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Yvonne Slyker Cave Photograph Collection - MS 1065

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The personal photographs of Yvonne (Slyker) Cave consist of approximately .25 linear ft. of snapshots, including many taken during her years as a student at Bowling Green State University between 1945 and her graduation with the Class of 1948.

The collection was transferred to the Center for Archival Collections in July 2007 through the cooperation of Jerry Elenz, of Michigan City, Indiana, a family friend. There are no restrictions on the research use of this collection and duplication is permitted for research purposes. The finding aid was completed July 2007 by Marilyn Levinson, Curator of Manuscripts.

Biographical Sketch

Yvonne Slyker was born on November 25, 1925 in Huron, Ohio. She attended both the College of Wooster and Bowling Green State University, working her way through school on scholarships. During her time at BGSU she was active in the YWCA, the Student Christian Fellowship, and the Bowling Club. She also attended Union Theological Seminary for three years and all through her life she was active in the Presbyterian Church. Married to Richard K. Cave for 35 years, Yvonne worked in the church library at John Knox Presbyterian Church in North Canton, Ohio and was active in committees and outreach work. She passed away on February 20, 2007.

Scope and Content

During the period of most of the photos in this collection, between 1945 and 1948, Yvonne Slyker was a student at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio. She is seen at several recognizable location around campus, most notably the Falcon's Nest, a log-cabin style student union, the Women's Building when it was being used for housing, and even a glimpse of the old trailer housing to the west of Oak Grove Cemetery known as "Falcon Heights".

Unfortunately, most individuals in the photos are unidentified, but as representative students of the time period the pictures are useful to illustrate how students relaxed, socialized, and interacted on campus. Included in the collection are several images of servicemen in uniform, some who were on campus and others who were probably friends of Yvonne from her home in Huron, Ohio.

Those photographs that can't be identified as being on the BGSU campus include views of Geneva, NY with what may have been a YMCA/YWCA gathering, a track meet that appears to have taken place in Sandusky, Ohio around 1942, and a couple of views of locations at the Great Lakes Exhibition, held in Cleveland, Ohio in 1936-1937.

Most of the prints in the collection do have a corresponding original negative, but the envelopes containing the negative were in no particular order, so there is no systematic way of finding the negative for an individual print.

Series Description


Photocopy of obituary from the Canton Repository, with photographs attached


Most unidentified, grouped according to photo print batch number stamped on verso.
Photographs taken primarily while a student at Bowling Green State University, with some at Sandusky, Ohio, Lake Geneva, NY and other unidentified locations

Photonegatives, most of 120mm or slightly larger, arranged by notation on envelope, but not necessarily corresponding to location information. Most negatives do have a print version in the collection


Box 1


  1. Obituary (photocopy), Feb 21, 2007
  2. Photographic prints - Identified
    1. 127 Meek St., Bowling Green, Ohio, Nov. 1944
    2. Cecil Thomas & Russ Jones, Geneva (NY), 1948
    3. Ohio State YMCA group, probably same location, 1948?
    4. Ohio State YMCA group, cropped copy of above, 1948?
    5. Ohio State YMCA group, with a tent, 1948?
    6. Similar to above, 1948?
    7. Similar to above (cropped), 1948?
    8. Similar to above (cropped), 1948?
    9. Vision Hill, Lake Geneva in background, 1948
    10. Yvonne in front of Kappa Zeta Pi (Women's Building of Eppler, used for temporary housing), 1946-1947
    11. Yvonne and friends inside Falcon's Nest, BGSU, circa 1947
    12. Dock and swimming place, Lake Geneva, NY, 1948
    13. Yvonne working in a library setting, n.d.
    14. Yvonne sitting on stairs, same location, n.d.
    15. Large group, Yvonne is just behind African student), 1947
  3. Photographic prints - Unidentified (Bowling Green, Ohio)
    1. Batch number 97 (Yvonne and friend on campus)
    2. Batch number A66 (Yvonne in cap and gown and general Commencement view)
    3. Batch numbers 34 & 86 (Picnic group, including young child)
    4. Batch numbers 780L & 571L (Individuals on BGSU Campus, winter)
    5. Batch numbers 93 (Yvonne and unidentified young me in Naval uniforms, winter, possibly by the Falcon's Nest)
    6. Miscellaneous views showing Yvonne and friends at various campus locations including outside Falcon's Nest
    7. Wallet size keepsake photos, individuals (some with partial identification)
  4. Photographic prints - Envelope addressed to Phi Mu Annex, 1946-1947? Bowling Green
    1. Batch number 08
    2. Batch number 61
    3. Batch number 44 (Old Stadium views)
    4. Batch number 56 (Views include Oak Grove, Mausoleum, and glimpse of "Falcon Heights"
    5. Batch number 34 (Young men on BGSU campus)
    6. Batch number 257 (Group of young people in living room)
    7. Batch numbers 35 & 95 (People dressed for social event - Photos at same location)
    8. Batch number 31 (Unidentified house at number 27079)
    9. Batch numbers 32, 158 & 3 (Group and individual photos, one with identification on verso as commencement on June 21, 1946)
  5. Photographic prints - (Envelope addressed to 114 Williams Hall, 1946-1947? but photos not in Bowling Green)
    1. Batch number M017 (Group of older students, including some Oriental students, sitting on grass and in winter)
  6. Photographic prints - Unidentified (Sandusky or Huron, Ohio?) 1942, n.d.
    1. Batch numbers 220Z (Portfolio of outdoor event, 1942)
    2. Batch numbers 788A & 427A (Track meet)
    3. Unnumbered (individuals in band uniforms)
  7. Photographic prints - Unidentified (Not Bowling Green) 1937, 1940s
    1. Great Lakes Exhibition, Cleveland, Ohio, 1937
    2. Batch number 11 (Unidentified campus event with Queen and court)
    3. Red batch numbers - various (Student group on unidentified train trip)
    4. Batch numbers 59 or none (Probably Lake Geneva, NY)
    5. Batch numbers 754H, 572C, & miscellaneous (Student group at various outdoor events)
    6. Individual or group shots of Yvonne and others
    7. Unidentified individuals in military uniforms
  8. Photonegatives - Envelope marked "Bowling Green"
  9. Photonegatives - Envelope addressed to 114 Williams Hall
  10. Photonegatives - Envelope addressed to 422 Hamar St., Huron, Ohio
  11. Photonegatives - Unmarked envelope

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