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George & Myrtle Phillips Collection - MS 377

George & Myrtle Phillips Collection

Throughout their lives, George and Myrtle Phillips gathered letters, diaries, and photographs documenting their work, families, and travels. The examples here show the range of their activities and interests.

Early Years

George Phillips and class, 1907George & Myrtle Phillips weddingGeorge & Myrtle Phillips home, ca. 1912
  1. George Phillips and Class, 1907
  2. George & Myrtle Phillips Wedding Photograph
  3. George & Myrtle Phillips at home, 1912

Teaching Career

Teacher's oathTelegram of congratulations, 1935Letter regarding Principal's position, 1935Harriet Beecher Stowe School (Cincinnati), 1935George Phillips & Staff of Harriet Beecher Stowe School
  1. Teacher's Oath
  2. Telegram of Congratulations, 1935
  3. Letter regarding Position of Principal, 1935
  4. Harriet Beecher Stowe School, Cincinnati, 1935
  5. George Phillips and staff of the Harriet Beecher Stowe School


George & Myrtle Phillips at Booker T. Washington MonumentCart at Tuskegee InstituteGeorge & Myrtle Phillips at Pike's PeakGeorge & Myrtle Phillips in TijuanaMyrtle Phillips in summer 1941
  1. George & Myrtle Phillips at the Booker T. Washington Monument
  2. Cart in use at Tuskegee Institute
  3. George & Myrtle Phillips at Pike's Peak
  4. George & Myrtle Phillips in Tijuana
  5. Myrtle Phillips, summer 1941

Retirement and Recognition

Retirement, 1956George Phillips at homeNewspaper article, 1968Letter regarding honorary doctorate, 1968Myrtle Phillips obituary, 1973
  1. George Phillips at home
  2. Newspaper article, 1968
  3. Letter regarding Honorary Doctorate, 1968
  4. Myrtle Phillips obituary, 1973

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