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Liberty Chapel United Methodist Church (Liberty Center, Ohio) - MS 1046 mf

Introduction | Agency History | Order of Microfilming


The records from Liberty Chapel United Methodist Church, Liberty Center, Ohio were transferred to the Center for Archival Collections for microfilming in August 2006 with the cooperation of Arita Silveus.

 Agency History

The first Chapel in Liberty Center was built in 1854 on land granted by Peter S. Viers. At this time it was associated with the United Brethren Church. The first pastor of the Chapel was Joseph Fink. A second Chapel was built in 1901 but was struck by lightning in 1912 and burned to the ground. The third chapel was built shortly after in 1913. In 1946 the United Brethren Church united with the Evangelical Church and Liberty Chapel became known as Liberty Chapel Evangelical United Brethren Church. After outgrowing the third Chapel, a decision was made to build a fourth Chapel. This Chapel was completed in 1967 and shortly after the church was rededicated as the Liberty Chapel United Methodist Church. This name change was a result of the union of the Evangelical United Brethren Church and the Methodist Church. This fourth Chapel is still in use today.

The above history was compiled based on information obtained from Liberty Chapel United Methodist Church Directories.

 Order of Microfilming

Roll 1

  1. Binder with Photocopies of Miscellaneous Documents, 1854 - 2004
  2. Directories/Programs
    • Centennial 1854 - 1954 (Directory)
    • Church Dedication, May 19, 1968 (Program)
    • At the Liberty United Methodist Church, 1973 (Directory)
    • 125th Anniversary, 1854 - 1979 (Directory)
    • Liberty Chapel in Action, 1980-1981 (Directory)
    • A Church for All Seasons, 1984 (Directory)
    • 130th Anniversary 1854 - 1984 (Program)
    • Liberty Chapel United Methodist Church, 1989 (Directory)
    • Liberty Chapel United Methodist Church, 1989 (Directory)
    • Celebrate the Spirit of Our Faith, 1996 (Directory)
    • United Methodist Church Celebrates the Millennium, 2000 (Directory)
    • Growing the Church, One Family at a Time, 2003 (Directory)
    • Celebrating 150 Years 1854- 2004 (Directory & Program)
  3. Church Record, 1948 - 1973
  4. Church Record, 1973 - 2006

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