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Charles E. Perry Collection - MS 995

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Charles E. Perry or "Chuck" to most everybody, was a student, an athlete, an administrator, a fundraiser and a great friend of Bowling Green State University (BGSU) for over forty years beginning in the 1950's until his death in 1999.

This collection, donated by his wife, Betty Perry, in July 2000 and April 2010, documents his academic life, career, and involvement with athletics' fundraising at BGSU in the 1990's and the naming of the BGSU Field House in his honor in May 1998.

The collection, spanning the dates 1955 to 2008, is comprised of approximately 5 cubic feet of correspondence, files, literary productions, printed materials, certificates, resolutions, photographs, plaques, sports-related clothing and textiles as well as various trophies and artifacts from the very active life of Charles E. Perry.

No restrictions have been placed upon the use of this collection for scholarly research purposes. The finding aid was prepared by Eric Honneffer in December 2004 and expanded in September 2010.

 Biographical Sketch

From the Charles E. Perry Field House plaque:

Charles "Chuck" Perry was an alumnus of BGSU and a member of the champion football teams of the 1950s. Chuck has had a distinguished and successful career as a higher education administrator, government official and business executive. From 1959 through 1967, he served Bowling Green State University as Admissions Counselor, Director of Admissions, Director of Development and Assistant to the President. He has also created several important athletic related fundraising and support programs for BGSU, including the Falcon Club (1964) and the University Athletic Endowment.

In September 1969 Chuck was named Founding President of Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, Florida. This gave him the distinction of being the youngest state university president in the country at that time.

After seven years as President of FIU Chuck embarked upon a seventeen year business career which included being President and Publisher of Family Weekly Magazine, President and CEO of Golden Bear International (Jack Nicklaus' business partner), Chairman and CEO of Worldvest, President and CEO of the Friedkin Companies, and Chairman and CEO of Western Trading and Management.

In 1992 Chuck "retired" to become founder/owner of Buffalo Creek Golf Club and Dean of the Graduate School of Management at the University of Dallas (known for granting the largest number of MBA's in the southwest).

On May 29, 1998 the BGSU Field House was named in Chuck's honor. He died a year later.

 Scope and Content

The Charles E. Perry Collection is comprised of correspondence, files, literary productions, printed materials, articles, clippings, photographs, awards and sports-related memorabilia pertaining to Chuck's academic life, career, and involvement with fundraising for athletics at BGSU and the dedication of the university's Field House in his honor in May 1998.

The prestigious public relations tribute - the Silver Anvil Award - was presented to BGSU and Chuck Perry in 1964. It is among the collection's more notable artifacts and is displayed at the Perry Field House.

Almost half of this collection concentrates upon Perry’s career planning and academic preparation to serve administratively at the university level first at BGSU and then in Florida as Governor Kirk’s Education Aide and as first president and founder of Florida International University. Further documentation shifts the focus to the business world when Perry oversaw the Charter Company’s Family Weekly publication and Jack Nicklaus’ Golden Bear organization. The other half of the collection concentrates upon Perry’s involvement with fundraising for BGSU athletics and the dedication of BGSU’s Field House in his honor. Details are extensively represented in the collection’s correspondence, printed materials, and photographs.

This collection contains a number of examples of sports apparel dating from both 1959 and the mid 1990’s. These include a 1959 MAC blanket, a letter jacket and sweaters from the same time period. Polo shirts and t-shirts mostly affiliated with BGSU are included from the mid 1990’s.

Most elements of the collection pay tribute to an incredible career and a remarkable talent for success.

 Series Description


Arranged by incoming and outgoing correspondence and by subjects pertaining to Perry’s career and his involvement with fundraising for athletics at BGSU.


1961-1998 (scattered)
Arranged by subject.
These focus upon Perry’s advanced degree study, his family, career, and BGSU involvement. The files can include correspondence, literary productions, articles, and clippings.

Arranged by class subject.
The files can include class assignments, notes, term papers, and the like from courses in which Perry was enrolled.

Arranged by subject.
The files can include course readings and accompanying documentation for Perry’s doctoral degree program.


1963-1970 (scattered)
These consist primarily of Perry writings on topics usually relevant to higher education and university governance.

1955-1998 (scattered)
These are Perry writings done while engaged in various academic and corporate endeavors.

1965-1998 (scattered)
Chuck Perry remarks delivered at mostly events held at BGSU.

1999, 2008
This is a record of Perry’s 1999 cancer treatment as written by his wife Betty Perry.


1956-1998 (scattered)
Arranged chronologically.
These include Perry’s diplomas, certificates, and oversized resolutions.

1983-1999 (scattered)
These included programs for the dedication of various buildings in Perry’s honor at BGSU and at Florida International University as well for his memorial service. Also found in the collection are official programs for various golf tournaments.

1956-2008 (scattered)
Arranged by subject.
These include a variety of articles about Perry and his career especially while working for Charter and for Golden Bear International. Also included are numerous articles about Jack Nicklaus.

1984-2000 (scattered)
Arranged chronologically.
These elaborate brochures promote golf courses and resorts designed and built by Golden Bear International when Perry was President and CEO.

Visibility Unlimited (Florida International University) by Rafe Gibbs, 1976
Beyond the Tower – The History of Florida International University, 2002
Miscellaneous golf texts, 1976, 1979


1955-2002 (scattered)
The photos are arranged by such subjects as Perry, his family, his career, BGSU vs. Alabama Football Game, Perry Society Golf Outing, and Perry Field House Dedication.


Beyond the Tower – The History of Florida International University- a video documentary, 2002.
Elk River Golf Club video, nd.


1956-1998 (scattered)
These include predominantly BGSU plaques presented to Perry on various occasions including the Perry Field House dedication.

1950’S-1995 (scattered)
These include a BGSU letter jacket, beanie, letter sweater, brown sweater, MAC blanket and six assorted BGSU sports-related t-shirts and polo shirts.

Silver Anvil Award, 1964 (on display at the Perry Field House)
Doyt Perry’s Lucky Buckeye, nd

Pewter serving dish designed by Don Drumm for BGSU International Fortnight, 1967


Box 1: Correspondence


  1. General – Incoming, 1965-1969 scatt.
  2. General – Incoming, 1970-1989 scatt.
  3. General – Incoming, 1990-2001 scatt.
  4. General – Outgoing, 1963-1965
  5. General – Outgoing, 1975-1999 scatt.
  6. Congratulation notes sent to Perry, 1955, 1967
  7. William "Bill" Jerome, 1964-1998 scatt.
  8. University of Michigan, Center for the Study of Higher Education, 1966-1969
  9. Charter Co. – Family Weekly, Oct.-Dec., 1975
  10. Charter Co. – Family Weekly, Jan.-Feb., 1976
  11. Charter Co. – Family Weekly, Mar.-April, 1976
  12. Charter Co. – Family Weekly, May-June, 1976

Box 2: Correspondence


  1. Jack Nicklaus to C. Perry, 1977,1983
  2. C. Perry Golf Outing, 1982-1987
  3. C. Perry Golf Outing, 1988-1998
  4. BGSU Athletic Hall of Fame, 1988-1989
  5. Cards sent to C. Perry as Dean at U. of Dallas, 1993-1994
  6. Blue Ribbon Task Force, 1997-1998
  7. Falcon Club, 1995-1999 scatt.
  8. C. Perry Field House dedication, 1996-1998 scatt.

Box 3: General Files


  1. Planning for a new university Part 1, 1961-1969
  2. Planning for a new university Part 2, 1968-1974
  3. William Jerome, 1964-1969 scatt
  4. Jerome administration reorganization, 1965-1967
  5. White House Fellows, 1963-1969 scatt.
  6. Center for the Study of Higher Education, 1965-1970
  7. BGSU commencement, Perry given Distinguished Alum Award, 1975
  8. BGSU 75th Anniversary, 1985
  9. Doyt L. Perry Golf Outing, 1990-1998 scatt.
  10. BGSU Athletic Endowment, 1998

Box 4: General Files


  1. Harvard, 1968
  2. Al Checchi, 1987-1998 scatt.
  3. Dave McClain, 1981-1986 scatt.
  4. Nick Mileti, 1982-1992 scatt.
  5. Suliman Olayan, 1980-1984
  6. Writing and speech file, 1985-1997 scatt.

Box 5: Class files – Assignments, term papers, notes


  1. Human Relations in Administration 1963
  2. History of Higher Education in America 1964
  3. Current Problems in Higher Education 1964-1965
  4. Religion in Higher Education 1965-1966
  5. Religion in Higher Education 1965-1966
  6. Religion in Higher Education 1965-1966
  7. Growth of the Self 1966
  8. Growth of the Self 1966
  9. Growth of the Self 1966-1967
  10. Growth of the Self 1966
  11. Curriculum Planning 1966
  12. Institutional Research and Planning 1966
  13. Institutional Research and Planning 1966
  14. Art of Listening nd
  15. Advanced Philosophy of Education nd

Box 6: Dissertation Research Files


  1. Higher education and establishment of universities 1967, nd
  2. Student activism 1967-1969 scattered
  3. Academic governance 1969
  4. Development of state colleges and universities nd

Box 7: Literary productions


  1. "Key Club International Trustee" by C. Perry 1955
  2. Higher education writings by C. Perry #1 1963-1970 scattered
  3. Higher education writings by C. Perry #2 nd
  4. Higher education writings by C. Perry #3 nd
  5. Higher education writings by C. Perry #4 nd
  6. Higher education writings by misc. authors nd
  7. Biographical review, resumé of C. Perry 1965-1996 scatt.
  8. Speeches by Perry: BGSU Faculty Senate, freshman convocation, 1965, 1968
  9. "Profile of an Administrator: William T. Jerome III", by C. Perry et al., 1965
  10. "Why Give to a Public University?" by C. Perry, 1967
  11. "University Governance – A Think Piece" by C. Perry, 1969
  12. "University Governance – A Think Piece" by C. Perry c.2, 1969
  13. "The Birth of a University and Plans for its Development", by C. Perry, 1970
  14. "The Business of The Golden Bear" by C. Perry, 1980
  15. BGSU 75th anniversary speech by C. Perry, 1985
  16. Speech by Perry – "Preparing for 2000 and Beyond", 1993
  17. Notes about the establishment of a S.E. Florida University, by C. Perry, 1998
  18. BGSU Perry Field House dedication speech by C. Perry, 1998
  19. Memoir of C. Perry’s 1999 cancer treatment by B. Perry, 1999, 2008
  20. "In His Own Words" C. Perry thoughts on BGSU sports and career (transcribed by B. Perry in 2010) and Doyt Perry MAC Hall of Fame induction, nd

Box 8: Printed materials


  1. Diplomas and certificates, 1956-1972
  2. Fifty-Eight Falcon Football Facts, 1958
  3. Invitations, 1959, nd
  4. BGSU publications, 1963-1987 scatt.
  5. C. Perry business, ID, and other cards, FIU button 1967,1972, 1974, nd
  6. Family Weekly, Charter Communications PR, 1975-1976
  7. Committees on which C. Perry served invitations, brochures, 1978-1989 scatt.
  8. Golden Bear newsletter, meeting attendees list, stationery, 1979, 1984
  9. Chemical Banking Corp. – Intern’l Advisory Bd. Booklet, 1980
  10. University of Dallas School of Management booklet, 1992-1994
  11. Dedication of C. Perry Building at FIU program, 1994
  12. FIU silver anniversary poster, mailer, 1997
  13. BGSU Perry Field House dedication guest list, Clippings, 1998
  14. BGSU Perry Field House dedication program, 1998
  15. Chuck Perry memorial service invitation, 1999
  16. Sigma Nu publication, nd
  17. Book – Visibility Unlimited (FIU) by Rafe Gibbs, 1976
  18. Book - Beyond the Tower (FIU) by Tom Riley, 2002

Box 9: C. Perry articles and clippings


  1. C. Perry bio packet, 1961-1999 scatt.
  2. C. Perry clippings, 1956-1959
  3. C. Perry clippings, 1961-1964
  4. C. Perry clippings, 1965-1966
  5. C. Perry clippings, 1967
  6. C. Perry as education aide to Florida Gov. Kirk 1967-1968, 2002
  7. C. Perry at Florida International University, 1969-1976
  8. C. Perry at Charter Communications, 1975-1976
  9. Charter Communications/Family Weekly, 1975-1976
  10. C. Perry at Golden Bear, Inc., 1976-1978, 2008
  11. C. Perry at Golden Bear, Inc., 1980-1986 scatt.
  12. C. Perry clippings, 1986-1998

Box 10


  1. "From One Successful Game to Another", 1980
  2. "What Makes Perry Run…", 1982
  3. "Chuck Perry: The Man Who Runs the Nicklaus Empire", 1984
  4. Florida International University, 1982-1999 scatt.
  5. Betty Perry clippings/articles, 1969-1997
  6. BGSU sports history highlights, 1960’s, 1970’s

Box 11: Golf course brochures


  1. List of golf courses and resorts in U.S in which C. Perry played a major role in their development, 1999, 2002, n.d.
  2. The Country Club of Louisiana 1984
  3. Elk River- Banner Elk, N. Carolina 1984
  4. Bear Creek – Murrieta, California 1985
  5. The Bear – Grand Traverse Village, Michigan 1986
  6. The Bear – Grand Traverse Village, Michigan 1987
  7. The Bear – Grand Traverse Village, Michigan 1991
  8. Castle Pines – Castle Rock, Colorado 1990
  9. Buffalo Creek – Rockwall, Texas (Perry Family Owned golf course) 1991-1998
  10. Valhalla – Eastwood, Kentucky nd

Box 12: Jack Nicklaus articles and golf publications


  1. J. Nicklaus articles 1970’s
  2. J. Nicklaus articles 1980’s
  3. “Jack Nicklaus’s Other Career” 1981
  4. J. Nicklaus articles 1990-
  5. J. Nicklaus ads 1984
  6. Arnold Palmer articles 1999
  7. Golf articles 1999, 2005
  8. The Memorial Tournament (souvenir issue from Columbus Citizen-Journal)and program, May, 1983, 1994
  9. Program – GTE Byron Nelson Classic 1994
  10. Programs – U.S. Open 1992, 1998
  11. Program – 78th PGA 1996
  12. Magazine – La Vie a Crans-Sur-Sierre Montana Life, Summer 1990
  13. Publication - The Travelers’ Guide to Golf 1976
  14. Publication - The Growth of Golf 1979
  15. Misc. golf publications 1983, 1997, nd

Box 13: Photographs


  1. C. Perry photo portraits, 1958-1993 scatt.
  2. C. Perry at BGSU, 1958-1990 scatt.
  3. Photos taken by C. Perry in Bowling Green, Late 1950’s
  4. C. Perry family, 1960-1998 scatt.
  5. C. Perry Vice Chancellor for Institutional and Governmental Affairs, Tallahassee, Florida, 1967-1968
  6. C. Perry and friends at BGSU alumni fund raising event, Early 1970’s
  7. C. Perry at Florida International University, 1972-1997 scatt.
  8. C. Perry at Charter Communications, 1975-1976
  9. C. Perry at Golden Bear, Inc. (J. Nicklaus), 1970’s-1999 scatt.
  10. C. Perry and friends at BGSU vs. Alabama football game, reception, 1996
  11. C. Perry and friends at Perry Society Golf Outing and reception, 1996
  12. C. Perry and friends at Perry Society Golf Outing and reception, 1997
  13. C. Perry and friends at the Perry Field House Dedication, May 1998
  14. C. Perry and friends at the Perry Field House Dedication, May 1998
  15. Perry Field House, 1998
  16. Misc. photos of other people, 1977, 1996, nd
  17. Mother IV – On the Road with Chuck Perry, nd
  18. Dave Perry and C. Perry, nd
  19. Doyt Perry recognition, nd
  20. Kansas City BGSU trip, nd

Box 14


  1. Charles E. Perry Society embroidered logo, nd
  2. Video – Beyond the Tower (FIU documentary), 2002
  3. Video – Elk River Club (golf course), nd

Box 15

  1. Trophy – Doyt Perry’s Lucky Buckeye presented to C. Perry by Doyt Perry Family, nd

Oversize Box 1

  1. Issues of Family Weekly magazine 7-29-73, 1-4-76 to 7-4-76
  2. Sun Coast Golf and Tennis Monthly Report Oct. 1976
  3. Brochure - Bear Creek Golf and Country Club nd
  4. Pewter serving tray by artist Don Drumm for BGSU’s International Fortnight 1967
  5. C. Perry’s #29 (charcoal on paper) when he played at BGSU, nd

Oversize Box 2: Plaques

  1. Mid American Conference Football (BGSU), 1956
  2. Distinguished Service Award, Outstanding Young Man of Bowling Green (U.S. Jaycees), 1966
  3. Distinguished Alumnus Award, 1975
  4. BGSU 75th Anniversary brass plate, 1985
  5. Athletic Hall of Fame (BGSU), 1987
  6. Falcon Club Charter Member, 1989
  7. Charles E. Perry Society (BGSU), 9/23/1991
  8. BGSU Varsity Club, 20th Annual Doyt L. Perry Golf Outing, 7/11/1996
  9. Presidents Club (BGSU), n.d.
  10. Distinguished Donor, BGSU Alumni Center, n.d.
  11. Century Club, BGSU Alumni Association, n.d.
  12. The Silver Anvil, 1964 (On display at the Perry Field House)

Oversize Box 3

  1. Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune photo plaque of C. Perry and Bo Schembechler May 1998
  2. Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune article plaque of C. Perry May 1998
  3. Toledo Blade photo plaque of C. Perry at Field House May 1998
  4. Small version of Field House inscription plaque May 1998
  5. Resolution - C. Perry contributions to BGSU April 1998
  6. Resolution – C. Perry Day at BGSU 5-29-98
  7. Certificate electing C. Perry to membership as State Director of the Orange Bowl Committee 1978-1987
  8. Plaque – Service and leadership to C. Perry as Director of the Florida Chamber Oct. 1983
  9. Certificate – C. Perry appointment to the Board of Visitors of Longwood College in Virginia, July 1983-June 1987
  10. Red flannel bag for the Silver Anvil Award

Oversize Box 4

  1. 6 Assorted BGSU sports T- shirts and polo shirts 1995, nd

Oversize Box 5

  1. BGSU letter sweater 1950’s
  2. BGSU brown sweater 1950’s

Oversize Box 6

  1. BGSU Mid American Conference blanket 1956
  2. BGSU letter jacket 1950’s

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