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Perry Progressive Council - MS 625

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The Perry Progressive Council collection consists mostly of the organization’s meeting minutes from 1947-1981. There are also some miscellaneous printed materials and photographic material. The collection was donated and transferred to the Center for Archival Collections in November 1991 through the cooperation of Doris Bringman. This collection was processed and the register prepared by Annie Rose Adams, November 2009. No restrictions apply to the use of this collection.

 Agency History

The Perry Progressive Council was created in March 1947 by farmers of the southeast area of Wood County as a local affiliate of the Ohio Farm Bureau. The council was created for the purpose of a Farm Bureau Advisory Council in order to make improvements and adjustments to the living and working of farmers in the area. The council held a meeting once a month and also took part in holiday festivities and summer picnics together. The Perry Progressive Council would meet to discuss contemporary local farming issues and also to take time to meet up with one another for some games and refreshments.

 Scope and Content

The Perry Progressive Council collection consists mostly of the council’s minutes throughout the years 1947 to 1981. The minutes include the various discussions the council held about farming during the time. The minutes would be useful to a researcher looking to discover the issues of farming in the southeast area of Wood County during the years of 1947-1981. The collection also contains a list of the names of the members and their attendance to the meetings. These lists may be useful to a researcher tracking a certain family, or farmer that lived during these years in Wood County.

The Perry Progressive Council collection contains miscellaneous printed materials that provide insight into different aspects of the organizations activities throughout the years. It also holds photographs of some of the members during the early years with detailed lists on the names of the people within the photographs.

 Series Description


Several in depth meeting minutes from the Perry Progressive Council throughout the years 1947-1981. The minutes provide insight into the various discussions and activities of the Perry Progressive Council members and meetings.


This contains attendance records of the Perry Progressive Council between the years 1947-1981.


Different printed materials that give a view of the Perry Progressive Council’s different activities.


1947-1959, n.d.
Many different photographs of the members of the Perry Progressive Council, both at work and play. Also, very detailed inscriptions of the names of the people found within the photographs.


Box 1

  1. Minutes, 1947-1950
  2. Minutes, Jan. 1951-Dec. 1952
  3. Minutes, Jan. 1953-Dec.1954
  4. Minutes, Feb. 1955-Feb. 1957
  5. Minutes, March 1957-Dec.1959
  6. Minutes, Jan. 1960-Nov.1961
  7. Minutes, Dec.1961-Dec. 1963
  8. Minutes, Jan.1964-Aug. 1965
  9. Minutes, Sept. 1965-July 1967
  10. Minutes, Aug. 1967-Nov.1969
  11. Minutes, Jan. 1970-Dec.1971
  12. Minutes, Jan. 1972-July 1974
  13. Minutes, Sept. 1874-Aug. 1980
  14. Minutes, Sept. 1980-Dec.1985
  15. Reports: Attendance Records, 1974-1981
  16. Printed Material: Miscellaneous, 1950-1965
  17. Photographic Material, 1947-1959, n.d.

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