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Lima Locomotive Works, Inc. - MS 798

Introduction | Agency History | Order of Microfilming


The cost books for the Shay Patent Geared Locomotives of the Lima Locomotive Works, Inc. (MS-798) were loaned to the Center for Archival Collections, Bowling Green State University, with the cooperation of George Kadelak and the Allen County, Ohio Historical Society.

This microfilm copy is released with the understanding that it will NOT be reproduced or used publicly in any form without the expressed written permission of the holder of the original documents contained herein.

The Center for Archival Collections is the publisher of this microfilm edition. The camera negative is the property of the Center for Archival Collection.

The cost books in this collection document locomotive production at the Lima Locomotive Works, Inc. from about 1915 through about 1930.

An index accompanies each cost book, and a comprehensive index of all 15 cost books appears at the beginning of each roll of film. The following list of examples explains the information found in the indices:

42-2 The first number indicates the locomotive's tonnage. The second number indicates the number of trucks (sections) included with the locomotive.
3-10 x 12 The first number indicates the number of engine cylinders. The second number indicates the cylinder bore. The third number refers to the cylinder stroke.
Conn No. The construction order number for the locomotive (this number usually appears as "Eng. No." in the cost book pages).
Shop No. The number that appears on the completed locomotive.

For restrictions on the use of this collection please see the Note to Researchers and the Notice on the microfilm.

This introduction was prepared in May 2000 by John McWatters.

Agency History

The creation of the Lima Locomotive Works, Inc. began when partners John Carnes, George Harper, Frederick Agerter, George W. Disman, and Jesse M. Coe took over the Lima Agricultural Works in early 1869 and converted it to a general machine shop. The business thrived and expanded during the ensuing years, and in 1877 it became incorporated as the Lima Machine Works, featuring steam traction engines among its many products. But the effects of the Panic of 1873 caused a gradual drop in the increase of work orders, and partly to try to compensate for this downturn in business the firm began producing steam locomotives in September 1878. Soon the firm joined forces with Ephraim Shay, who had several years earlier patented a successful geared locomotive design for his logging tram line, and the production of locomotives began in earnest.

The firm grew considerably in the following years, adding new equipment and building larger facilities, eventually becoming the third largest producer of steam locomotives in the United States. But the company never seemed to produce as many locomotives as it predicted, experienced frequent financial difficulties, and went through several reorganizations. In 1892 the company became part of the Lima Locomotive and Machine Company under local industrialist George H. Marsh. It became the Lima Locomotive Corporation in 1912 and, following its acquisition by New York industrialists Joel S. Coffin and Samuel G. Allen, it finally became known as the Lima Locomotive Works, Inc. in 1916. In 1947 the company, that had for too long resisted the industry's change to diesel locomotives, merged with diesel engine builder General Machinery Company of Hamilton, Ohio. That firm, in turn, merged with its former competitor Baldwin, but that new firm then ceased locomotive production at the Lima facilities on September 11, 1951.

Though it produced many types of locomotives, Lima Locomotive Works, Inc remains best known for its Shay Patent Geared Locomotives. The Shays, built for power rather than speed, and most often used on narrow gauge tracks by logging and mining companies, dominated the company's output from the mid-1890s through the mid-1920s. The building of better highways and the growing use of trucks eventually led to the demise of these engines, and the firm produced its final Shay in 1945.

This Agency History was prepared by John McWatters in May 2000. The source of the information was William D. Edson and John H. White, "Lima Locomotive Works," The Railway and Locomotive Historical Society Bulletin No. 123, October 1970 (Boston, Massachusetts, 1970).

Note to Researchers

Provenance: The cost books for the Shay Patent Geared Locomotives of the Lima Locomotive Works, Inc. (MS 798) were transferred for microfilming to the Center for Archival Collections, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio with the cooperation of George R. Kadelak and the Allen County, Ohio Historical Society.

The Center for Archival Collections is the publisher of this microfilm edition. The camera negative is the property of the Center for Archival Collections.

Microfilm Access: The cost books for the Shay Patent Geared Locomotives of the Lima Locomotive Works, Inc. (MS 798) microfilm edition is available for use at the Center for Archival Collections. Copies may be purchased at the Center for Archival Collections, Fifth Floor, Jerome Library, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio 43403.

Duplication Restriction: No duplication of the microfilm (except paper copies) may be made without written permission from the Center for Archival Collections. In requesting permission to reproduce from the holdings of the Center for Archival Collections as described above, the requester agrees to hold harmless the Center for Archival Collections, Bowling Green State University and its Trustees, Officers, and Agents, whether jointly or severally from any action involving infringement of the rights of any person or his/her heirs and descendants in common law or under statutory copyright.

Finding Aid: Preceding each item, target papers have been filmed to show the dates and indicate any existing damage, which may or may not affect the quality of the microfilm image.

Citation: Any publication or other public use of materials reproduced from the holdings of the Center for Archival Collections must credit the Center for Archival Collections.

Order of Microfilming

Roll 1: Specification Pages: Loco 50 - 593

Roll 2: Specification Pages: Loco 594 - 1576

Roll 3: Specification Pages: Loco 1577 - 2092

Roll 4: Specification Pages: Loco 2093 - 2500

Roll 5: Specification Pages: Loco 2300 - 2860

Roll 6: Specification Pages: Loco 2861 - 511

Roll 7: Numerical Record 1 - 9600

Roll 8: Repair Orders: Loco 328 - 2799 and Spec. Pages, Loco 2044 - 2045

Roll 9: Boiler Records: C. O. 189 - 479; Odd pages 55000 - 65020 and 88 and 135

Roll 10: (number unassigned)

Roll 11: Western Sales Office Index Books
c. 1886 (Loco. 159)
c. 1930 (Loco. 3348)
Pages are not in sequential order

Roll 12: Western States Office Index Books, 1812 - 3349

Roll 13: Specification Sets, by Class and C. N. 10-2 to 150-4, C.N. 1551-3354

Roll 14: Construction Orders, 1st page specifications

Roll 15: (includes roll 15A) General Technical Data; Standard Practice of Engineering

Roll 16: Catalogs, Bulletins, and Instruction Sheets, 1883-1946

Roll 17: (number unassigned)

Roll 18: Engineering and Order Files for C. N.

Roll 19: (number unassigned)

Roll 20: (number unassigned)

Roll 21: (number unassigned)

Roll 22: Estimating Department Files Pricing Information 2934 - 3354

Roll 23: (number unassigned)

Roll 24: (number unassigned)

Roll 25: (includes roll 15B and 16A) General Technical Data, Engineering Reports, Corporate Records

Roll 26: Service Department Files, 1 - 1667

Roll 27: Service Department Files by C. N., 1668 - 3136

Roll 28: Service Department Files by C. N., 3137 - 3354

Roll 29: Service Department Files, Visitor Cards: Singletary Lumber Co. through Galloway and Stair

Roll 30: Service Department Files, Owner Cards: Gennett Stoney Fork through Dead File by Terminal: Orvisburg, Miss. Champion Lumber Co.

Roll 31: Service Department Files, Dead Files:
Dead File by Terminal: Churchill Milton Lumber Co. Greenwood, Miss. through Dead File by Town: Henderson, N. C.

Roll 32: Service Department Files, Dead File by Town: Henderson, Mont. through Dead File by State: Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Roll 33: Service Department Files, Dead Files and Road Repairs by State: Williamsport, Penn. C. W. Sons-pres. through Road Repairs, Southern Iron Equipment Co.

Roll 34: Drawing Cross Reference Cards, 100 - 13000

Roll 35: Drawing Cross Reference Cards, 11711 - 10300

Roll 36: Drawing Cross Reference Cards, A10300 - A16805

Roll 37: Drawing Cross Reference Cards, 15458-15150

Roll 38: Cost Books

  1. Cost Book 1, 28-Ton (#134-#470)
  2. Cost Book 2, 32-Ton (#206-#474)
  3. Cost Book 3, 36-Ton (#380-#497)

Roll 39: Cost Books

  1. Cost Book 4, 42-Ton (#137-#177)
  2. Cost Book 5, 42-Ton (#181-1 - #236)
  3. Cost Book 6, 42-Ton (#237-#302)

Roll 40: Cost Books

  1. Cost Book 7, 42-Ton (#388-#482)
  2. Cost Book 8, 50-Ton (#229-#310)
  3. Cost Book 9, 50-Ton (#376-#424)

Roll 41: Cost Books

  1. Cost Book 10, 50-Ton (#420-#468)
  2. Cost Book 11, 60-Ton (#163-#308)
  3. Cost Book 12, 60-Ton (#309-#436)

Roll 42: Cost Books

  1. Cost Book 13, 69-Ton #168
  2. Cost Book 14, 70-Ton (#139-#196)
  3. Cost Book 15, 70-Ton (#472-#490)


Index for the Cost Books for the Shay Patent Geared Locomotives of the Lima Locomotive Works, Inc.

Index to Cost Book 1
3-8 x 10

Conn No.Shop No.Sold ToDate Shipped
1342946Samuel Samuel & Co.11/16/1917
1342947Samuel Samuel & Co.11/16/1917
1422955Independent Coal & Coke Co.12/08/1917
1973017(Special)Moore Shipbuilding & Dock Co.11/16/1918
3053132Independent Coal & Coke Co.10/22/1920
3143141Riero Toro & Van Twisten (Central Monserrate)11/29/1920
3383166Leopoldina Railway Co. (W.R. Grace Co.)06/13/1921
4703310Millers Timber & Trading Co. (K.L.D. Co.)04/06/1927

Index to Cost Book 2
3-8 x 12

Conn No.Shop No.Sold ToDate Shipped
2063029Warren Lamb Lbr. Co.03/11/1919
2073030R.H. Cunningham & Sons Co.03/03/1919
2223046Deal - Bachter Lumber Co.08/19/1919
2243049Eureka Lbr. Co. (Hofius)08/15/1919
2943120St. Mary's Lbr. Co.09/03/1920
3313158Christensen Hanify Weatherwax (Negros Philippine Co.)12/30/1920
3823215Borse Hardwood Co.06/08/1923
4573296Vestal Lbr. and Mfg. Co.02/09/1926
4743314Phoenix Utility Co.09/03/1927

Index to Cost Book 3
3-10 x 10

Conn No.Shop No.Sold ToDate Shipped
3803211Moore Mill & Lumber Co. (Livermore)06/04/1923
3893223Coos Ceder Co. (Hofius)07/21/1923
4073245Dalkena Lumber Co. (Hofius)12/22/1923
4273265Panhandle Lumber Co. (Hofius)07/29/1924
4273266Panhandle Lumber Co. (Hofius)07/29/1924
4283267Northeast Lumber Company07/11/1924
4353274Honolulu Iron Works (Negros Philippine Lumber Co.)11/20/1924
4423281Batson McGhee Co. (WWCO.)03/25/1925
4453284Vestal Lumber Company03/25/1925
4633303Wilderness Lumber Company06/19/1926
4793321Pacific Commercial Co. (Mindanao Lumber Company)05/02/1928
4883333Pacific Commercial Company (Gingood Timber Co.)05/26/1929
4973342B.S. Duncan09/27/1929

Index to Cost Book 4
3-10 x 12

Conn No.Shop No.Sold ToDate Shipped
1372950The Lunkenheimer Company1/17/1917
1462959Lima Locomotive Works, Inc.12/31/1917
1462959Golden State Portland Cement Co.06/09/1922
1492961Ferrocarril Central Dominicano03/19/1918
1542963Taca-Go Sugar Company02/13/1918
1562964Western Pine Lumber Company02/23/1918
1602967M.T. O'Connell03/18/1918
1672973M.T. O'Connell04/20/1918
1692975Winlock Lumber Company04/13/1918
1732979Deer Island Logging Co.05/23/1918
1742911N & M Lumber Company06/15/1918
1772912Carolina Shipbuilding Corp.06/18/1918

Index to Cost Book 5
3-10 x 12

Conn No.Shop No.Sold ToDate Shipped
181-12985Czarinkow-Riconda Company (Tacajo Sugar Co.)08/21/1918
181-22986Czarinkow-Riconda Company (Tacajo Sugar Co.)08/21/1918
1822913Choctow Lumber Company06/27/1918
1832987American Shipbuilding Corp.07/01/1918
190-12994Warren-Spruce Lumber Co.09/00/1918
190-22995Warren-Spruce Lumber Co.09/00/1918
190-32996Warren-Spruce Lumber Co.09/00/1918
190-42997Warren-Spruce Lumber Co.09/00/1918
190-52998Warren-Spruce Lumber Co.10/00/1918
190-62999Warren-Spruce Lumber Co.10/00/1918
2103034Flanner-Stager-Land & Lbr. Co.05/02/1919
2173039R. Connar Company07/10/1919
2183040Rosa Lumber Company07/19/1919
2363058Union Land & Lbr. Company12/27/1919

Index to Cost Book 6
3-10 x 12

Conn No.Shop No.Sold ToDate Shipped
2373059Long Bell Fidelity Lumber Company02/12/1920
2413063Kirby Lumber Company (WWCO.)02/20/1920
2413064Kirby Lumber Company (WWCO.)02/20/1920
2523076Wheeler Reese Lumber Company03/25/1920
2573081J.M. Griffin Lumber Company05/08/1920
2623086Egolf Coal Mining Company02/20/1920
2773102Champion Fibre Company06/12/1920
2783103Weidman & Sons Company (Bergland Lumber Co.)06/14/1920
2853110Turner Lumber Company07/31/1920
2883113Robinson Land & Lbr. Co. (WWCO.)08/04/1920
2953121R. Connor Company05/18/1920
2963122McWilliams & Pierson (WWCO.)10/11/1920
3023129Diamond Lumber Company10/01/1920

Index to Cost Book 7
3-10 x 12

Conn No.Shop No.Sold ToDate Shipped
3883222Abitibi Railway & Navigation Co.09/21/1923
3953229Champion Fibre Company08/18/1923
3963230The B & B Lumber Co.08/08/1923
4083246Scottish Logging Co. (Hofius)12/15/1923
4213259International Lumber Company10/17/1925
4533292Western Indiana Gravel Company08/01/1930
4693309Insular Lumber Company03/10/1927
4823325Pacific Commercial Company (Philippine Lbr. & Mfg. Co. Ltd.)09/29/1928

Index to Cost Book 8
3-11 x 12

Conn No.Shop No.Sold ToDate Shipped
2293052Big Creek Logging Co. (Hofius)02/28/1920
2293073Big Creek Logging Co. (Hofius)04/06/1920
2323055Lake Riley Lumber Company02/06/1920
2453068Kiernan Flora Lumber Company03/08/1920
2723097Grant Timber & Mfg. Co.06/30/1920
2793104J.M. Griffin05/24/1920
2813106Pennsylvania Power & Light Co.10/29/1920
2873112Kelley Island Lime & Transport Co.09/25/1920
2923117Marathon Lumber Company09/11/1920
3073134Lima Locomotive Works, Inc.10/16/1920
3073134Pacific Commercial Company06/12/1936
3073134Anakan Lumber Company06/12/1936
3103124Marathon Lumber Company08/07/1920

Index to Cost Book 9
3-11 x 12

Conn No.Shop No.Sold ToDate Shipped
3763206Portland Railway, Light & Power Co.03/31/1923
3763207Portland Railway, Light & Power Co.03/31/1923
3773208Manary Logging Co.04/10/1923
3843217Ray Lumber Co.06/16/1923
3943228Canadian Pudget Sound T. & L. Co.09/15/1923
3973231Columbus Railway Power & Light Co.09/01/1923
4003234Millars Timber & Trading Co.09/26/1923
4043242Lake Independence Lumber Co.12/08/1923
4053243Merrill & Ring Lumber Co.12/13/1923
4113249Security Lumber Co.01/22/1924
4193257Columbus Railway Power & Light Co.04/25/1925
4243262Mayo Lumber Co.04/24/1924

Index to Cost Book 10
3-11 x 12

Conn No.Shop No.Sold ToDate Shipped
4203258Lake Independence Lumber Co.04/10/1925
4313270W.H. Warner & Company (Toronto, Knoxville & Western R.R. Co.)09/25/1924
4483287New York & Pennsylvania Co.09/17/1925
4503289Merrill Ring Lumber Co. (Hofius)10/01/1925
4523291Topsy Lumber Co. (Livermore) (Kespine Lumber Co.)10/28/1925
4543293Southwestern Portland Cement Co.04/22/1926
4653305Millars Timber & Trading Co.(K.L.D. Co.)07/27/1926
4683308Fair Services & Gierin Lumber Co.02/26/1927

Index to Cost Book 11
3-11 x 12

Conn No.Shop No.Sold ToDate Shipped
1632969Snoqualmie Falls Lumber Co.03/26/1918
1702976Western Pine Lumber Co.05/15/1918
1923013Braden Copper Co.11/02/1918
1953015Mid-Continent Iron Co.11/14/1918
2053028Goodyear Yellow Pine Co.03/24/1919
2083031Peavey Wilson Lumber Co.03/31/1919
2483070Doty Lumber & Shingle Co.03/05/1920
2543078The Swayne Lumber Co.04/24/1920
2753100Great Northern Lumber Co.08/23/1920
3083135J.A. Veness Lumber Co.11/24/1920

Index to Cost Book 12
3-11 x 12

Conn No.Shop No.Sold ToDate Shipped
3093136Weber King Lumber Company11/10/1920
3223149Western Lumber Company11/29/1920
3353163Pacific Mills Ltd. (Hofius)02/25/1921
3543182J.M. Griffin Lumber Co. (W.W.Co.)07/14/1922
3673197Rosa Lumber Company (W.W.Co.)(C. & R. Lumber Co.)12/26/1922
4123250Cherokee Company01/31/1924
4143252Diamond & Caldor Railroad Co. (Livermore)02/29/1924
4263264Adams Bank Lumber Co. (W.W.Co.)06/10/1924
4363275Winton Lumber Co. (Hofius)02/15/1925

Index to Cost Book 13
3-12 x 12

Conn No.Shop No.Sold ToDate Shipped
1682974Trout Creek Lumber Co.04/13/1918

Index to Cost Book 14
3-12 x 15

Conn No.Shop No.Sold ToDate Shipped
1392952Ashland, Odanah & Marengo RY. Co.12/22/1917
1582965Brooks Scanlon Lumber Company03/16/1918
1622968Chaffee Coal Company05/18/1918
1662972A. Guthrie & Company05/02/1918
193-13008Siems, Carey, Kerbaugh10/28/1918
193-23009Siems, Carey, Kerbaugh10/28/1918
193-33010Siems, Carey, Kerbaugh10/28/1918
193-43011East Oregon Lumber Co. (Siems-Carey)04/10/1919
193-53012Blodel-Donovan Lumber Co. (Siems-Carey)04/11/1919
193-63018C.H. Wheeler (Siems-Carey)04/23/1919
193-73019Sunset Lumber Company04/19/1919
1963016Silver Falls Timber Company09/04/1919

Index to Cost Book 15
3-13 x 15

Conn No.Shop No.Sold ToDate Shipped
4723312Bloedell Stewart & Welch Corp. (Hofius)11/15/1927
476-13316Weyerhaeuser Timber Company (Hofius)02/16/1928
476-23317Chiloquin Lumber Company (Hofius)02/16/1928
4773318Bloedell Donovan Lumber Mills(Hofius)04/09/1928
478-13319Cascade Timber Company05/05/1928
478-23320Mayo Lumber Co. Ltd. (Hofius)07/26/1928
478-33322Polson Logging Company (Hofius)10/01/1928
483-13326Hedlund Lumber & Mfg. Co. (Hofius)12/03/1928
483-23327Forest Lumber Company (Hofius)01/10/1929
484-13328Victoria Lumber & Mfg. Co. (Hofius)01/29/1929
484-23329Cathelf & Sorenson (Hofius)01/19/1929
4853330St. Paul & Tacoma Lumber Co.(Hofius)02/15/1929
4863331Shaw Bertram Lumber Co. (Hofius)03/22/1929
4893334Tideport Logging Co. (Hofius)04/26/1929
4903335Shawnigan Lake Lumber Co. (Hofius)07/19/1929

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