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Gish Film Theater Collection - MS 741

Gish Film Theater Collection:
Eva Marie Saint Papers

 Record Group Five: Eva Marie Saint Papers

Eva Marie Saint was born in Newark, New Jersey and followed her sister, Adelaide, to Bowling Green State University. At Bowling Green State University she was urged to participate in stage plays by Eldon Smith and her talent to act was soon discovered. After graduating in 1946, she moved to New York City where she worked on radio, modeled, and did some commercials for television. In 1950, she began studying at the Actor's Studio and soon came to the attention of producers. There she also become acquainted with director, Jeffrey Hayden. They married in 1951.

While working in television, she was asked to star with Lillian Gish in the Broadway play, The Trip to Bountiful. She was noticed by director Elia Kazan who asked her to read for the part of Edie for the movie, On the Waterfront (1954). She won the role starring with Marlon Brando and won the Oscar for that role. She gave birth to her son, Darrell, only days after winning the Oscar. A daughter, Laurette, arrived three years later. She then starred in That Certain Feeling with Bob Hope in 1956, followed by A Hatful of Rain in 1957. Between 1957 and 1972, Eva Marie appeared in varied roles in twelve films. She has been very selective and has a record of working with first-rate directors and actors. A few of her films include Raintree County (1957), North by Northwest (1959), Exodus (1960), The Sandpiper (1965), Grand Prix (1966), and The Stalking Moon (1969). She has made many films for television and continues to star in stage productions.

Eva Marie received an honorary degree from Bowling Green State University in 1982 and her husband, Jeffrey Hayden also received an honorary degree in 1991. She also received the Distingushed Alumnus Award in 1960 and a theater in University Hall was named for her in 1987. She and Jeffrey make their home in California.

The Eva Marie Saint Papers includes correspondence, photographs, promotional material and videotapes. The correspondence includes letters written between her and her husband, Jeffrey Hayden, and Ralph Wolfe. The newspaper articles and promotional material document both Eva Marie's and Jeffrey's interest and involvement with Bowling Green State University, and their various artistic endeavors. The photographs document Eva Marie while a student at the University, as an actress, and her visits, along with her husband's, to the University. The first videotape was produced by the University and documents Eva Marie's life as a student, as an actress and as a benefactor of the University. The second videotape is the film, Primary Colors: Story of Corita, which was written by Jeffrey Hayden and narrated by Eva Marie.

Record Group Five: Eva Marie Saint Papers--Inventory

Eva Marie Saint Papers: Box 1


  1. Correspondence-Eva Marie Saint to Ralph Wolfe, 1986-1989
  2. Correspondence-Eva Marie Saint to Ralph Wolfe, 1990-1992
  3. Correspondence-Eva Marie Saint to Ralph Wolfe, 1993-1995
  4. Correspondence-Eva Marie Saint to Ralph Wolfe, 1996-1998
  5. Correspondence-Eva Marie Saint to Ralph Wolfe, 2000
  6. Correspondence-Eva Marie Saint to Ralph Wolfe, 2001-2003
  7. Correspondence-Eva Marie Saint to Ralph Wolfe, 2004-2006
  8. Hand-decorated mailing envelopes by Eva Marie Saint, 1991-2005 (scattered dates)
  9. Correspondence-Jeffrey Hayden to Ralph Wolfe, 1988-1993
  10. Correspondence-Jeffrey Hayden to Ralph Wolfe, 1995-1999
  11. Correspondence-Jeffrey Hayden to Ralph Wolfe, 2000-2003
  12. Correspondence to Jeffrey Hayden re: honorary degree from BGSU, 1991

Eva Marie Saint Papers:  Box 2


  1. Key yearbook, 1945
  2. BGSU Student Directory, 1945-1946
  3. Book. Method Actors, by Steve Vineberg
  4. Book-Santa Barbara Celebrities (autographed by Saint and Hayden), 1993
  5. "The Trip to Bountiful" script (photocopy), 1953, signed & inscribed 1995
  6. BGSU Distinguished Alumnus Award documents, 1961

Eva Marie Saint Papers:  Box 3


  1. Documentation for Eva Marie Saint visits to BGSU, 1986-
  2. Programs-Eva Marie Saint at BGSU, 1944, 1945
  3. Programs-Eva Marie Saint at BGSU, 1987-
  4. Programs-Eva Marie Saint non-BGSU, 1990-
  5. Television, film and stage credits, awards and honors up to 1998
  6. Press Kit, "My Antonia", 1995
  7. Newsclippings-Eva Marie Saint and visits to BGSU, 1982-1987
  8. Newsclippings-Eva Marie Saint and visits to BGSU, 1987-

Eva Marie Saint papers: Box 4


  1. Newsclippings (non-BGSU), 1966, 1990-1997
  2. Newsclippings (non-BGSU), 1966, 2000-2004
  3. Newsclippings (non-BGSU), 2005-
  4. Photographs-Eva Marie Saint as a student at BGSU, 1943-1946
  5. Photographs-Eva Marie Saint at BGSU for dedication of Eva Marie Saint Theater, 1987
  6. Eva Marie Saint exhibit at Jerome Library, March 7, 1987
  7. Photographs-Eva Marie Saint visiting BGSU 1982-
  8. Photographs-Eva Marie Saint and Jeffrey Hayden visiting BGSU, University News Service images, 1982-
  9. Photographs-Eva Marie Saint and Jeffrey Hayden taken elsewhere, 1993-
  10. Photographs-Eva Marie Saint in movie roles, 1954-1969
  11. Photographs-Eva Marie Saint and Jeffrey Hayden publicity, 1991
  12. Photographs-Eva Marie Saint at Academy Awards, 1998; star on Walk of Fame
  13. Photographs-Eva Marie Saint and her family, 1988-

Eva Marie Saint Papers: Box 5

  1. Video-3 videos of interviews, 1954-
  2. Video-3 videos of interviews, 1954- (duplicates)
  3. Videos
    • Honorary degree for Eva Marie Saint (10-9-1982)
    • "Back in BG" February 12, 1987
    • "Primary Colors" 1991
    • "Open House" (TV drama), February 2003
    • "Eva Marie Saint 'In the Moment,'" film and television by Richard Eric Weigle, 2010

Eva Marie Saint Papers: Box 6

  1. Video – Children in America’s Schools, documentary, n.d.
  2. Video – Breckenridge Film Festival (EMS a guest), 1990
  3. T-shirt from "People Like Us"
  4. T-shirt from "Nothing in Common" (with note)
  5. Plaque from AFI tribute to Lillian Gish, inscribed to Eva Marie Saint

Eva Marie Saint Papers:  Box 7--Plaques and Awards

  1. BGSU Distinguished Alumnus Award, 1960
  2. National Education Film and Video Festival – Gold Apple Award – 1991 Primary Colors: “The Story of Corita” Profiles of Artists, Saint/Hayden Company, Jeffrey Hayden, Producer
  3. Prince William Sound Community College – Edward Albee Theatre Conference Last Frontier Lifetime Achievement Award to Eva Marie Saint…, 8-16-97
  4. National Education Media Network, Gold Apple Award – Presented to Children in America’s Schools Jeffrey Hayden et al,… 1997
  5. Lifetime Achievement Award – 14th Annual Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival, 11-12-99
  6. Florida Atlantic University College of Business to Eva Marie Saint, for Her Contributions to the Motion Picture Industry…, 11-13-99
  7. Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy of School Funding to Eva Marie Saint…, 8-11-2000
  8. Urban Schools Recognition Award from the Council of the Great City Schools to Eva Marie Saint and Jeffrey Hayden…, 10-26-2000

Eva Marie Saint Papers:  Box 8--Plaques and Awards

  1. CBS Television Network to Eva Marie Saint in… “An American Portrait” – Statue of Liberty sculpture by American sculptor Nicholas Fasciano, 1-30-1985
  2. Eva Marie Saint – For Your Dedication to Keeping Children in America First…,Vinton County Board of Education, nd
  3. Jeffrey Hayden – For Your Dedication to Keeping Children in America First…, Vinton County Board of Education, nd
  4. BGSU Presidents Club Honors Eva Marie Saint, nd

Eva Marie Saint Papers: Box 9--Richard Weigle Collection


  1. Playbills and programs, 1959-1983
  2. Playbills and programs, 1994-1997
  3. Life magazine, Eva Marie Saint on cover, 1954 (filed in Eva Marie Saint Papers: Oversize)
  4. "North by Northwest--A Movie Script" in Scholastic Scope, April 24, 1981
  5. Film publicity (i.e., lobby cards)
  6. Television publicity--magazine ads, etc., 1974-1999
  7. Films in Review Eva Marie Saint interview, May 1983
  8. Miscellaneous clippings, ca. 1980-
  9. Eva Marie Saint photographs, performances, 1954-1995
  10. Eva Marie Saint photographs, Academy Awards, 1954-1970
  11. Eva Marie Saint photographs, portraits, 1950-1998

Eva Marie Saint Papers: Oversize

  1. Poster "On the Divide" -A Celebration of Willa Cather's 100th anniversary arrival in Pittsburgh (signed by Saint and Hayden) 1996
  2. Life Magazine (1954, 2 copies), signed by Eva Marie Saint in 2001
  3. Lobby card--"Raintree County", 1957
  4. Promotional literature for "36 Hours", n.d.

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