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Carpenter Family Papers (Transcript) - MS 7

Transcripts: Sewing Notebook

Name: Mary A. Carpenter Age: 15
Address: Prairie Depot
County: Wood
Name of Club: Sunshine Clothing Club
Local Club Leader: Mrs. De Wyer

Why should undergarments be made of white materials?

Undergarments should be made of white materials because they are more sanitary.

If they are made of white materials they can be put in and boiled and they will not fade.

Name five cotton materials suitable for undergarment and a suitable trimming for each?

Material Trimming
NaimsookTatting or valenciennes lace
Long clothValenciennes lace
CambricCotton or linen torchon
CrepeFancy stitching

Why is a kimona nightgown a practical style of nightdress?

A kimono nightgown is a practical style because it is comfortable and easily washed and ironed and easily made.

Name the seams and edge finishes used in your second demonstration?

The seams and edge finishes used in our second demonstration are:

French seam Overcasted seam
Bound edge Hemmed edge
Flat Fill

Name three principles of good buying.

Three principles of good buying are buy economizeinly, buy according to the quality of the goods, buy according to the use.

Avoid extremes in styles etc.

How would you apply these principles if you were buying a pair of shoes or stockings?

I would buy according to the amount of money I wanted to pay.

I would buy the best quality for my money.

I would buy according to the use. If I wanted them to wear to school I would not pay a large price.

Record the cost of the dress made with the cost of a ready made dress of the same type.

A ready made dress of the same type costs from fifty cents to a dollar more than a home made dress.

Compare the quality of the material in the dress made with that in the ready made dress.

The quality of the goods in the home made dress is much better than that of the ready made dress.

How much did you save by making your dress?

I saved $.82 by making my dress


[sample piece of cloth]

I. Even basting
II. Uneven basting
III. Running
IV. Overcasted seam
V. Overhanded hem
VI. French seam

Mitered corner

[sample piece of cloth]


Clothespin Apron
Date Materials purchased Cost
June 251 yd. ginham.30
June 251 bolt of tape.10
June 251 spool thread.05
Total cost of article.45


Record of Daily Work on Clothespin Apron
Date No. hours
June 2630 min.
June 271 hr. 30 min.


Kimono Nightgown
Date Materials purchased Cost
Aug. 33 yds. cotton crepe.90
Aug. 31 spool thread.05
Aug. 222 yd. lace.10
Total cost of article$1.05


Record of Daily Work on Kimono nightgown
Date No. hours
Aug. 2030 min.
Aug. 211 hr. 30 min.
Aug. 221 hr. 30 min.


Date Materials purchased Cost
Aug. 281 1/2 yd. gingham.45
Aug. 281 spool thread.05
Aug. 293/4 yd. elastic.08
Total cost of article.58


Record of Daily Work on Bloomers
Date No. hours
Aug. 2845 min.
Aug. 292 hrs.


Cotton School Dress
Date Materials purchased Cost
Aug. 283 1/4 yd. gingham.98
" "1/2 yd. plain gingham.15
" "1 spool thread.05
Total cost of article$1.18


Record of Daily Work on School Dress
Date No. hours
Aug. 3145 min.
Sept. 36 hrs.
" 41 1/2 hrs.

Record of Other Garments or Articles Made

(Not required in club work)

Name of article Total cost Total length of time
spent in making
Bloomers$.501 hr. 15 min.


Record of Darning, Patching, or Mending
Article mended No. minutes spent
1 Stocking20 min.
1 pair stockings45 min.

1. Do you do all of your own sewing?


2. Do you do all the family sewing?


3. Do you do a part of the family sewing?


4. Do you do your own mending?


5. Do you do the family mending?


6. Have you sold any garments you have made, or have you made any especially for sale?


How I did My Club Work

Our clothing club started this year with 27 members. Our first two meetings were held at the schoolhouse. At these we elected our officers and studied about the sewing machine and several other little things we were required to know. On the study of the sewing machine I learned many things about it that I did not know before. One of these was how to lay the materials on the machine to sew, and, also, how to make a straight seam.

Our next meeting was held down to Maxine Wright's. It was a very interesting meeting, as Mr. Lang was there and gave us some very nice talks and very good advice.

Our next meeting was held at Erma Harmon's home. At this meeting every girl had her first article done, with which most every one had trouble.

The next meeting, most interesting of all, was a picnic out to our leader's home. We were to each bring our own sandwiches and two other things besides. We had plenty to eat and a very nice time.

All the rest of our meetings were held in town at some of the member's homes. At each meeting we had some work to have done. Our last meeting was held at the schoolhouse to hand in our work.

I think the boy's and girl's clubs are very interesting and educating, and that every boy and girl should join some club as they are a great help to them and the community also. The club has helped me very much this summer, and I have done more sewing than I ever did. I like the club very much and hope to join next summer.


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