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Wankelman Family Collection - MS 1106

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The Wankelman Family Collection includes one cubic foot of photographs, Masonic and Kiwanis programs, manuals, rosters and miscellaneous artifacts dating from
c.1860-1977. The collection was transferred to the CAC from the Browne Popular Culture Library in January 2009. There are no restrictions placed on the use of the collection for research purposes. The collection was arranged and described by Eric Honneffer, February 2009.

 Biographical Sketch

The Wankelman Family Collection concentrates primarily upon Frederick Wankelman a Cincinnati, Ohio businessman specializing in wholesale toys. Frederick was the father of Bowling Green State University faculty member Willard Wankelman, who was instrumental in the establishment of the university’s art department in 1946 and served as its chair until he retired in 1972. Willard was born in Cincinnati to Frederick and Alma (Hammler) Wankelman on May 21, 1915. He earned bachelor of science and master of arts degrees in 1938 and 1940 respectively.

 Scope and Content

Most of the photographs which comprise the bulk of the collection were not identified. It was determined, however, after examining the Masonic and Kiwanis rosters included in the collection, that Frederick Wankelman is the predominant figure in many of the photographs. Wherever possible Frederick’s name has been added to some images which span his youth, school years and adulthood. The collection’s significance lies in its connection to BGSU professor Williard Wankelman. A few images of him as a child and a small number of other family members are included as well.

Masonic and Kiwanis rosters, booklets and artifacts offer an interesting glimpse into Frederick Wankelman’s social activities in Cincinnati, Ohio from approximately 1935 until 1977.

 Series Description


1935-1968 scattered
Arranged chronologically
These can include officer’s manuals, by-laws, resolutions, rosters, a souvenir booklet and a program relevant to Ohio Grand Lodge or Cincinnati chapter activities. Some of these include references to Frederick Wankelman.

Frederick Wankelman became a Noble of the Mystic Shrine.

1950-1977 scattered
Arranged chronologically
Frederick Wankelman appears in the rosters.


c. 1880-1943 scattered
Arranged chronologically
These images include photos of Frederick Wankelman from his youth into adulthood. Some include late 19th and early 20th century sports teams and school groups of which he is a part. Some photos are oversized.

Two images of Willard Wankelman as a child are included.

c. 1880-1909 scattered



This includes two aprons, tassels, a fez and a Masonic bobble head doll



Box 1

  1. Officer’s manual, Grand Lodge F & A.M. of Ohio, 1935
  2. Souvenir booklet, Sesqui-Centennial of the Nova Caesarea Harmony Lodge #2, Free and Accepted Masons, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1941
  3. Handbook, Cincinnati Commandery #3, Knights Templar, 1954-1955
  4. Program, Sesqui-Centennial Celebrationfor the M.W. Grand Lodge of Ohio, F.& A.M, Cincinnati, Ohio, March 12, 1958
  5. By-laws, resolutions and roster for the Nova Caesarea Harmony Lodge #2 F & A.M., Cincinnati, Ohio, 1966
  6. Officer’s manual, Grand Lodge F & A.M. of Ohio, 1968
  7. A Vest Pocket History of Freemasonry by H.L. Haywood, nd
  8. Roster and by-laws for the Kiwanis Club of Cincinnati, Ohio, 1950, 1961
  9. Roster for the Kiwanis Club of Cincinnati, Ohio, 1971-1977 scattered
  10. Miscellaneous Willard Wankelman documents, Round Tuit, obituary, 1994, nd
  11. Photos, Frederick Wankelman, c. 1880
  12. Photos, Frederick Wankelman (in glass), c. 1890
  13. Photos, Frederick Wankelman, c. 1890-1900
  14. Photos, Frederick Wankelman, c. 1900
  15. Photos, Frederick Wankelman, c.1933,1943
  16. Photos, Willard Wankelman, 1919
  17. Photos, identified Wankelman Family, c.1880-1909 scattered
  18. Photos, unidentified Wankelman Family, c. 1860-1910 scattered


  1. Nobles of the Mystic Shrine certificate, 12-4-1943
  2. Photo, Members of the Cincinnati Hardware Guild and Cincinnati Hardware Club, Bellenap Hardware and Manufacturing Company’s new plant, Louisville, Ky., 6-26-1924
  3. Photo, group of men, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1930
  4. Photo, group of men, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1930
  5. Photo, group of men, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1950
  6. Photo (cased), unidentified woman, c. 1860
  7. Photo, Price Hill baseball team, c. 1900
  8. Masonic apron, cotton, nd
  9. Masonic apron, velvet, nd
  10. Masonic tassels, nd
  11. Masonic fez, nd
  12. Masonic bobble head doll, nd
  13. Kiwanis International button, nd

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