1864
  15. Lieut. E. Whitmore [from] L. Bierce, New York, Oct 21, 1864
  16. Mr. Elijah Whitmore, [from] Joseph Wolcott, Richmond, Va. Dec 16, 1864
  17. My Dear Friend Elijah [from] L.Bierce, at home, Dec 25, 1864
  18. My Dear Cousin Mary [from] Robert, Dalia Plantation, La., July 15, 1866
  19. Official documents (Elijah Whitmore), 1862-1888
  20. Miscellaneous (Luther Whitmore story), n.d.
  21. Receipt, 1864

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