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Bridges-Vass Family Collection - MS 1132

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The Bridges-Vass Family Collection consists of 1/3 linear feet, and contains mostly Printed Materials. These Printed Materials range from trading cards to church brochures providing an interesting look into the collections and lives of people during the late 1800s. The collection was donated and transferred to the Center for Archival Collections in July 1996 through the cooperation of Robert Priest. This collection was processed and the register prepared by Annie Rose Adams, October 2009.

 Biographical Sketch

Alexander Vass was born in 1809 in county of Elgin, parish of Edinkille, Scotland. On December 23, 1830 he married Isabel Duncan. Isabel Duncan Vass was born in1807 in Scotland. In 1834 the couple moved to the United States and settled in Perrysburg, Ohio. Alexander was a carpenter who started his career working on a Methodist church. In 1843 the couple joined the United Presbyterian church and Vass was elected Elder of the church soon after. The couple had ten children, one of who was named Ann Vass. Ann Vass married Samuel Francillo Bridges on March 28, 1861. Samuel F. Bridges was born in Remsen, Oneida Co., New York on May 2, 1827 and moved with his family to Perrysburg in August 1838. Samuel F. Bridges is recorded in the Census as being a farmer. Samuel and Ann settled in Haskins, Ohio and when a Presbyterian church was organized at Samuel’s home on July 25, 1869 he became a charter member by letter from the Hull Prairie church. He was also elected an elder at this time; he held this position until his death on May 20, 1901, at 74 years old. On October 3, 1894 Ann died of a vitamin B deficiency, also known pernicious anemia.

 Scope and Content

The Bridges-Vass Family Collection consists mainly of printed materials and financial documents. The financial documents consist of Samuel F. Bridges’ cash books which recorded his various. The Printed Materials from the collection are of a wide variety, including trading cards, certificates, a directory, church brochures, calendars and much more.

There is a little bit of correspondence, mostly contained on postcards, but one letter, dated 1844, is from Scotland to Alexander and Isabel Vass giving an update of their various friends and family members they left behind. The letter also tells about Scotland’s churches and their development at the time.

There is also a diary from1871 within the Literary Productions. This diary belonged to Samuel F. Bridges and within it he talked a lot about the weather and his work, with a few references to his family and the neighbors. The back of the diary also provides financial details and records. There are a few photographs without any names of the people within them in the collection.

This collection could interest researchers if they are looking for intricacies into the collectibles of people during the late 1800s and also church activity.

 Series Description


1844-1924, 193-?, n.d.
Correspondence consists mostly of postcards. For the most part the correspondence is addressed to Miss Carrie Bridges and Miss Jessie Bridges with a few to S.F. Bridges and Mr. Jesse Bridges. Many of the postcards are Holiday greetings, some family inquiries and answers to other inquiries.


This contains the diary of Samuel F. Bridges, husband of Ann Bridges. This diary is dated 1871 and gives details about weather and work throughout the year. The back of the diary provides financial details and records/receipts.


One of the ledgers contains a page of a recipe, but the rest is blank. The other two ledgers contain financial information about Samuel F. Bridges ranging over the years from 1865-1891 (?). These ledgers contain details about Samuel Bridges’ various expenses throughout these years with particular references to Vass Bros. Co. and J.G. Watts.


May 12, 1834-July 28, 1913
Certificate of Appointment of Clerk of Election sent to Samuel F. Bridges, Certificate and Warranty for a piano forte, a certificate for shares of stock for the Richland Oil and Gas Company and a Certificate of recommendation for Alexander Vass and Isabel Duncan to be admitted into a Presbyterian congregation.

One brochure advertises classes for teachers to learn how to teach more efficiently. Another brochure is a “Scientific American Handout” and “Woodworth’s Youth’s Cabinet and Illustrated Dollar Magazine.”

Consists of two clippings. One clipping is about the death of Charles Witzler, the other is about the oldest tree in Ohio.

These calendars provide artwork from the times and also provide insight into the collectibles of the times.

Provide information the Haskins Presbyterian Church, including prayer books. This collection also contains prayer cards and religious pieces of artwork.

Contains various different company trading cards, including Pioneer Dry Goods and Carpet House, DOAN’S Kidney Pills, Toledo Spice Co., and many more.


May 7, 1950, n.d.
There is a tin photo of a family, a man’s business card, and a picture of a group with Mrs. R. inscribed in the back with the date May 7, 1950.


Box 1

  1. Correspondence: Bridges, 1844-1924, 193?, n.d.
  2. Literary Productions: Diary of Samuel F. Bridges, 1871
  3. Financial Documents: Ledger, cashbook, 1865-1886
  4. Financial Documents: Ledgers, cashbook, recipe, 1891-1917
  5. Printed Materials: Certificates, 1834-1913
  6. Printed Materials: Brochures, n.d.
  7. Printed Materials: Clippings, n.d.
  8. Printed Materials: Calendars, 1887-1916
  9. Printed Materials: Church, prayer session cards, n.d.
  10. Printed Materials: Trading Cards, n.d.
  11. Photographical Materials, n.d.
  12. Family History

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