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Young-Furst Collection - MS 1116

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The Young-Furst collection consists of photographs relating to Eban Claude Young dating from 1916 through 1924. The collection also contains photographs relating to the World War I service of Sylvester A. Furst. Certificates and materials relating to Sylvester Furst’s tenure as an engineer of Great Lakes shipping vessels are also included, including Great Lakes Red Books for years 1942 and 1962.
The collection was donated by Delight Heckelman on March 21, 2009. No restrictions exist on the use of the collection. Duplication is permitted for the purpose of preservation and research. The collection was processed and registered prepared by Ruth Ann Petroff April 13, 2009.

 Biographical Sketch

Eban Claude Young was born January 9, 1880 in Hillsdale, Michigan. He worked as a printer at the Lima News during the early 1900’s and at the Sandusky Register and Star News during the 1920’s. For a number of years he was the composing room foreman of The Star-Journal. Mr. Young was employed at the Stephens Printing Co. until the time of his death on December 1, 1942. He was married to Grace and had three sons, William A, Gerald C and Virgil L and three daughters, Mrs. Sylvester A. Furst (Beulah), Mrs. James Wilkinson and Mrs. William Shadle.

Sylvester A. Furst was born July 27, 1899 in Atherton, Minnesota. He married Beulah Young, daughter of Eban Young and had one son, Maynard and two daughters, Mrs. Vivian Blohm and Mrs. Delight Heckelman. During World War I, Mr. Furst served with Company B. He was stationed in occupied Germany in 1919. From 1937 until 1969, Mr. Furst worked as a marine engineer for Great Lakes Towing until 1966. Related information on Great Lakes Towing can be found in the manuscript collection GLMS 5. He was a member of the Licensed Tugmen’s and Pilots’ Protective Association of America. He served as the Grand Secretary-Treasurer and local chapter president.

 Scope and Content

The Young-Furst collection can be divided into two collections. The Eban Young collection is small and consists of five photos circa 1916-1924 from the Lima News printers and the International Typographical Union Local 296. One photo dating to 1924 shows the Sandusky News team. The Sandusky photos also include the Beach at Cedar Point, a fishing boat on Sandusky Bay and Sandusky Bay channel dredging. Other photos include a field in North Central Michigan, a shipping vessel on the Detroit River.

The Sylvester Furst collection contains numerous photographs on or around 1919. Many of the photographs depict camp life of U.S. soldiers stationed in Germany. The primary images are of Company B and scenes in and around Coblenz Germany. There are also photographs of sites in Europe including Paris, Brussels, and Metz.

The Furst portion of the collection also includes artifacts from Mr. Furst's career as a marine engineer on the Great Lakes. Included are Great Lakes Red Books for 1942 and 1962, Sylvester Furst’s Continuous Discharge Book and Certificates. In addition, there are images of the LTPPA convention from 1963 and 1966.

 Series Description


General Motors Diesel Power Engine Training School Certificate dated 1958 given to Sylvester Furst U.S. Coast Guard Chief Engineer License to Sylvester Furst dated 1966

Continuous Discharge Book for Sylvester Furst. Statement of nationality, age, personal description, photograph of the seaman; record of seaman’s work. Includes statement of nationality, age, personal description, photograph of the seaman; the name, official number , and class of vessel; date and place of engagement; seaman rating; description of voyage; date and place of discharge; and signature of master and shipping commissioner.

Great Lakes Towing Company

International Longshoreman’s Association

1942 and 1962
Great Lakes Red Book
Listing of Great Lakes vessels with owner’s names and appointments for season.


1916 or 1917 - 1929
Black and white photographs arranged by subject. Subjects include the Lima News printing crew, ITU 296 Lima, Sandusky News Team and area of North Central Michigan, Detroit River and Sandusky Bay.

Black and white photographs during Sylvester Furst’s World War I service in Company B Engineers while stationed in occupied Germany.

Miscellaneous Identified Photographs
1921, 1962, 1966
Arranged chronologically
Images include photographs of the U.S.A.T President Rant and LTPPA Conventions


Box 1


  1. Certificates - U.S. Coast Guard Chief Engineer License issued to Sylvester Furst, 1966
    General Motors Diesel Power Engine Training School Certificate issued to Sylvester Furst, 1958
  2. Continuous Discharge Book for Sylvester Furst 1937-1943
  3. Great Lakes Towing Company Pamphlet 1963
  4. International Longshoreman’s Association Directory for March 1941
  5. Great Lakes Red Books 1942 and 1962
  6. Photograph collection of Eban Young
    • Lima News Gang
    • Lima News
    • North Central Michigan
    • Detroit River June 1924
    • International Typographical Union Local 296 Lima
    • International Typographical Union Local 296 Lima
    • 1924 Sandusky News Team. Left to Right Bob Kreuson Jr., Bob Kreuson, Sr., Joe Parrot
    • 1916 or 1917 The News Ball Team
    • Cedar Point, Ohio
    • Sandusky Bay
    • 1929 Dredging of Sandusky Channel
  7. World War I Company B Engineers Camp Life
    • Sleeve 1 - Company on Marches
    • Sleeve 2 – Company on Marches
    • Sleeve 3
      A. Engineer Rooters Football game
      B. Football substitutes
      C. Fooling
    • Sleeve 4
      A. Football practice 1st Engineer team
    • Sleeve 5
      A. Entrance to engineering post
      B. Engineer barracks
      C. B Company barracks
    • Sleeve 6
      A. 1st Engineers reading room
      B. 1st Engineers reading room
      C. B Company mess hall
    • Sleeve 7
      A. B Company wash room
      B. B Company bath room
    • Sleeve 8
      A. B Company kitchen
      B. B Company cobbler
      C. 1st Engineers canteen
    • Sleeve 9
      A. Dance Hall
      B. Dance Hall
      C. B Company Supply Room
    • Sleeve 10
      A. B Company barber shop
      B. B Company barber
      C. B Company tailor
    • Sleeve 11
      A. Dark Room
      B. B Company carpenter shop
    • Sleeve 12
      A. Liberty truck
      B. Motor transportation crew
    • Sleeve 13
      A. Guard House
      B. Prize team of grays
  8. World War I Company B Engineers Camp Life
    • Sleeve 1
      A. M. Grogan, Co. B 1st Engineers, Coblenz, Germany
      B. W. Bray, Co. B 1st Engineers, Coblenz, Germany
      C. Unidentified soldiers
    • Sleeve 2
      A. J.J. Kelly, Co. B 1st Engineers, Coblenz, Germany
      B. J. J. Kelly, Co. B 1st Engineers, Coblenz, Germany
      C. Unidentified soldier
    • Sleeve 3
      A. L.P. Cabble
      B. L. P. Cabble
      C. From Left to Right: J. Williams, R. Young, J. J. Kelly, Modery
    • Sleeve 4, Unidentified Soldiers
    • Sleeve 5, Unidentified Soldiers
    • Sleeve 6, Unidentified Soldiers
  9. Soldier Funeral Processions
  10. YWCA Nurses Ball Game
  11. Horse Show
  12. Black Watch Scottish Highlanders
  13. Red Cross Train
  14. Scenes of Coblenz, Germany
  15. Scenes of Paris, France
  16. Scenes of Brussels, Belgium
  17. Metz, France
  18. Bridges
  19. Statues
    A. Emperor William's Monument, Coblenz, Germany
    B. Unidentified
  20. Churches
  21. Scenes in Europe
  22. Rhine River scenes
  23. Unidentified non-military people
  24. USSAT President transport ship
  25. Licensed Tugmen's and Pilots Protective Association of America 1963 Convention Photo –
    Sylvester Furst is in the first row sitting, fourth from left.
  26. Licensed Tugmen’s and Pilots’ Protective Association of America 1966 Convention Photos
    A. Sylvester Furst – second from left
    B. Sylvester Furst – second row, third from left
    C. Sylvester Furst – first seat, sitting on right side of long table, facing camera

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