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New Washington United Methodist Church (New Washington, Ohio) - MS 1038 mf

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The records of New Washington United Methodist Church, New Washington, Ohio, 1858 - 2005, were transferred for microfilming to the Center for Archival Collections, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio with the cooperation of Anita Ackerman and Mary Fox.

The Center for Archival Collections is the publisher of this microfilm edition. The camera negative is the property of the Center for Archival Collections. For restrictions on the use of this collection please see the accompanying Note to Researchers.

The collection consists of eight record books (1858 – 2005) which include memberships, marriages, baptisms, deaths and other historical records.

This introduction was prepared by Kathy Gardner in May 2006.

 Agency Sketch

New Washington United Methodist Church was founded in 1883 by Reverend E. L. Smith and it became part of the Good Will Circuit. A church was erected that same year. Around 1885 a New Washington Circuit was formed which included Good Will Church, Cranberry Chapel and Pleasant Grove Church. New Washington’s pastors served all four churches until the others were discontinued around 1912-1914 and New Washington became a single point charge. New Washington Church was remodeled and enlarged around 1917-1918 to accommodate a growing congregation.

From 1940-1959 New Washington was a member of a circuit that included Lemert and Concord. In 1968 it became a two point charge with Scioto and then in 1980 it became a single station and the name was changed to the New Washington United Methodist Church.

The above history was compiled based on information obtained from the “Mansfield District East Ohio Conference United Methodist Church Local Church Directory” (revised April 1996) and from “A Centennial History of the New Washington United Methodist Church” by Kenneth Cummins and Grace Springer c. 1983.

 Order of Microfilming

Roll 1

  1. Record Book (Sulphur Springs and Oceola Circuits), 1858-1882
  2. Record Book, 1890-1898
  3. Record Book, 1897-1908
  4. Record Book (New Washington Circuit), 1907-1929
  5. Record Book/Membership Record, 1927-1951
  6. Record Book/Membership Roll, 1951-1962
  7. Membership Roll, 1966-1970
  8. Official Membership/Church Record, 1962-2005

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