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Linus Patrick Correspondence - MMS 1157

Correspondence to Patrick Family

November 13, 1852 [undated] July 3, 1864 June 30, 1898

November 13, 1852

Cassopolis, Cass. County
Michigan Nov.13, 1852

Mr. John B. Patrick

Dear sir,

The deed came safe, it has been executed by your wife and she has Got the money, she is still here and is well, she expects to start to your place in about 4 or 5 days

Yours Truly
C. Shanahan

Undated Note to Family

Setting springs
Cloes Bars
[illegible] sash
[illegible] trunnel bed
one large Coffin
one small Coffin
Large Coffin
Small Coffin
Center table
fixing cradle
putting hinges on table
putting lock and hinges on case
one bed box
[m]akeing box and long rails
for [illegible] bedsted
one small Coffin
makeing well curb
one small coffin [?]
two french bedsteds
mending table
one wardrobe
one small Coffin
makeing bell Box
and selling springs
fixing pigen holes
One turned post bedsted
four doors Cupboard
fsetting Springs a bed box [?]
four french bedsteds

July 3, 1864

Camp 121st O.V.I. Ga
July 3th (?) 1864

Mr. Patrick
Dear Sir

I take the privilege of sending you these few lines to inform you that your Son Linus Trunk was taken to Chattanooga and will be sent right through from thaire [h]is Sword and belt is allso with it i put everythiing that belonged to hime in the trunk [h]is Over Coate was straped on the out side of it you will find some notes and Smalle accounts in [h]is dayhbooke wich I supose the boys will all pay so if you wish you can return them and i will do all i can to get it made right i mis him much - him and i was true frinds and knew each other well at all times well i must close for this time rember me to all frinds

Yours Oswald Moore
To John B. Patrick


June 30, 1898

[Regarding the Spanish-American War]

Chickamauga Park,
Lytle, Ga.,
June 30 1898

Dear Father,

I received yours and Howards letter Wednesday evening and was glad to hear from you. We have had no rain here to amount to any thing for 2 weeks. It is very hot down here. The new recruits are being equipped very rapidly. They do not like this country they would rather be back at home. You had ought to hear them kick on the grub. I think that we are getting plenty to eat. The less you eat in this hot country the better you feel. The new recruits have got there new guns. The new fellows have bin writing home and telling them that we are almost starving. I don't think that I will go hungry as long as there is any thing in sight to eat. I think that we will be out of this park before long. We are going some place farther South. You tell Howard that he may be thankfull that he did not come down here for they are prety sick of there job. Water is the only scarce article there is here. Some of it is not fit to drink. There is any amount of black berries down here. We have berries about every day. Logan Smith is lots better then he was last week and he looks better. I wish that we were back to help celebrate the forth with You we will have a grand time here the forth if we do not have to move we are looking every time for to get orders to move. How are you getting along with the farm. I don't supose that it is as big as Evans. If you see Bill tell him that I will send the first scalp I get a holt of. The old boys are all feeling well. Powlimon [?] I guess that that he would get to be Corpral or some other noncomission officer but he is a low private in the rear ranks. Several of our officers have resighned. I bet there will be more before the war is over. I mess with the same fellows that I did when I was at Columbus. Some of the boy would like to be at home for the Fair. We have got all of our underwear[?]. Some of the boy have found plenty of time to hunt for relic. We do not have drills on Sunday. Kenton people are coming in here almost every day. I have seen several boys from Bellefountaine that I knew. We are one of the fifteen regiments that are to leave here. You tell Howard and Lenn [?] that I will ans there letters at some future time as I am so buzzy. I will have to close hoping to heare from you soon.

Yours Ever
Private Freeman Patrick

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