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St. Benedict the Moor Catholic Church (Toledo, Ohio) - MS 807 mf

Introduction | Agency History | Order of Microfilming


The records of St. Benedict the Moor Catholic Church, 1932 - 1965, were transferred for microfilming to the Center for Archival Collections in October 2000, with the cooperation Frank Beier of the Catholic Diocese of Toledo, Ohio.

The collection consists of baptisms *, first communions, confirmations, marriages*, and deaths.

Due to inconsistencies in pagination and transcription of data, researchers are encouraged to refer to all volumes within each series.

This register and this collection were prepared by John McWatters in October 2000.

*There is a seventy (70) year access restriction on baptism and marriage records. No restrictions apply to the remainder of this collection.

Agency History

St. Benedict the Moor Catholic Church was created as a non-territorial parish in 1932 to serve black Catholics in Toledo. The first church building was located at 566 Avondale Ave. In 1937, a second church building was placed into service at the corner of Dorr and Washington Streets. A parish school was established there in 1944.

The church and school closed in 1965, when the State of Ohio took possession of the land to build an expressway, and the need for such a church no longer existed. Church members and school children joined the territorial parishes in which they resided.

Source: History of the Diocese of Toledo.

Order of Microfilming


  1. Baptisms, May 26, 1932 - December 7, 1957
  2. Baptisms, December 7, 1957 - June 19, 1965
  3. First Communions, May 13, 1945 - April 16, 1965
  4. Confirmations, June 1933 - April 7, 1964
  5. Marriages, June 20, 1932 - June 5, 1965
  6. Deaths, November 16, 1933 - May 17, 1965

Roll 2

  1. First Communions, May 13, 1945-April 16, 1965
  2. Confirmations, June 1933-April 7, 1964
  3. Deaths, November 16, 1933-May 17, 1965

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