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Daughters of the American Revolution - Black Swamp Chapter - MS 244

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The Black Swamp Chapter, D.A.R. collection consists of materials relating to the organization and activities of a patriotic women's group in Bowling Green. The materials are divided by record group and chronologically within the record groups when possible. The materials date inclusively from 1929 to 1983 and include minutes, programs/yearbooks, and various awards.

The Black Swamp Chapter Papers were donated to the Center for Archival Collections on June 7, 1982 through the cooperation of Laura King. No restrictions exist on the use of this collection. Duplication is permitted for the purposes of preservation and research. The collection was processed and register prepared in April 2009 at Bowling Green State University by Hugo Evans, Ph.D. candidate.

 Agency History

The Black Swamp Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution was established on February 27, 1928 and chartered on February 1, 1929. Organizing members were Irene Ross Avery, Gretchen Fast Overman, Rhoda Coveney Sutton, Winifred Wood Warner, and Merle Saylor Wood. Charter members at that time were all of the preceding, plus Grace Strong Donahey, Helen Mae Phelps, and Margaret O'Carroll Rider. The chapter was organized on February 27, 1928 in Bowling Green, Ohio and chartered on February 1, 1929. The Black Swamp Chapter merged with the Ursula Wolcott Chapter on June 6, 1998, and the new name is Ursula Wolcott-Black Swamp Chapter.

The activities of the Chapter covered a mix of patriotic education, public service projects, genealogical research, and social activities. Examples of their endeavors in these areas include support of placing books in local libraries, marking of veterans' graves and historic sites, war relief work in both World War I and II (including contributions to the Red Cross and support of French war orphans), Americanization instruction for immigrants, placement of lineage books in the library, and various pageants and presentations at meetings.

 Scope and Contents

The Black Swamp Chapter, D.A.R. Papers span the years 1929 to 1983. The largest portion of the collection are printed yearbooks which contain the actual programs presented by the Chapter in their meetings, with various topical groupings such as educational, spiritual, and patriotic used to categorize the events. These yearbooks also provide the names of the hostess for each meeting and an annual roster of the active members.

There are four secretary books which contain the minutes of the activities of the organization as well as membership lists and committees.

Additionally there are six honor roll awards for honor roll attainment by the national organization. These include a gold, a silver, two honorable mentions, and an outstanding achievement award.

 Series Description


Arranged chronologically
Bound volumes of Secretary's books, including meeting minutes, membership lists, and committee information


Arranged chronologically
Program booklets with dates, topics and hostess for meeting; also includes list of chapter members with addresses

Honor roll award certificates from the national organization


Box 1


  1. Secretary's book (Minutes), 1940-1947
  2. Secretary's book (Minutes), 1947-1952
  3. Secretary's book (Minutes), 1952-1956
  4. Secretary's book (Minutes), 1956-1968
  5. Yearbooks, 1929-1940
  6. Yearbooks, 1940-1950
  7. Yearbooks, 1950-1961
  8. Yearbooks, 1961-1970
  9. Yearbooks, 1973-1983
  10. Honor Roll Awards

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