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Kehrwecker Family Papers - MS 641

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Cardington, Morrow Co., Ohio
January 25, 1863

Dear Cousins,

I will rite to you to let you know that I am well and hope that these few words will find you the same. As I have not seen you fore so long, I will rite to you. I would like to see you and the rest of the family and know how you like to live in the west country. I would like to come out there very much if I could, but there is a hard time turned up cince you have gone away. This war makes good deal of trouble to the people. I wish it would close.

John Kehrwecker was in the battle that was fought last week. Si Devore is killed and one of Cern boys is wounded. That is all that what I heard that was hurt in that company. I hope that George is not gone to war. They are killen the poor solgiers all off.

Are you coming home this spring? We would all like to see you and I hope you will come fore long. You would not know your folks if you was at the head of the lane. They have bilt such a nice house and the girls is so large that you would not know them.

Your two sisters and Mary A. Hack and me was confirmed last fall in the year 1862 and Catherine and George Gerizer. We had a fine time. I wisht that you were here then. Mary Breckenridge is liven with us now. They lived in Westfield ever since they moved in from out west till this fall. They moved in the back room and Joe bought a peace of land in Shawtown. He bought it of a Cutshalls girls, 19 and three quarter achers. I hope that he will stay there now, fore I do not want him with me any more. He is like he always was, as spunky as ever. I hope you know him as well as I do. They have got too girls. He will get rich in family. Do not tell no body what I rite to you.

I must close my letter. Rite me a answer and do not wate long. Come here and I will let you see my little boy. He is the age of your little girl. I named him Frederic.

Respects from Mother. I send my love to you all.

Christena M. Hack.

Rite me a answer, rite soon.

Rite to Miss Christena M. Hack
Cardington, Morrow County, Ohio

Excuse my mistakes. Good by to you all.

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