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David C. Murray Family Papers - MS 1128

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The Murray Family collection consists of .1 linear feet and contains original copies of receipts and other financial documents from David C. Murray, plus copies, photocopies and transcripts of letters written to David C. Murray from his brother Z.G. Murray. The receipts and financial papers date from 1851-1866. The letters date from 1868-1872. Other materials included are an original Warranty Deed from 1859 and a copy of a Certificate from 1861 which certifies David C. Murray as Treasurer of Wyandot County.

The material was transferred to the Center for Archival Collections through the cooperation of Helen Murray White, in August, 18, 2009. No restrictions exist on the use of this collection. Duplication may be permitted for the purposes of preservation and research. The register was prepared in September 2009 by Annie Rose Adams.

 Biographical Sketch

David C. Murray is the brother of Z.G. Murray, both of whom lived in Wyandot County, Ohio during the late 1800s. Z.G. Murray lived in Richland Township while D.C. lived in Salem Township. Both of the brothers are recorded as having been farmers. He is recorded as having been the Justice of Peace for Salem Township in the years 1855 and 1858. There is also evidence found in this collection that David was the Treasurer of Wyandot in the year 1861.

 Scope and Content

This collection is composed primarily of the correspondence from Z.G. Murray to his brother D.C. Murray. Their letters consist of information about their family’s health and the health of their neighbors. The letters also discuss the weather of the Ohio area Wyandot during the late 1800s, and how it affected their crops and budgets. Z.G. Murray’s letters describe his sales of crops and livestock at great length. These letters help to depict how people interacted during this time, and how they survived and did business with one another.

One of the letters found in this collection is written to D.C. Murray by a D. Bland. This letter discusses the same issues written above and provides deeper insight in to the lives of the people of the day.

The records provide valuable information of the Northwest Ohio area from 1858-1872 in regards to weather patterns and agriculture; however, it does suffer from large gaps in time. Often times the handwriting seems hurried and is difficult to read. Overall the collection does provide a good insight into how people lived in this area during the late 1800s.

 Series Description


Letters primarily from Z.G. Murray to his brother, David C. Murray discussing the everyday lives of a farmer during the mid to late 1800s. The letters provide insight into the way people lived during this time.


Two legal documents. One is an original copy of a Warranty Deed from 1859, and the other is a scanned copy of a Certificate which certifies David C. Murray as Treasurer of Wyandot County in the year 1861.


A collection of the original copies of David C. Murray’s checks and IOUs from 1851-1866.


Box 1


  1. Correspondence: Scanned letters from Z.G. to D.C., 1868-1872
  2. Correspondence: Typed transcripts of letters from Z.G. to D.C., 1868-1871
  3. Correspondence: Hand written transcripts of letters from Z.G to D.C., 1871-1872
  4. Correspondence: Photocopies of letters from Z.G. to D.C., 1868-1872
  5. Correspondence: Scanned letter from D. Bland to D.C., 1871
  6. Correspondence: Typed transcript of letter from D. Bland to D.C., 1871
  7. Correspondence: Hand written transcript of letter from D. Bland to D.C., 1871
  8. Correspondence: Photocopy of letter from D. Bland to D.C., 1871
  9. Legal Documents, 1859-1861
  10. Financial Documents: Assorted checks and IOUs, 1851-1866

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