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Mount Olive Friendship Circle (Rudolph, Ohio) - MS 987

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The records of the Mount Olive Friendship Circle, Rudolph, Ohio, were donated to the Center for Archival Collections on May 19, 2003, with the assistance of H. Irene Trumbull and Dorothy Heilman. The collection consists of minute books, a club history, thank-you cards, news clippings and a banner, and date from 1948 until 1967.

No restrictions exist on the research use and duplication of this collection. The manuscript register was prepared by Ann Bowers, September 2003.

Agency History

The Mount Olive Friendship Circle was formed in October 1939 when a group of fifteen women met in the home of Gladys Groff to discuss the organization of a social and service organization. The women met on the first Thursday of each month with most of the meetings taking place during the day. In the morning charitable work would be completed, followed by lunch and the business meeting. Quilts and pillow cases were made, boxes packed for soldiers, and lap robes sewn. Every year a Family Night was held with ice cream and cake and games. Wedding and baby gifts were made or purchased for family members of the Circle and help during times of sickness and death was always offered.

According to its history written in 1960, "In summing up these 21 years many happy times have been shared by our members with a few sad ones thrown in. Many new dishes have been sampled. Very few meetings went by without a birthday cake to celebrate the members' birthdays. We have had many visitors to our club and we hope they enjoyed the day as much as we did. The mystery prizes and guest prizes were always looked forward to. In all the Mount Olive Friendship Club is what its name portrays, 'A Club of Friends.'"

Scope and Content

The Mount Olive Friendship Circle collection consists of minute books, thank-you cards, a club history, news clippings, and a banner. The minute books date from January 1948 through December 1967. Included in the minutes are a record of the business meeting, charitable work completed and the lunch served. News of members and their families also appear in the minutes as well as financial reports. Most of the thank-you notes are not dated, but they do illustrate the members' concern and support for each other. A few news clippings and a club history dated 1960 provide more background about the Circle. A banner, probably sewn by members, completes this collection.

The records of this rural social and service club illustrate the friendships and activities of these women during the mid-twentieth century.

Series Description


January 1948-December 1967
Arranged chronologically
Includes information on the business meeting, charitable work completed, meals served and activities of the members' families.


1957, 1967, n.d.
Arranged chronologically
Cards mailed to the Circle from members thanking the Circle for remembering birthdays, holidays, births, weddings and funerals.


Narrative of the beginning years of the Circle along with a listing of where the Circle has met.


1964, n.d.
Newspaper articles about the Circle-its meetings and 25 year anniversary.

Banner embroidered with the name of the Circle.


Box 1


  1. Minutes, January 1948-November 1950
  2. Minutes, December 1950-November 1954
  3. Minutes, December 1954-November 1956
  4. Minutes, December 1956-November 1958
  5. Minutes, December 1958-November 1960
  6. Minutes, December 1960-November 1961
  7. Minutes, December 1961-November 1962
  8. Minutes, January 1963-December 1963
  9. Minutes, January 1964-December 1965
  10. Minutes, December 1965-December 1967
  11. Thank-you notes, 1957, 1967, n.d.
  12. Club history and news clippings, 1960, 1964, n.d.
  13. Banner, n.d.

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