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Gish Film Theater Collection - MS 741

Gish Film Theater Collection:
Lillian Gish Papers

 Record Group Three: Lillian Gish Papers

Lillian Diana Gish was born in 1893 in Springfield, Ohio to Mary Robinson McConnell Gish and James Gish. The family soon moved to Dayton where her sister Dorothy was born in 1898. Never one to stay long in one place, largely because of failed business ventures, James Gish moved the family to Baltimore where he became a partner in a candy business. He then left for New York City and Mrs. Gish soon followed with her two daughters. Soon after his family's arrival, James abandoned them. Although Lillian remembers occasional visits by her father, he never was able to provide financial support. Mrs. Gish kept her two daughters from starving by taking in boarders and working at various jobs. Some of her boarders were actresses and through their influence, Mrs. Gish was hired by the Proctor Stock Co, a traveling theatrical group based in New York City. Whenever young children were needed in the plays, Lillian and Dorothy would work. Thus at the age of five, Lillian began acting and had her stage debut in Risingsun, Ohio.

Lillian, Dorothy, and Mrs. Gish worked for several years for this Company, many times each acting in different plays and traveling separate from one another. Lillian would be watched over by other actresses while away from her mother. In 1910, while all were back in New York City, Lillian saw a former childhood friend, Gladys Smith, now an actress named Mary Pickford. Gladys introduced both Dorothy and Lillian to D. W. Griffith and that same day he gave them a screen test and hired them for the silent films he was directing and producing. Some of the more famous films in which Lillian starred and Griffith directed include Birth of a Nation (1915), Way Down East (1920), and Orphans of the Storm (1922). After this last film, Griffith told Lillian he could not pay her what she was worth and that she should go out on her own.

With much of her own money, Lillian made two successful movies in Italy, The White Sister and Romola. She continued acting and made a very easy transition from silent movies to the "talkies" in 1930 with One Romantic Night. She soon signed a contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer which called for her to do six pictures in two years and she would be paid one million dollars. She also returned to the stage in 1930 starring in Uncle Vanya on Broadway. She continued on the stage playing Ophelia to John Gielgud's Hamlet in 1936 and in 1941 she began a record-breaking 66-week run in Life With Father. As Miss Gish (she most often was referred to as Miss Gish reflecting the great respect given to her by critics, directors, producers and fans) grew older, roles became more difficult to obtain, especially in the films. But she did act in the occasional and successful film, such as The Comedians, Night of the Hunter, and The Undefeated. She also starred in television productions such as Arsenic and Old Lace with Helen Hayes, and Trip to Bountiful.

Commenting on Miss Gish's last screen performance in the 1987, Whales of August, Vincent Canby wrote in the New York Times, "There's not a gesture or a line-reading that doesn't reflect her nearly three-quarters of a century in front of a camera. Scenes are not purloined when she's on screen." Miss Gish died on February 27, 1993.

In 1976, a small theater was remodeled in Hanna Hall, Bowling Green State University, and dedicated to Lillian and Dorothy Gish. Largely through the efforts of English Professor, Ralph Wolfe, this theater was again remodeled to include an exhibit area in which memorabilia from both Dorothy and Lillian is on display. Also through his efforts, Lillian donated many other items to Bowling Green State University, which then were placed at the Center for Archival Collections to form the basis of the Gish Film Theater Collection. Lillian visited the campus on several occasions and also received an honorary degree in 1976. Lillian has provided support for the theater and endowed a scholarship in both her name and Dorothy's which annually is presented to an outstanding film studies student.

The Lillian Gish Papers are the most extensive part of the Gish Film Theater Collection. The Papers include correspondence, books, articles, newsclippings, photographs, scrapbooks, awards and honors, videos, artwork, dress and costume pieces and various artifacts. Most of the artifacts and all of the costume pieces and dresses are either on display at the Gish Film Theater or stored at the Center for Archival Collection's Preservation Lab. These documents and artifacts provide much background information on her film and stage career, her relationship with her mother and sister and other family members, her relationship with Bowling Green State University, and her relationship with her fans. Also housed within the Collection is Lillian Gish correspondence and mementoes from the estate of her financial adviser and friend Wilhelmina Pilger.The Lillian Gish Papers date from the 1910s to 1997.

Record Group Three: Lillian Gish Papers--Inventory

Lillian Gish Papers: Box 1


  1. Radio scripts: Lillian's debut at Risingsun, WFOB broadcast #29, 1988; "Life without Father", WTAM Cleveland, Ohio Bell Telephone Co., June 11, 1948
  2. Book draft: "Lillian Gish: Madonna of the Shadows"-notes and rough draft by Rick De Croix, 1986
  3. Article: Lillian Gish, "I Made War Propaganda" in Scribners, November 1941 Commentator
  4. Article: "A Star's First Day in the Movies" by Diane B. Williams (story about Lillian Gish; includes letter from Williams to Gish), 1987
  5. Contract, signed, between Lillian Gish and Art Cinema Corporation, 1930
  6. Scrapbook (photocopied) regarding Lillian Gish (arranged by subject, e.g., clothes, quotes) from John Sorensen, 1922-1988 (scattered)
  7. Proclamation: Mayor of Bowling Green honoring Lillian Gish, 1989
  8. Newspaper clippings and magazine articles about Lillian Gish, 1956, 1969, 1971, 1982-89, 1992-93, n.d.
  9. Playbills
    • Films Nyheder--"Way Down East", Season 1921-1922
    • Empire Theater--"The Star Wagon", October 18, 1937
    • Pitt Theatre. Program including article about the film, announcing the showing of "The Birth of the Nation", September ? November 30, 1993
    • National Theater. "Mr. Sycamore" with Lillian Gish, Oct. 26, [?]
    • Sheet music from "Broken Blossoms", 1919
    • Program. University of Michigan. Lillian Gish in "The Trip to Bountiful"
  10. Retrospective Film Programs
    • Life Achievement Award, signed by Lillian Gish, 1984
    • Cinecon 22 Tribute to Dorothy Gish, 1986
    • D. W. Griffith Award, signed by Lillian Gish, 1987
    • M.O.M.A. Lillian Gish Retrospective, signed by Lillian Gish, 1980
    • (Photos now on permanent display at Gish Film Theater, BGSU)
    • George Eastman House presentation of "Way Down East", 4-26-1986
  11. Kennedy Center Honors Program/Calendar, 1982
  12. Awards and Honors
    • Federation of Jewish Women's Organizations: Women of Achievement, 1954
    • Daughters of the American Colonists, member, 1964
    • School of Drama of Yale University Salutes Lillian Gish, November 1965
    • American Mothers' Committee citation, May 9, 1968
    • Alpha Psi Omega dramatic fraternity (with membership card), June 15, 1971
    • Rosemary Awards program, 1972
    • James R. Quirk Award, January 20, 1976
    • Town of Hartford, Vermont--honorary citizen, April 4, 1979
    • David Wark Griffith Awards Program, 1981
    • Proclamation, City of Sacramento, California, January 27, 1981
    • Proclamation, County of Sacramento, California, February 27, 1981
    • Letter--Le Ministre de la Culture - Lillian Gish - Commandeur de l'ordre des Arts et des Lettres, July 12, 1983
    • Certificate (in German) to Lillian Gish, 1984
    • Proclamation, City of Columbus, Ohio, March 16, 1984
    • The Critics' Circle Film Award, 1986
    • Letter--W.I.F. Crystall Awards, 1992

Lillian Gish Papers: Box 2


  1. Again the Curtain Rises, The Theatre Goodman-includes photographs of plays in which Lillian Gish starred, 1985
  2. American Film, "Lillian Gish" by Kevin Brownlow, 1984 (p.22)
  3. Architectural Digest (Lillian Gish's New York apartment featured), 1990 (p.238)
  4. Bend of The River: The Magazine of the Historic Maumee Valley, including articles on Lillian and Dorothy Gish, 1995
  5. Film Comment--articles on D. W. Griffith, or information about Griffith and Griffith Award update, Sept/Oct. 1989, Mar/Apr. 2000
  6. Lillian Gish: An Interpretation, by Edward Wagenknecht 1927
  7. Miscellaneous theater tickets (non-Gish), n.d.

Lillian Gish Papers: Box 3


  1. Hollywood Studio Magazine-articles on Lillian Gish, Ann Southern and Bette Davis, 1988
  2. Life, special issue on the movies with photographs of Lillian and Dorothy Gish, 1963 (p. 149)
  3. Life, special issue on the movies with photograph of Lillian Gish and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (autographed by Lillian), May 1986 (p. 194)
  4. Modern Maturity, article on Lillian Gish, Dec.1987/Jan.1988 (p. 32)
  5. MB News (The Museum of Broadcasting Newsletter), article on silent movies including comments by Lillian Gish. Handwritten note on front cover from Eva Marie Saint to Ralph Wolfe, Winter 1987, Vol 11, No. 1 (p. 45-47)
  6. The New Yorker--an article on Ollie North with comparison of eyes to Lillian Gish, 1987 (p. 19)
  7. Acting in the Cinema by James Naremore-chapter on Lillian Gish in True Heart Susie 1988
  8. Ohio Magazine--article on Lillian Gish, March 1984
  9. People Magazine--articles on Lillian Gish, February 9, 1987 (p. 70), December 14, 1987 (p. 71)
  10. Premiere--article on Whales of August, in French, May 1987 (p. 150-152)
  11. Premiere--article on Lillian Gish, October 1987 (p.62)
  12. Premiere Special-"100 years of movie making" article on Lillian Gish, Winter 1991 (p. 65)
  13. Reader: Los Angeles Free Weekly--article on Hedda Hopper's Hollywood with quotes from Lillian Gish April 4, 1986
  14. Vanity Fair--article on Lillian Gish, October 1987 (p. 98)
  15. The Smithsonian Associate--April 1986, Lillian Gish, Ginger Rogers, Sally Fields...
  16. American Cinematographer, June 1984, October 1987; Preview 27 July 1988, Permiere 1990 articles on Lillian Gish
  17. Harvard Magazine--picture of Lillian Gish, Nov/Dec 1989

Lillian Gish Papers: Box 4


  1. "The Whales of August" March of Dimes Benefit. "Whales" Premier invitation, 10-14-1987
  2. Newsclippings and articles about L. Gish and "The Whales of August," 1987
  3. "The Whales of August" presskit and other publicity including Japanese material, 1987, letter to Ralph Wolfe from Mike Kaplan, 1993
  4. Photographs of Lillian Gish-copy prints from Public Relations Office at BGSU: Lillian Gish with her Oscar, and in various movie roles, some with Dorothy; also includes some publicity portraits (scattered dates)
  5. Photographs of Lillian Gish-8 photographs, 1 magazine picture (one signed to Dorothy Hanson), and 1 photocopy of Lillian in A Romance of Happy Valley (1919), 1930, 1937, n.d.
  6. Line drawing of Lillian Gish, page from New Yorker, reproduction of 1919 cartoon of Gish sisters, 2-9-1998
  7. Photographs of Lillian with photocopies as listed below
    • Portrait, 1919
    • Portrait, 1919 (copy)
    • Portrait, 1922
    • Portrait (2 copies), c. early 1920s
    • Portrait, c. early 1920s
    • At Newport Dog Show, 1922
    • With Elliott Dexter and Marie Doro, 1922
    • Portrait, 1922
    • "White Sister", 1924
    • "White Sister", 1924
    • "White Sister", 1924
    • "Romola", 1924
    • "Romola", postcard
    • Portrait, 1924
    • Painting of Lillian at Chicago Art Institute, 1925
    • With Joyce Coad in "Scarlet Letter", 1926
    • Portrait, 1927
    • Portrait-publicity for "The Great Chase", 1927
    • Portrait-publicity for "The Great Chase", 1927
    • Wearing a Kasha coat, 1927
    • On S.S. Ile De France, 1928
    • 4 Lillian Gish postcards and tiny portrait, 1920s
  8. Photographs of Lillian with photocopies as listed below
    • On S. S. Ile De France, 1931
    • Portrait, 1932
    • Portrait, 1932
    • On S. S. Europa, 1932
    • On S. S. Olympio, 1933
    • On a ship, 1936
    • With Mary Lewis, Zoe Akins and Tallulah Bankhead, 1936
    • "White Sister", 1937
    • With mother, Mary Robinson Gish, 1937
    • Testifying before Senate Subcommittee on Education and Labor on establishing a Federal Bureau of Art, 1938
    • Publicity shot, 1938
    • On S. S. Ile de France, 1938
    • On S. S. Ile de France, 1938
    • On S. S. Ile de France, 1938
    • With Burgess Meredith and Jane Cowl testifying before Senate Subcommittee on Education and Labor on Federal Bureau of Art 1938
    • With Cyril Scott, Edna Wallace Hopper and Burgess Meredith, 1938
    • With Beulah Bondi, 1939
  9. Photographs of Lillian with photocopies as listed below
    • In "Life with Father", 1940-1941
    • Selling ticket for special concert of the Philadelphia Orchestra, 1941
    • On train with dog, Malcolm, 1942
    • With Elizabeth Fraser, 1942
    • Signing contract with Mary Pickford looking on, 1942
    • Portrait, 1943
    • Publicity shot, 1943
    • With secretary and dog, Malcolm, 1943
    • At desk, 1943
    • With dog, Malcolm, 1943
    • With dog, Malcolm, 1943
    • With Donald O'Connor, 1943
    • With movie children for "Commandoes Strike at Dawn", 1943
    • Lobby card, "Commandoes Strike at Dawn", 1943
    • With Joseph Cotton in "Duel in the Sun" also one color photo of Lillian in the movie, 1947
    • With playwright, Charles MacArthur and his brother, John D. MacArthur, 1949
    • On the Queen Mary, 1952
    • Portrait, 1954
    • Relaxing in dressing room for "The Cobweb", 1955
    • Celebrating the opening of the New York Public Library's Theater Collection, 1956
  10. Photographs of Lillian with photocopies as listed below
  11. With E. G. Marshall on "The Defenders", 1962
  12. With E. G. Marshall on "The Defenders", 1962
  13. With E. G. Marshall on "The Defenders", 1962
  14. On "The Defenders", 1962
  15. On "The Defenders", 1962
  16. On "The Defenders", 1962
  17. With Dean Jagger on "Novak", 1963
  18. With Dean Jagger on "Novak", 1963
  19. With Martha Graham and Katharine Cornell, 1965
  20. "The Comedians", 1967
  21. "The Comedians", 1967
  22. "The Comedians", 1967
  23. Presenting her collection to L. Quincy Mumford, Library of Congress, 1970
  24. Visiting Statue of Evangeline in Nova Scotia, 1972
  25. Celebrating 55th birthday with Charles Laughton and Paul Gregory, 1971
  26. With Miki Iveria-"Order to Kill", n.d.
  27. Photographs of Dorothy and Lillian Gish
    • With Mother on way to California, 1924
    • With Richard Barthelmess in Italy, 1928
    • On the S. S. Corte di Savoia, 1935
    • Opening of "Life with Father" in Chicago, 1940
    • With Susanna Foster at Universal Studios, 1943
    • On S. S. Gripsholm, 1946
    • With lifeguard on Isle of Capri, 1955
    • Copy prints of the two, various dates
  28. Photographs of Lillian Gish with her manager James Frasher, ca. 1979, 1980
  29. Photograph of Lillian Gish and William H. Eells, w/ letter to Marcia Latta from Eells; 1982
  30. Photo postcards of dwellings at Cuddebackville, NY, c. 1920, Photographs of D. W. Griffith's studio, Mamaroneck, NY
  31. Photographs of Lillian Gish in various performances, i.e., "Within the Gates"
  32. Photographs (3) of Lillian Gish receiving Ohio Governor's Award, and with groups, 1963
  33. Photograph of Lillian Gish and group at Kennedy Center Honors Gala, 1979
  34. Invitation and program--Distinguished Women of Northwood Institute--includes photographs of Lillian and others, 1981

Lillian Gish Papers: Box 5


  1. Tape recording (2 tapes) of Lillian Gish interview and tribute at Phoenix Radio and Arizona State University November 15-16, 1985
  2. Tape recording-Memorial Service for Dorothy Hanson, July 21, 1985
  3. Videos
    • The Whales of August-television clips
    • The Making of The Whales of August, December 1987
  4. Videos, media
    • Douglas Fairbanks Jr. "Happy Birthday Lillian" Oct 1989
    • Gish press conference, October 1982
    • Computer disk: Gish, Remember, n.d.
  5. Videos
    • "The Trip to Bountiful", 1953
    • "The Actor's Life for Me" PBS American Masters, 1988
    • Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., 1990

Lillian Gish Papers: Box 5A


  1. Video--AFI Life Achievement Awards honoring Lillian Gish, 1989
  2. DVD -  AFI Life Achievement Awards honoring Lillian Gish, 1989
  3. Video--"The White Sister"
  4. Video – Romola, n.d.
  5. CD – Marry for Murder, radio drama, 1943
  6. Video – The Man Who Had Influence, 1950
  7. Video – Warning Shot, 1967
  8. Video – D.W. Griffith:  Father of Film, PBS American Masters, n.d.
  9. Video – The Silent Feminists by Anthony Slide, nd
  10. DVD -  Never Apologize (Lindsay Anderson tribute by Mike Kaplan), 2011

Lillian Gish Papers: Box 6

Folders (events 1993-   )

  1. Newsclippings, articles, programs about Lillian Gish (such as the Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize), 1993-
  2. Newsclippings. Articles on Lillian Gish's death, 1993
  3. Program. Memorial Service for Lillian Gish, March 11, 1993
  4. "A Moment with Miss Gish" by Peter Bogdanovich, 1995
  5. Lillian Gish: First Lady of the Screen, Lillian Gish Centenary. Museum of Modern Art, October 14, 1993
  6. Catalog. "Property From the Estate of Lillian Gish, Sale 1509 at Sotheby's", June 23, 1995
  7. Will. Lillian Gish, 1995
  8. Information packet. Dedication ceremony. The Museum of Modern Art, Celeste Bartos Film Preservation Center, June 20, 1996. (Partial funding for the center was provided by the Lillian Gish Trust)
  9. Programs, exhibits, etc. honoring Lillian Gish since her death
    • Program, Oscar exhibition, January 24, 2003
  10. Photos of Lillian Gish’s clothing, some of which was donated to CAC, 1995
  11. Photos of Lillian Gish donated by John P. Kokales, 1940’s and 1950’s
  12. Photos of Lillian Gish donated from various sources, 1920-1990 scattered
  13. Photos - miscellaneous

Lillian Gish Papers: Box 7

  1. Restricted materials

Lillian Gish Papers: Box 8

  1. Cocktail napkins from BGSU Lillian Gish birthday party, 1989
  2. T-shirt from "Miss Lillian", September 26-29, 2002

Lillian Gish Papers (Wilhelmina Pilger Collection): Box 9

  1. Correspondence from Terence Bowman regarding Pilger donation, 2010
  2. Correspondence – W. Pilger to L. Gish with comments added, 1966-1995 scattered dates
  3. Correspondence – L. Gish to W. Pilger, 1965-1967
  4. Correspondence – L. Gish to W. Pilger, c. 1967
  5. Correspondence – L. Gish to W. Pilger, 1968-1969
  6. Correspondence – L. Gish to W. Pilger, 1973-1979 scattered dates
  7. Correspondence – L. Gish to W. Pilger, 1981-1986
  8. Correspondence – L. Gish to W. Pilger, 1990-1992
  9. Correspondence – L. Gish to W. Pilger, nd
  10. Correspondence – L. Gish to Don Spaidal and D. Spaidal to L. Gish, 1966, 1969,nd
  11. Correspondence – Laura McCullaugh to L. Gish 1969, nd
  12. Correspondence – Various individuals to L. Gish or W. Pilger regarding L. Gish travel and appearances, 1966-1976 scattered dates
  13. Correspondence – James Frasher to W. Pilger, 1970-1996 scattered dates
  14. Correspondence – Dorothy Hanson to W. Pilger, 1967, 1968, nd
  15. Correspondence – Howard Lockhart to W. Pilger, 1969, nd
  16. Correspondence – Stuart Oderman to W. Pilger, 1994-2000 scattered dates
  17. Correspondence – Barbara Nell Tenny to W. Pilger, 1971
  18. Correspondence – Misc. sent to L. Gish and W. Pilger, 196?, 1979
  19. File – Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize, 1981-2000 scattered dates
  20. File – Dorothy Gish, 1962-1986 scattered dates
  21. L. Gish income and expense reports, 1964-1984 scattered dates
  22. Misc. L. Gish receipts, 1967-1978 scattered dates
  23. Legal documents, 1965
  24. Lillian Gish and the Movies program, 1969
  25. L. Gish Blackglama mink advertisement, 1979
  26. L. Gish MOMA tribute program and articles, 1980
  27. Sotheby’s auction catalog for L. Gish estate, 1995

Lillian Gish Papers (Wilhelmina Pilger Collection): Box 10

  1. L. Gish printed materials, 1968-2000 scattered dates
  2. L. Gish printed materials (signed), 1982
  3. L. Gish clippings and articles, 1967-1980 scattered dates
  4. W. Pilger’s L. Gish scrapbook, pp. 1-11, various dates
  5. W. Pilger’s L. Gish scrapbook, pp. 12-21
  6. W. Pilger’s L. Gish scrapbook, pp. 22-31
  7. W. Pilger’s L. Gish scrapbook, pp. 32-41
  8. W. Pilger’s L. Gish scrapbook, pp. 42-51
  9. W. Pilger’s L. Gish scrapbook, pp. 52-61
  10. W. Pilger’s L. Gish scrapbook, pp. 62-71
  11. W. Pilger’s L. Gish scrapbook, pp. 72-81
  12. W. Pilger’s L. Gish scrapbook, pp. 82-95
  13. loose scrapbook clippings
  14. L. Gish photo portraits, 1971
  15. L. Gish photo portraits, 1971
  16. L. Gish photo portraits, 1971
  17. L. Gish framed photo, 1984

Lillian Gish Papers (Wilhelmina Pilger Collection) Box 11

  1. Life magazine photo of L. Gish and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. inscribed by L. Gish, 1986
  2. James Thurber dog needlepoint pillow cover by Laura McCullaugh, nd
  3. James Thurber dog needlepoint pillow cover by Laura McCullaugh, nd

Lillian Gish Papers: Scrapbooks

  1. Ralph Wolfe scrapbook--Clippings, articles, photographs, correspondence on the establishment of the Gish Film Theater and Lillian Gish's honorary degree, 1971-1981
  2. Ralph Wolfe scrapbook--Clippings, articles, photographs, correspondence on Lillian Gish, her career, and the Gish Film Theater, 2-15-1982 - March 1984
  3. Ralph Wolfe scrapbook--Clippings, articles, photographs, correspondence on Lillian Gish, her career, and the Gish Film Theater, March 1984-
  4. Scrapbook kept by Wilna Krisher, West Unity, Ohio, of correspondence (including clippings and articles) Lillian Gish, 1981-1991
  5. Scrapbook of newsclippings about Dorothy and Lillian Gish, when they appeared in Romola, 1924
  6. Scrapbook (part 1), "Gishiana" of Gish newspaper clippings kept by Dorothy Hanson, scattered dates.
  7. Scrapbook (part 2), "Gishiana" of correspondence between Dorothy Hanson and Lillian Gish, 1933-1956, loose clippings, 1933-1979 (scattered)

Lillian Gish Papers: Oversize Box 1-Bound Volumes


  1. Romola by George Eliot-published with scenes from photoplay produced by Inspiration Pictures, Inc., n.d.
  2. The Clansman by Thomas Dixon, illustrated with scenes from the photoplay, The Birth of a Nation
  3. The White Sister by F. Marion Crawford-published with scenes from the photoplay produced by Inspiration Pictures, Inc. Signed by Lillian Gish, 1917
  4. Dorothy and Lillian Gish by Lillian Gish, 1973
  5. La Boheme by Marie Coolidge-Rask, 1926
  6. An Actor's Life for Me by Lillian Gish, signed & inscribed, 1987
  7. Lillian Gish: The Movies, Mr. Griffith, and Me, by Lillian Gish, 1969 (includes hard cover and soft cover (signed) and Japanese translation, with correspondence, 1990)
  8. Double Exposure--Take Two by Roddy McDowall, 1989
  9. A Celebration of the 80s --portraits by Nancy Rica Schiff, 1983
  10. Limelight (2 copies) photographs by James Abbe, including images of Dorothy and Lillian Gish. Dorothy appears on the cover of both the hard and soft cover editions
  11. The Glory that was Gold--Central City Opera House history, (Miss Gish performed here) July 16-23, 1932
  12. Orphans of the Storm, by Henry MacMahon, n.d.

Lillian Gish Papers: Oversize Box 2


  1. Dorothy and Lillian, ca. 1901 (photo reprint)
  2. Mary Gish (Lillian's mother) in large frame c. 1918
  3. Lillian and Dorothy Gish portrait painted on ivory, c. 1918
  4. Dorothy Gish tintype, c. 1908
  5. Dorothy Gish, c. 1930
  6. Dorothy and Lillian Gish with Helen Ray in Her First False Step, 1905-1906
  7. Mary Gish, seated, by Kenneth Alexander, c. 1918
  8. Mary Gish, c. 1918
  9. Mary Gish, c. 1918 (copy)
  10. Mary Gish, c. 1930
  11. Mary Gish, c. 1900 (copy)
  12. Mary Gish, c. 1930
  13. Mary Gish with baby, c. 1890s
  14. Mary Gish, c. 1890s
  15. Mary Gish portrait painted on ivory, c. 1918
  16. Mary Gish with dog, c. 1920
  17. Mary Gish with dog, c. 1920
  18. Mary Gish, c. 1920
  19. Mary and James Gish (Lillian's parents) cabinet card, c. 1890
  20. Elizabeth "Lillie" Ellen Robinson McConnell and Henry Clay McConnell (Lillian's maternal grandparents) carte de visite, c. 1860
  21. Photo table at Gish Film Theater
  22. Harry McConnel Jr. (Henry Clay "Harry" McConnell Jr.) (Lillian's uncle), cabinet card, c. 1890
  23. Emily Ward McConnell (Lillian's aunt), c. 1890
  24. Clay McConnell (Lillian's first cousin), c. 1970
  25. Clay McConnell, c. 1930
  26. Clay McConnell, c. 1920
  27. Edmund Gish, 1925
  28. 2 photographs of Gish dogs
  29. Group of small unidentified family photographs
    • unidentified man in small frame
    • unidentified woman in small frame
    • unidentified woman in hand colored photo in gold frame
    • unidentified woman with a child in cased photograph
    • unidentified woman drawing (crinkled) in frame
  30. Photographs (8) of Dorothy, taken in her early career, including one of her in "Magnificent Yankee"
  31. Lillian Gish wearing Valentina hat, ca. 1950

Lillian Gish Papers: Oversize Box 3

Photographs--Friends and Colleagues
  1. Richard Barthlemess and daughter, Mary, c. 1920
  2. Richard Barthlemess and daughter, Mary, c. 1920
  3. Richard Barthlemess and his mother, c. 1918
  4. Richard Barthlemess/Clairine Seymour in Scarlet Days, c. 1919
  5. F. Baum, author, signed & inscribed to Lillian, n.d.
  6. Lina Cavalieri -Paris- inscribed to Lillian, 1930
  7. Paul Gregory and Charles Laughton, c. 1970
  8. Helen Hayes and her children, c. 1940
  9. Helen Hayes and son James MacArthur, c 1960
  10. Arthur Hopkins-Broadway Producer, c. 1930
  11. Marie "Petty" Kratsh - Lillian Gish's chaperon in Italy, by Kenneth Alexander, c. 1920
  12. Henry Langlois -Peje Dimiz- Paris, 1973
  13. Louis S. Levy, head of Chadbourn, Stanchfield and Levy, New York, 1920
  14. James MacArthur and his family (2 photos), c 1980
  15. Actress Mae Marsh, c. 1920
  16. Armina Marshall and Lawrence Langner, c. 1980
  17. Guthrie McClintic, c. 1940
  18. Guthrie McClintic, c. 1940 (copy)
  19. Melwitz, head of United Artists in Germany, 1928
  20. Phyllis Moir (Mrs. Henry Forbes) by G. Maillard Kesslere, N.Y., former secretary of Lillian Gish, c. 1940
  21. Alexander P. Moore -U.S. Ambassador to Spain- inscribed to Lillian April 3, 1923
  22. George Jean Nathan, c. 1920
  23. Sean O'Casey, Irish playwright, signed & inscribed, 1934
  24. Ronald Reagan--signed & inscribed, 1982
  25. Nancy Reagan--signed & inscribed, 1982
  26. Constance Talmadge by Henry Waxman, c. 1930 (fragile)
  27. Constance Talmage, c. 1930
  28. Charron Follet Trout, actress, and family, (2 photos) c. 1980
  29. Baroness Von Uxkull by V. Gudenberg, c. 1928
  30. Baroness von Uxkull with Christopher, 1938
  31. Roland Young in His Double Life, 1932
  32. Roland Young in His Double Life, 1932

Lillian Gish Papers: Oversize Box 4

Honors and Awards on paper--framed
  1. Life Achievement Award from the Woman's National Republican Club, Inc., 1984
  2. Board of Directors of the Philadelphia Art Alliance Award of Merit, March 17, 1970
  3. Proclamation--Governor of Arizona, November 15, 1985
  4. Popular Culture Association--Award of Excellence, 1979
  5. Resolution from State of California, February 20, 1981
  6. Resolution from the Commonwealth of Kentucky making Lillian Gish a Kentucky Colonel, October 13, 1981
  7. Framed print on plastic--Kennedy Center Honorees, including Lillian Gish, August 16, 1982

Lillian Gish Papers: Oversize Box 5

Honors and Awards--plaques

  1. "Sunday News" photo plaque of Lillian, 1942
  2. Stock Manager Association, 1951
  3. Ohio Governor's Award, 1963
  4. Central City Opera House Association, Lillian Gish Patio dedication, June 26, 1971
  5. Dartmouth Film Award, Aprpil 4, 1979
  6. St. Genesius Award--Catholic Actors Guild, November 6, 1982
  7. CBS-TV "An American Portrait", March 20, 1985
  8. National Board of Review--D. W. Griffith Awards--Film in Review, Best Actress Lillian Gish and Holly Hunter, 1987
  9. D.W. Griffith Career Achievement Award, 1987
  10. Resorts International, Showeast Honors Lillian Gish, September 16, 1987
  11. Ohio Women Hall of Fame--Lillian Gish, 1980

Lillian Gish Papers: Oversize Box 6

Honors and Awards--objects

  1. The Ohio Theatre Golden Jubilee Commemorative Medallion, March 17, 1978
  2. Key to the City of Birmingham, Alabama
  3. Santa Fe Film Festival Medallion (on ribbon)
  4. Ordre des Artes et des Lettres (French) Medallion July 12, 1983
  5. Homage a Lillian Gish
  6. Kennedy Center Honors Plaque, 1984
  7. Performing Arts Medal-L.A. Bicentennial Commemorative Medallion, April 25, 1981
  8. Oriental Paper Fan (Prize from Whales of August) presented to Lillian Gish by a group of Japanese newspaper reporters, 1986
  9. Camille key chain--Central City Opera House
  10. D.W. Griffith commemorative medalion, Franklin Mint
  11. Dwight D. Eisenhower medallion
  12. American Institute of Architects Medallion presented to Lillian Gish at a convention in Washington, D.C. 1957
  13. Steuben Glass Heart paperweight with teardrop presented to Lillian Gish in New York City by Mayor Ed Koch on opening night of Whales of August October 14, 1987
  14. Silver Cup from Governor and Mrs. John Y. Brown, Kentucky November 18, 1983
  15. Unidentified medallion on ribbon
  16. Birmingham Festival Hall of Fame, 1977
  17. Pin-Ohio Women
  18. Central City Award with small gold chair, Denver, May 13, 1969
  19. Festival International du Film--Monnaie de Paris
  20. Metal plate - WBZ-TV "Beaux Arts" Award, 1982
  21. Round silver footed tray--Gish estate
  22. Ohio Women Hall of Fame Award, August 26, 1980
  23. Silver bowl--The Players Honors Lillian Gish, May 9, 1971
  24. China plate--The Film Society of Lincoln Center--La Boheme, April 13, 1980
  25. Acrylic encased invitation with stand--White House invites Lillian Gish for the American Film Institute 10th Anniversary Gala, November 17, 1977
  26. Heart of Hollywood heart-shaped pendant given to Lillian Gish, October 25, 1978
  27. Medallion--Distinguished Woman, Northwood Institute, 1981
  28. Coin--D. W. Griffith

Lillian Gish Papers: Oversize Box 7

Artwork on Paper (many from fans)
  1. Watercolor of Lillian Gish as she would have appeared in Camille or Life with Father, by John Hapgood (16 x 20) n.d.
  2. Print by Ruth Hammond inscribed by the artist of a scene from Life with Father (8 x 10), belonged to Dorothy Gish n.d.
  3. Watercolor of a scene from possibly Life With Father (8 x 5), belonged to Dorothy Gish, 1940
  4. Watercolor of old homestead, perhaps Deerfield, MA (Nimm's family), Lillian Gish's mother's family (17 x 12 3/4)
  5. Photos of art and newsclippings from a Lillian Gish exhibit mounted by artist Christopher Shaner at the Rocky Hill Town Library, Connecticut May 30, 1971
  6. Ballpoint pen sketch of Lillian Gish as she may have appeared in Miss Susie Slagle by T. H. Dodson (9 3/4 x 13), 1972
  7. Pencil portrait of Dorothy Gish by Michael G. Reagan (10 x 15) 1983
  8. Pencil portrait of Lillian Gish by Christopher Shaner called "Anna Moore" (16 x 20) April 1971
  9. Print of Lillian Gish by Christopher Shaner as Anna Moore in Way Down East (11 x 14 1/2) October 1970
  10. Pencil portrait of Reba Hart, companion to the Gishs' by MacDonald (9 1/4 x 12) c. 1937
  11. Pencil sketch of Lillian Gish in Orphans of the Storm by Towler (6 x 8 1/2)c. 1980
  12. Pencil sketches of Lillian Gish by Towler (6 x 9 1/2), c. 1980
  13. Pencil portrait of Lillian Gish by N. Baechli (8 1/4 x 9 1/4), c. 1970
  14. Artist's proof of photo titled "Blanche Sweet" by Patricia Smart (6 3/4 x 9 1/4) c. 1975
  15. Artist's proof of print of Lillian Gish as a girl probably by Patricia Smart (6 1/2 x 9 1/2) c. 1975
  16. Artist's proof of print of Lillian Gish from possibly Night of the Hunter by Patricia Smart (9 1/2 x 13 1/4)c. 1975
  17. Artist's proof of print of Lillian and Dorothy Gish, titled Two Orphans by Patricia Smart (9 1/4 x 13 1/4) c. 1975
  18. Photo engraving ? entitled "Lillian Gish, Montague Love and the Family Portrait" by Patricia Smart c. 1975
  19. Pastel portrait of Lillian Gish by Tom Dodson(9 1/2 x 12 3/4), 1972
  20. Watercolor and colored pencil portrait of Lillian Gish by Barbara A. Kuhn (13 x 17) 1972
  21. Charcoal portrait of Lillian Gish by Cal (16 x 19); Handwritten note to Lillian from Cal on back May 9, 1979
  22. Photo collage birthday card for Lillian Gish from crew of "The Whales of August", October 14, 1986
  23. Photo collage of Lillian Gish fur ad, n.d.
  24. Pencil drawing of Dorothy Gish by L. J. Malba, c. 1936
  25. Watercolor of Lillian Gish in Way Down East, by Howard Gilligan (7 x 9), with D. W. Griffith stamp incorporated into design
  26. Watercolor on envelope of Lillian Gish in The Scarlet Letter, by Howard Gilligan (7 3/4 x 10), with D. W. Griffith stamps incorporated into design 1974
  27. Watercolor of Lillian Gish in Duel in the Sun by Howard Gilligan (10 x 11 3/4) with D. W. Griffith stamps incorporated into design, c 1970
  28. Watercolor on envelope of Lillian Gish in Romola, by Howard Gilligan (5 x 7), with stamp incorporated into design, 1975
  29. Pencil portrait of Lillian Gish, 10 x 9
  30. Eight hand-made Christmas cards from Japanese students to Lillian Gish, with letter from their teacher, December 1, 1990.

Lillian Gish Papers: Oversize Box 8

Photographs, broadsides, etc.
  1. Pages from the "Mid Week Pictorial" featuring publicity for various Gish films, 1920-1926 (scattered)
  2. D. W. Griffith stamp poster, May 27, 1975
  3. D. W. Griffith photo with stamp--first day issue, May 27, 1975
  4. French Broadside, "De l'Autre Cote de La Lune", "Hommage a Lillian Gish", March 22-23, 1984
  5. Photograph of Lillian accepting the Dartmouth award, April 4, 1979
  6. "Sunday News" photo of Lillian, November 29, 1942
  7. Lobby card, "The Comedians" 1967
  8. 4 display photos of Lillian visiting BGSU, 1976
  9. 3 display photos of Dorothy & Lillian, c. 1920 (copies)
  10. Broadside--Fine Arts Board of Kendall College presents Lillian Gish presenting "Lillian Gish and the Movies", c. 1970
  11. 3 Broadsides--handmade for showing of several Gish films (Broken Blossoms, The Lady and the Mouse, Romance of Happy Valley, c. 1970
  12. 3 Broadsides for Lillian Gish's book, "Dorothy and Lillian Gish", 1973
  13. Page from Woman's Home Companion of Dorothy Gish and other famous brunette actresses, October 1919
  14. Advertisement for Miss Susie Slagle's
  15. Theatre Magazine, p. 21, 43 on Lillian Gish, July 1930

Lillian Gish Papers: Oversized Box 9

Framed documents
  1. Framed photograph of Dorothy and Lillian Gish aboard ship, c. 1950
  2. Framed list of Gish Film Theater National Advisory Committee, n.d.
  3. Photos of exterior of Gish Film Theater, c. 1980
  4. 2 lists of contributors to the expansion of the Gish Film Theater Gallery, October 13, 1996
  5. Framed Hirshfeld print "The Whales of August" cast signed by Lillian, 1987
  6. 2 small watercolors of Lillian Gish and her dog Malcolm, by Peggy Burrows (5 x 5), c. 1940
  7. Interior photograph of Gish Film Theater Gallery, c. 1980
  8. Photograph of Lillian Gish by Roger Corbeau, c. 1980
  9. Framed handbill from Lillian Gish's one woman show performed at BGSU, 1976

Lillian Gish Papers: Oversize Box 10

  1. Photograph. Lillian Gish, from "The Wind"
  2. Photograph. Mary Pickford
  3. Photograph. Mary Pickford

Lillian Gish Papers: Oversized Items

Items (located after Oversized Boxes)
  1. Totem pole and base by Roy Speck "Canadian Oscar," Vancouver, British Columbia, March 1968
  2. Dartmouth Award (framed)
  3. Hirshfeld reproduction print of cast of Uncle Vanya, 1973

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