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Ottawa County, Ohio Map Collection - MS 1143 f

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The Ottawa County Map Collection consists of more than 90 hand-drawn maps originally deposited with the Ottawa County Auditor’s Office and transferred to Bowling Green State University in the mid-1970s as part of the local government records program. Initially integrated into the general county map collection and assigned numbers according to that referencing sequence, these maps were later separated, given conservation treatment, encapsulated, and now form a separate collection.

The finding aid to this collection was by Marilyn Levinson, Curator of Manuscripts in June 2010.

 Scope and Content

Among the responsibilities of the office of the County Auditor was maintaining records related to taxable property. In that capacity the office was in charge of conducting property assessments, which sometimes included maps and plats (including some towns that were platted but never inhabited, such as Port Oleron and Moscow). This collection includes hand-drawn maps used by the office, dating from as early as the 1840s through the 1890s. In addition to showing acreage and names of owners, some of the maps show physical features of the landscape, such as marshes, bogs, sandbars, and streams. The collection also includes other administrative maps such as school districts and ditch plats and profiles. All the maps have been encapsulated and are stored in an oversize flat box.


Map NumberMap Description
11-3Sugar Creek running through Harris Township, Ottawa County, Ohio measured and divided into 10 rod stations. March 1, 1860 [verso of map has description “Harris Ditch”]
11-4Plat of survey of Toledo and Port Clinton Free Turnpike Road. 1849
11-5Plat of a survey and division of Section no. 16, Township no. 6, Range no. 14, Harris Township, Ottawa County, Ohio. May 27, 1848
11-6Elmore Union School district map for 3 year levy. 1870
11-7Clay Center, SE cor., NE 1/4, NE 1/4, Clay T, Sect. 16, T7, R13. n.d.
11-9Plan of Martin, N 1/2, NW 1/4, Sect. 23, T7, Range 13. n.d.
11-10South Bass Island, range south, county road, Put-in-Bay, Ottawa Co., Ohio. n.d.
11-11Erie Township, Dist. no. 1. n.d.
11-12Civil Township no. 3 [Bay Township, assessor’s map] n.d.
11-13Bay Township [assessor’s map] n.d.
11-14Salem Township assessor’s map. n.d.
11-15Township no. 6, north range no. 17 E [Portage Township] n.d.
11-16Erie Township assessor’s map, range 15N, township 7, civil township no. 10. n.d.
11-17Rundell Addition to Genoa, May 27, 1871
11-18Bulls Island in Sandusky Bay. 1841
11-19Map of Port Oleron for assessors. n.d.
11-20School District of the Village of Oak Harbor. n.d.
11-21Moscow [plat] n.d.
11-22Map fragment [T8N, R13-15E, Carroll, Benton & Clay Twps] n.d.
11-23Salem, civil township no. 4 [assessor’s map] n.d.
11-24Carroll Township, auditor’s map. n.d.
11-25Harris School District no. 4. n.d.
11-26Rough map of Harris [Township] for examination. 1844
11-27Bay Township, Ottawa County, Ohio, showing School Districts 1-3. 1846
11-28Portage Township, civil township no. 2, assessor’s map. n.d.
11-29Danbury [Township] n.d.
11-30Map of Portage and part of Danbury Townships. n.d.
11-31Rough map of Harris [Township] 1842
11-32[T8N] Range 15E [Carroll Township fragments] n.d.
11-33Rough map of Harris [Township] 1844
11-34School District no. 1, Salem Township. n.d.
11-35Appraiser’s map, Danbury Township, sections 3 & 4. n.d
11-36Harris Township, assessor’s map, Township 6 N, Range 14E. n.d.
11-37Salem Township. n.d.
11-38Hartford [Oak Harbor], Salem Township n.d.
11-39Assessor’s map of the fractional township taken from Lucas County and attached to Ottawa. n.d.
11-40Danbury Township, appraiser’s map sections 2, 3 & 4. n.d.
11-41Map of Bay Township. 1846
11-42Danbury Township, section 2. n.d.
11-43Catawba Island, School District no. 1. Jan 15, 1848
11-44Plat of School District no. 5, Harris Township. n.d.
11-45Port Oleron plat. n.d.
11-46School districts of Benton Township. Jan 1, 1850
11-47Map of the civil township of Clay, exhibiting the bounds of school districts. May 25, 1845
11-48Map of Port Clinton. n.d.
11-49Rough map of Erie [Township]. 1843
11-50Clay, civil township no. 6. 1845
11-51Clay Township. n.d.
11-52Parts of Danbury and Portage [Townships]. n.d.
11-53Plat of boundary line of Ottawa and Lucas. 1845
11-54Ottawa County, township 7, range 13 [Allen Twp]. n.d.
11-55Civil Township, no. 7 [Allen Township], attached to Clay, surveyed township 7 and 8, range 13. n.d.
11-56[Allen Township] Township no. 1, north range 13. n.d.
11-57[Allen Township] Range 14, township 7 and fractional 8. n.d.
11-58[Allen Township] Range 14, township 7 and fractional 8, civil township 8, Ottawa County. n.d.
11-59Map of Bay Township, Ottawa County, Ohio. n.d.
11-60Map of Bay Township, furnished by the Clerk of Bay Township to show the school districts. n.d.
11-61School district map of Carroll Township, May 1840
11-62Harris Township no. 5, Ottawa County, surveyed township 6N, range 14. n.d.
11-63Appraiser’s map, Clay Township, civil township 6N, ranged 13. n.d.
11-64School map of Clay Township, June 4, 1841
11-65School map of Clay Township, June 27, 1840
11-66Map of Clay Township. July 1844
11-67Map of district no. 3, Danbury [Township] n.d.
11-68Fractional township taken from Lucas County and attached to Ottawa County, north of fractional Township 8, Range 14. 1840
11-69Map of District no. 2, Danbury [Township] n.d.
11-70Salem [Township] for examination. 1844
11-71Section 3, Danbury Township, Ottawa County. n.d.
11-72[Clay Township] Surveyed township 6, range 13, Ottawa County. n.d.
11-73Rough map of Carroll [Township] n.d.
11-74Map of Carroll [Township]. 1844
11-75Hartford [plat] rough map. n.d.
11-76North Range 16E [Erie Township] n.d.
11-77Map of Benton Township, with property owners. 1846
11-78Hallsville [plat] in Salem Township. n.d.
11-79Civil Township no. 9, Carroll. n.d.
11-80Map of Harris Township. 1845
11-81Portage County, sections 34 and 35. n.d.
11-82Plat of Township [Salem?] n.d.
11-83Plat of School District no. 1, Harris Township. Aug 9. 1851
11-84Ditch plan and profile for Erie, Salem, and Carroll Townships (two maps). 1859
11-85Plat and profile of a ditch in Bay Township… August 17, 1859
11-86Border map. n.d.
11-87Clay [Township] rough map for examination. 1842
11-88Plan and profile of a ditch in sect. no. 9, Portage Township. Nov. 19, 1861
11-89School district map of Clay Township. June 5, 1846
11-90Harris Township school district no. 1. 1844
11-91Map of the special school district of Rocky Ridge, Ohio. 1893
11-92Special school district of Genoa Village. April 18, 1883
11-93Portage, Van Rensalaer [Catawba Island], and sect. 4 of Danbury Townships for examination. 1845
11-94Survey of a ditch in Erie Township. n.d.
11-95Gus Brown Ditch, plat of sections 25, 26, 35, 36, Clay Township. 1899
11-96Elmore School Districts in sect. 18, 19 and 24. 1877

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