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John Welk Diary - MMS 136

Diary - 1862

October 1862

9th Marched about twelve mile in (?)
10th rained all day marched about 14 mile
11th Company A, F, and D were detailed to Guard Div train
Marched about 15 mile and camped on the Battle ground of the 8th inst" near Parisville
12th Sunday Marched about 8 mile passed through Mevada Rainy day.
13th Marched 5 mile in the morning and camped
14th lay in camp til 7.ock pm" Marched about 9 mile passed through Danville.
15th Marched at" passed through Stanfort & Crab orchard Marched about 17 mile
16th lay in Camp wrote a letter home.
17th in camp near Crab Orchard Saw Capt Kirby
18th lay in camp had Regimental Inspection Saw D. Allison
19th lay in camp Went to 101st Ohio with John Caldwell
20th marched back through Crab Orchard and Stanfort Marched about 16 mile
21st marched about 15 mile passed through Danville
22nd marched about 14 mile passed through Perryville
Encamped on roling fork creek
23rd marched about 16 mile
24th marched about 12 mile
25th got our tents and knapsacks but mine was lost rainy day
26th Cold day about 2 inches snow on the ground Encamped near Saloma.
27th marched to green river distance about 16 mile pleasant day
28th marched 8 mile
29th Warm day marched 18 mile Camped at Bells tavern
30th marched 8 mile warm day
3lth marched 18 mile went through Bowling Green and camped at the lost Creek.

November 1862

1st pleasant day in camp at the lost Spring 3 mile from Bowling Green on the nashville pike
2nd Sunday in camp had inspection of arms this was a cold windy day
3rd went on picket at 8 am" cold day
4th Were called from picket at 5 ock am" got Breakfast and marched at 6 ock" this was a pleasant day marched 21 mile passed through Franklin.
5th marched at 6 ock in the morning passed through Mitchellville and marched to tyree Springs. Dis 20 mile
6th left Tyree Springs or big tavern at 8 am" marched 12 mile and camped on a small stream 9 mile from Nashville pleasant day
7th marched 10 mile and camped 2 mile above the City of Nashville near the Cumberland River this was a cold stormy day
8th in camp near Nashville warm day
9th Sunday pleasant day In camp near Nashville Ten"
10th warm day John Zook and I were on guard at Gen. Sills Headquarters
11th was on guard at Gen Sills Headquarters cold night
12th pleasant day went on Picket at 2 pm"
13th on picket till 2 ock
14th in Camp all day Mr Pettit opened one of my letters
15th in camp rainy day
16th Sunday marched at 6 am passed through city and out on the Morphrees- borough pike at the insane Asylum we met some Rebel cavalry we drove them in line of Battle 4 mile we then turned back and encamped at the Insane Asylum six mile from the city of Nashville Recd a letter from my Brother Henry Rained most all day
17th in camp rainy day I had ague
18th Brigade made a Reconisance in the morning our pickets were fired at in the morning Regt went on picket at 3 pm" I was sick all day.
19th rainy day I was not able to leave my tent much to day
20th in camp
21st in camp
22nd Regt went on a forage expidition with 200 wagons went out 7 mile got hay oats corn & Sweet potatoes
23rd Sunday had Brig" Inspection and review by Col. Gibson in the morning went on picket at 3 ock pm"
24th pleasant day on picket 2 mile from camp on Murphreesborough pike
25th in camp cold day
26th drilled 2 hours in the morning had dress parade in the evening
27th drilled 2 hours in the morning were called to the out post at noon to support the 5th Brig" while on reconoisance cold day
28th cold day went on picket at 3 pm.
29th on picket last night was very cold and stormy were not allowed any fire on picket we were releived at noon by Gen. Crittendens Corps. Our division moved camp about 2 mile west
30th rainy day in camp

December 1862

1st in camp was detailed to work on parade ground
2nd rained all night and most all day
3rd cold day had Batalion drill and Review by Gen. Willick.
4th cold day had Batalion drill two hours in the morning and dress parade in the evening
5th Snowed about 1 1/2 inches
6th cold day went on picket at 1 ock
7th Sunday very cold went to camp at 2 ock
8th cold day had marching orders
9th Brigade was called into line of Battle at 4 am" left camp at 3 ock p.m. went out five mile and returned to camp at 8 ock
10th moved camp 1 mile to rear pleasant day
11th Brigade was out foraging
12th in camp pleasant day
13th in camp pleasant day
14th moved camp 1/2 mile warm day.
15th Regt on picket Rainy day
16th Cold and windy day Regt came off picket at 10 am
17th cold day
18th Pleasant day Brigade out forageing
19th Pleasant day got 200 order from Sutler
20th had Brigade drill in the morning by General Willick
21st Sunday find day drawed monkey tents last night the Rebels fired 26 shots with cannon at Gen Vancleves pickets no harm done
22nd warm day had 3 hours Battalion drill
23rd Three hours Brigade drill by Gen Willick warm day
24th went on picket at 6 ock a.m. Rained in the morning
25th Christmas. was releived from picket at 8 am Pleasant but a very dry Christmas.
26th left camp at 8 am on Molinsville Pike. Davis's Division had a little skirmish near Molinsville 101 Ohio Vols took a six lt gun from the Rebels.
27th Advance to Tryune Rained most all day our Division was in advance a little skirmishing at Tryune.
28th our Brigade made a Reconisance out five mile on the
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MMS 136 - John Welk Diaries 1863
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