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Port Clinton Junior Women's Club - MS 1082

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The records of the Port Clinton Junior Women's Club (PCJWC) (1947-2000) were donated to the Center for Archival Collections, Bowling Green State University in November of 2007 by Michelle Coon.

The records of the club consist of meeting minutes, treasurer's books, programs/presentations, subject files, scrapbooks, published materials, reports, and awards.

Literary and property rights have been dedicated to the public and duplication is permitted for the purposes of preservation. Collection is open to the public and was processed in February of 2008, by Ryan Mizak.

Agency History

The General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC) got its start in 1868 by Jennie June Croly in New York City. By 1889 it had turned into one of the larger women's clubs in the United States and decided to arrange a meeting with other women's clubs around the nation. By the spring of 1890 a federation was formed and this was the official beginning of the General Federation of Women's Clubs. Throughout its years the GFWC has been instrumental in bringing about many influential laws and resolutions that have not only helped women but also various others. Today the headquarters for the General Federation of Women's Clubs is in Washington D.C.

The basic aspects of the GFWC

  • To unite women over the age of forty to come together and help themselves and their community
  • Established motto of "Unity in Diversity" in 1890
  • Ohio established motto of "Influence is responsibility"
  • OFWC Flower - Jonquil
  • OFWC Colors - Maize and Blue
  • OFWC Motto - Influence is responsibility

In 1894 Ohio became the 7th state federation established and established The Ohio Federation of Women's Clubs (OFWC). The Ohio Federation of Women's Clubs (OFWC) as well have contributed in contributing toward society greatly as well, for example helping to establish normal schools By 1922 Ohio expanded into its first Junior Clubs which essentially let women between the ages of 30-40 join as well.. The junior club is essentially a group of young women with various backgrounds who have joined together for fellowship and who help build, serve, improve and enjoy the community in which they live. There are also the juniorettes who are young women between the ages of 12-18 who stand for idea of helping community and establishing good values early on, and this portion of the club was established around thirty years ago. Additionally records on hand for the Port Clinton Junior Women's Club start in 1948 though it seems that meetings had started earlier than this date. Furthermore the final ratification of the first Port Clinton Junior Women's Club constitution was established early in 1949.

Scope and Content

The records for the Port Clinton Junior Women's Club contain well managed and extensive records from 1948 up until 1996 with some records recorded up until the year 2000. There are minutes which document both the board of directors meetings from (1954-1995) and general meetings from (1948-1995) which included meetings of anyone else from the club outside of the board of directors. These minutes include financial records and also include membership details. Financial documents are found in the treasurer's books (1964-1988), which contain documents on money spent by the club as well as money coming in. The ways and means reports (1951-1989), also contain financial documents mostly detail the events the club participated in and money that was associated with those events.

Reports were another way they club reported their activities. Reports to the OFWC (Ohio Federation of Women's Clubs)/GFWC (General Federation of Women's Clubs) (1975-1996), documented specific activities to the heads of these to organizations whom looked over in some way of the Port Clinton chapter. There were also the Presidents' Reports (1980-1985), which were more extensive data that accounted of the year before by the president.

The yearbooks kept by the club were also one of the largest parts of the collection with a book for every year from 1947-2000. These yearbooks contain member records, pictures, newspaper clippings, photos, and yearly history. Other books which included history on the club were the GFWC Guidebook 1986, GFWC Manual, and the GFWC Resolutions 1970. These books give an outline of the group to members including, rules, guidelines, and what the club is there for and what is does for the community.

The program books/presentations (1959-60, 1965-80), also give a look at the clubs past events and what they accomplished through them.

One of the most documented files outside of the minutes is those of the craft festivals. In these documents they record how much money was raised/spent on the events as well as miscellaneous financial records on the events including member tallies and member attendance.

Lastly are the scrapbooks (1951-52, 1987-89, 1996-98) which contain newspaper clippings, pictures, photos, and various other things which represented the club in the appropriate years.

Series Description


August 1954-May 1995
Arranged Chronologically
Includes date, time, and place of meeting as well as business discussed and taken care of by the board of directors.

September 1948-April 1995
Arranged Chronologically
Includes date, time and place of meetings by general assembly including members outside the board of directors which dealt with a wider variety of topics.


OFFICE FILES-Crafts Festivals
1981-1986, 1988-1998
Arranged Chronologically
Includes date, time and place of festival, along with financial records of what was bought and sold and members in attendance.


ANNUAL -Presidents Reports
1980-81, 1984-1985
Arranged Chronologically
Includes aspects of what the club did for the year, includes donations, events, conferences, awards, members, and various departments and the work they have done.

ANNUAL-Reports to the GFWC/OFWC
1984, 1986-87, 1990-1996
Arranged Chronologically
Includes and detailed description of what the group did that year including, financial documents, events, members and other various group functions.


JOURNALS-Treasurer's Books
Arranged Chronologically
Contains amounts of cash disbursed during periods of time from members, including balances and dates. Also includes bank balances, checks, and cash received during the period

JOURNALS-Ways and Means Report
Arranged Chronologically
Contains financial material from events including money spent, profits and individual members and contributions to the clubs financial responsibilities.


Arranged Chronologically
Gives a description of what the club is all about. States club pledge, gives current members, past presidents, important dates, programs, achievements, committee, and includes pictures but not necessarily in that order.

Explains everything a member of the GFWC needs to know. Explains what the club is about, its history, events, finance, all members, leaders in regions, and other aspects of the group's existence.

Overview of what the GFWC around the country should follow. Explains how each club should run, what they can do and what they should do. Also includes extensive amount of rules, regulations, and guidelines for the club

Booklet of the resolutions and facts about the world including laws of America and how they relate to the club. Also includes lists of conventions dealing with similar subjects as the laws.

Arranged Chronologically
Typed out speeches and essays on presentations that were given by various group members.

Typed out notes to various speeches during an undetermined time period.

Summary of fall fundraising project in 1991. Lists details if project from August till December also includes catalogs of materials sold for the fundraiser.

Book on the history and development of the Women's Club up until that time period.

Book that extensive goes through the history of the Women's club and updated the status of the club since the last edition.


Box 1


  1. Board of Directors Minutes, Aug. 1954-March 1958
  2. Board of Directors Minutes, 1955-1957
  3. Board of Directors Minutes, Sept. 1956-May 1961
  4. Board of Directors Minutes, Sept. 1961-May 1963
  5. Board of Directors Minutes, Jan. 1964-March 1965
  6. Board of Directors Minutes, Sept. 1966-May 1967
  7. Board of Directors Minutes, May. 1967-May 1969

Box 2


  1. Board of Directors Minutes, Sept. 1969-May 1971
  2. Board of Directors Minutes, May 1973-April 1975
  3. Board of Directors Minutes, Sept. 1974-May 1975
  4. Board of Directors Minutes, Sept. 1975-May 1979

Box 3


  1. Board of Directors Minutes, Sept. 1980-May 1984
  2. Board of Directors Minutes, Sept. 1990-May 1995
  3. Minutes, Sept. 1948-May 1952
  4. Minutes, Sept. 1952-March 1957
  5. Minutes, April 1956-May 1961
  6. Minutes, Sept. 1961-May 1962

Box 4


  1. Minutes, Sept. 1965-May 1966
  2. Minutes, Sept. 1977-May 1981
  3. Minutes, Sept. 1979-May 1980
  4. Minutes, 1981-1982
  5. Minutes, Sept. 1983-May 1985
  6. Minutes, Sept. 1990-April 1995

Box 5


  1. Subject Case File, Crafts Festival-1981
  2. Subject Case File, Crafts Festival-1986
  3. Subject Case File, Crafts Festival-1988
  4. Subject Case File, Crafts Festival-1989
  5. Subject Case File, Crafts Festival-1990
  6. Subject Case File, Crafts Festival-1991
  7. Subject Case File, Crafts Festival-1992
  8. Subject Case File, Crafts Festival-1993
  9. Subject Case File, Crafts Festival-1994
  10. Subject Case File, Crafts Festival-1995
  11. Subject Case File, Crafts Festival-1996

Box 6


  1. Subject Case File, Crafts Festival-1997
  2. Subject Case File, Crafts Festival-1998
  3. Reports-Presidents Reports, 1980-1981
  4. Reports-Report to GFWC, 1982
  5. Reports-Presidents Report, 1984
  6. Reports-Presidents Report, 1985
  7. Reports-Reports to OFWC, 1986-1987
  8. Reports-Reports to GFWC/OFWC, 1990-1996

Box 7


  1. Financial-Treasurer's Books, 1964-1977
  2. Financial-Treasurer's Books, 1977-1984
  3. Financial-Treasurer's Books, 1984-1988
  4. Financial-Ways & Means, 1951-1977
  5. Financial-Ways & Means, 1977-1982

Box 8


  1. Financial-Ways & Means, 1984-1985
  2. Financial-Ways & Means, 1985-1986
  3. Financial-Ways & Means, 1986-1987
  4. Financial-Ways & Means, 1987-1988
  5. Financial-Ways & Means, 1988-1989
  6. Printed-Yearbooks, 1947-1950
  7. Printed-Yearbooks, 1950-1960
  8. Printed-Yearbooks, 1960-1970
  9. Printed-Yearbooks, 1970-1980

Box 9


  1. Printed-Yearbooks, 1980-1990
  2. Printed-Yearbooks, 1990-2000
  3. Printed-GFWC Guidebook, 1986-Ohio Juniors

Box 10


  1. Printed-GFWC Manual
  2. Printed-GFWC Resolutions, (Through 1970)
  3. Printed-Program Presentations, 1965-1986
  4. Printed-Programs Note cards, N.D.
  5. Printed-Fundraising Project, 1991
  6. Printed-Book-"History of the Juniors of the Ohio Federation of Women's Clubs"

Oversized Box 1

  1. Community Improvement Project, 1996-1998
  2. Community Improvement Project Award, 1978-1980

Oversized Box 2

  1. Scrapbook, 1987-1988

Oversized Box 3

  1. Scrapbook, 1951-1952

Oversized Wrapped

  1. Program Book, 1959-1960

Moved to General Collection

  1. "The GFWC/Ohio Federation of Women's Clubs" Volume IV-1974-1994-Centennial Edition

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