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George & Myrtle Phillips Collection - MS 377

George & Myrtle Phillips Collection

From George Phillips to Myrtle Reynolds: September 16, 1906
From Myrtle Reynolds to George Phillips: September 23, 1906

September 16, 1906

[page 1--on top left corner]
Look for goodness
look for gladness
you will find
them all the while
if you bring a smiling
visage to the glass
you will find a smile"

[page 1--in top right corner]
change ex-
cept in name

Paulding, Ohio Sept 16th, 1906
Miss Myrtle Reynolds,
Van Wert, O

Dear beloved Friend:

On this beautiful Sunday morning after preparing my lesson in Geometry for Monday I have this opportunity to answer. your kind letter, which found me well; and was a great pleasure after reading.

I did not enjoy such a good time at the entertainment that Thurs. night of the Fair; for I was [picture of a man] [on top margin]"My photo showing expression of face when at the fair at Van Wert." longing for a face I could not see and a voice I could not hear. (That face and voice belongs to you Yet I delighted in the happiness of others.

I will indeed let you know, Miss Reynolds, when I can come to Van Wert; and would be much pleased if you would inform me when anything of importance will occur in your city. "Of course I know you will."

Oh! how I longed to be with Arthur and sister last Saturday, when they stopped at your residence enrout to the convention at Wilshere.

imagine I would have had one more time; but circumstances had to alter the case, and by so doing sent me in a different direction a few days before that time; but nevertheless I hope that you had a good time Saturday, and that a sweeter and happier time [caret mark] is awaiting you to-day. I may not enjoy myself here in Paulding as well as I would like to. Yet I have your letters to cheer and enlighten me when sad.

[page 4--in top left corner]
"Keep a
cozy corner
in you heart
for me [drawing of an arrow]"

[page 4--in middle of top margin]

[page 4--in top right corner]

[page 5--in top left corner]
friends are
like ivy and
the wall together
they stand on together
they fall"

[page 5--in top right corner]
sunbeam &
shine everywhere."

[page 6--in top left corner]
are like
the deeper they
are condensed the
deeper they burn."

[page 6--in top right corner]
friend is
my nearest

[page 7--on top margin]
George Phillips
"When the name which I write here is
dim on the page and the leaves of this
letter is yellow with age still think
of me kindly and do not forget, that
where ever I am I think of you yet."

[page 8--in top left corner]
"weaping willow"

[page 8--on top margin]
[picture of a man]
"My photo showing expression of
face on taking my departure for
Paulding where I am expecting
to spend nine months in school."

You seem to think from the way you speak in your last, "that I do not enjoy your company in the least." Oh! perhaps you were dreaming, or had fell asleep and had dreamed about that. Now if thats your dream wake up. For if you only knew with what praise I esteem your company, you would not speak that way; for I appreciate your company as being one of the greatest and grandest that ever I was in. Only wish there were more girls like you, or that other would set you as their examples Then perhaps our societies would be better, our ladies would be esteemed higher, have better names and when the marriage life they should come to try, homes would be happier. But such is not the case, for all kinds of people we meet every day; and for me I must be careful in my selection of associates in both sexes. For a person with my positions and prospects for life can not afford to associate with anybody and everybody, "No!" "No!" Because my dear girl everything seeks their like. "Birds of a feather howe'er so high the creatures fly will flock together." For example, do you ever see a quail with a bevy of sparrows? Then it is better to be alone than in bad company; for we are judged by the company we keep.

I understand that there is to be a picnic celebration near my home in Washington Twp. on the 22nd inst. Perhaps you will be there. I would not mind going if I was sure I'd meet you there, otherwise I am not so particular about going. For it's in you company my happiness lies. Yet Mr Moxley or some other gentleman, who excells me by far in beauty and speech, might in their hasty efforts engage your company in my presence and give me my looking in ha! ha! But be that as it may, I heartily extend to you and the rest of your parents a welcome invitation to my home and the picnic next Saturday and Sunday.

I will conclude by saying, - "That remember, Miss Reynolds, that during the time that I have been permitted to keep your company, that it is not or never was my intention to change a single one of your tender vows. But my [caret mark] intention is and had been to add to your happiness; and [caret mark] when I can not do this [caret mark] rightly in a gentleman way why this is all I have to say,- George Phillips stop and abandon society until you can do better. With best wishes for the future, I am your sincerely in the bond of friendship.

George A. Phillips
Paulding, Ohio

N.B. # I wonder if that watch case still remains with you # If so throw it aways at once.

P.S. Excuse such a long letter I will [caret mark] endeavor correct this fault next time. Geo.

September 23, 1906

[page 1--on top margin]
Certenly i will keep a little cozy corner in my heart for you all for you

Van Wert - Ohio
September the 23 06
Mr. George Phillips
Paulding Ohio

Most Beloved Friend

On this Sabbeth Evening i seat myself Down to try and Answer your kind and welcome letter I received a few days ago and was more than glad to hear from you the only and most Delightful friend that i have. I was aughtful sory that you did not enjoy your self at the entertainment on that Thursday night And onely wish that i could have been there although i do not know wheather you would enjoy your self any better or not But i would have had a better time i only wish that you could have staid all night with us.

Well to day is Sunday and i have staid at home all day and it was so lonely here all day and to think four week ago to day i was haveing one more time although it was rainy and bad. But still i had a good time and onely wish that i was there again to day and would be Onely to glad to have you to come to pay us another visit and I certenly will let you know when there is anything going on here at Van Wert Or any time you would like to come. write and let me know and i will meet you at the train.

i onely wish that you could have been here today maby i would have enjoyed myself better although we have had Company all day but that Company did not enlighten me at the least maby the day will come again when we will have One more time.

Aurther and May was at our house last Saturday enrout to wilshir we had a very spleasent time here at home Saturday and would have had much better time if you had have been here.

Oh yes in regards to the picnic i would like to have been there but as it was i could not come But hope that you had a pleasant time. You seem to think that i were Dreaming from the way that i was stated in your letter But that is something that i do not

I was onely expressing Opinion for i certainly do enjoy being in your Company so i will Just leave Mr Moxely go for I think for myself that Mr Moxely is like some Others that we know not so very far from my residence although Mr Moxely may be more of a gentleman than i think. But never the less I do not care to be in his Company. Of course i would treat Mr Moxely as a gentleman in every way that i know how But that is all

Oh Dear how lonely i get when thinking of those days that past and gone But Onely wish for better days to come. So i conclude By

Saying all always will say from an Onely friend in Van Wert

Myrtle A. Reynolds

good night
To Mr George A. Phillippes
as shure as the grass grows around the stump
[picture of a tree stump]
you are as sweet as a Shugar lump.

[page 1--in top left corner]
you are
my true friend
I have placed
great confidence
in you"

[page 1--in top right corner]
"I still continue
to climb the
ladder of success
and fame for a
nobler name"

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