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William Shanks Diary - MMS 1172

William Shanks Diary - 1862

January 1862

[Note: Day designations are incorrect until the 19th]

1 We are in the hospital at Louisville
11 Friday. I get my furlough
12 Sat. We start for home
13 Sab. We stay in Cincinnati
14 Monday. We start at 7 1/2 oclock for home and get to Perrysburg after dark and we find Uncle W in town and he took us down to Jameses
15 Tuesday. We get out home
19 Sab. John Shanks comes to see me and two of Mr. Ordways boys
20 Mr. L. Loomis and his family is here tonight
22 Wednesday. Mr. Duff and his family is here

February 1862

 I am at home on furlough

March 1862

1 I go up to Mr. Ordways
14 Henry Shanks sugars off today and we have a good time

April 1862

9 I start for the Regiment and it was very muddy going to Perrysburg
10 I start from Mr. Dunipaces and go to Toledo and took the carrs for Cincinnati. I got to Cincinnati at 10 oclock at night
11 I start for Louisville and got here at 12 oclock at night
12 Sat. I went to hospital no. 4 and saw Magg and then they marched us to the old dirty barracks
13 Sunday. I am put on as corporal of the gard
14 We are taken out of barracks no. 3 with skiffs and taken to no. 2
15 Tuesday. In the afternoon we are marched on board the boat for to go to Tennessee
16 Wednesday. We go down the Ohio River and the S.S. Pringle
17 Thursday. We pass the mouth of Green River
18 Friday. This morning when I awoke I found myself at Paducah. In the afternoon we pass Fort Henry and I saw part of the large gunn that was bursted there. Towards night we saw six darkeys plowing with one mule apiece
19 Saturday. This morning we pass the 31st and 36th Ohio Regts. at Cliffton and we see the two gunn boats Lexington and Tyler at Pitsburgh Landing
20 Sunday. We stay all day on board the boat
21 Monday. We are march from the boat through the mud into the lines of the 49th Regt
22 Tuesday. Today we had to clean our dirty gunns
23 Wednesday. This morning we have a general inspection of arms
24 This morning we were out drilling and we were called out to fight without giveing us time to get our dinner. We did not fight but took 10 of the rebels prisoners
25 Friday. We are put on picket. We sleep sitting up all night
26 Saturday. The weather is very nice today
27 Today I was very much pleased to see the boys in the 3d Ohio Cavalry
28 Monday. Today we get orders to cook 2 days rations
29 Tuesday. Today we move about 4 mililes [miles] farther
30 Today we have to clean up our new camp ground

May 1862

1 Thursday. The weather is very pleasant today
2 Friday. Today I am working on the roads carrieing timber and crosswaying
3 Saturday. We march on a piece farther toward Corinth
4 Sunday. We march about eight miles from camp and back. When we went out the road was dusty but when we came back it was muddy
5 Monday. This morning we got up pretty early for the water came in the tent like a river and run right over our blankets
6 The roads is so muddy today that we do not march
7 Wednesday. Today we march toward Corinth
8 Thursday. We are now within seven miles of Corinth
9 We stand picket today and the pickets are skirmishing. Tonight one of the pickets shoots another
10 Saturday. Tonight we march three miles farther to the left of Corinth. We are formed in line of battle tonight and sleep in the woods
11 Sunday. We stay all day in the same place
12 Monday. This morning we have orders to march at 3 oclock so we had to be up and get breakfast pretty early. We had to go and reenforce the pickets and we had to doublequick a good part of the way
13 Tuesday. Today it is pleasant but warm and we are not called out today
15 Thursday. Today we are out on a recconnoisance and our men seen some of the rebels and they shook their handkerchiefs at our men and our men done the same
16 Friday. Nothing uncommon
18 Sunday. We leave the 49th today and go to Montcru [?]. We had to pitch tents all day hard
19 We are still at the tent pitching and there is heavy cannonadeing at Corinth today
20 Tuesday. We are still pitching tents
21 Wednesday. Today we are put on as nurses
22 Thursday. Part of our crowd leave today
23 Friday. Today it rains all day and there is another waiter comes in to help us
25 Sunday. We leave this hospital and go to Buells hospital
26 Monday. Today we are filling bedds for the sick
27 Tuesday. We are standing gard
28 Wednesday. There is heavy cannonadeing at Corinth today
29 Thursday. There is heavy cannonadeing at Corinth
30 Friday. This morning we got the news of the evacuation of Corinth
31 Saturday. I have just come back from seeing the great city of Corinth and I saw some of the great distructions of the rebels

June 1862

1 Sunday. Today I am garding the spring at the hospital
2 Monday. I saw the cavalry boys today and they were moving on
3 Today I go to Corinth to help load some waggons
4 Wednesday. Today I am washing the sick all day
5 Thursday. I am on guard today
11 Today there is two very sudden deaths here, one from 49th Ohio. He was eating his dinner and dropped over dead
13 Friday. Today there was a poor boy died out of the 3d Ohio Cavalry and his father made his sons coffin
14 Satuday. It is very warm
15 Sunday. Today I am digging graves all day hard. There is 8 buried today
16 Monday. Mr. Ballanser fell over and hurt himself today. It is very warm today but it was a good shower of rain towards night
17 Tuesday. One of our boys had a fit this morning
18 Wednesday. Today I saw 2 large siege gunns. It took 8 teams apiece to draw them
19 Thursday. Today the weather is very pleasant and I have been out blackberrying
20 Friday. Tonight I am very sick all night and puke one of my boots full
21 Saturday. I am unwell all day and have the diarrhea bad
22 Sunday. Today I am digging graves
24 Tuesday. I am cleaning up the doctors quarters
25 Wednesday. It is pleasant today
26 Thursday. Beaking [baking] pies
28 Saturday. Davis and I are picking blackberries
29 Sunday. The Regulars leave today
30 Monday. We are taking down the big hospital tents

July 1862

1 Tuesday. I am not on duty today
2 Wednesday. I am standing gard today
3 Thursday. Today I have been picking blackberries
4 Some of Co. I goes to the sutler to arrest him and gets drunk and I hear of the death of Andrew Ordway
5 We are hauling away tents
6 Sunday. Today Uncle Dan dies very suddenly
12 Saturday. We leave the hospital and go to Corinth and it was very warm
13 Sunday. We start on the carrs for the Regt. We staid all night at Tuscumbia
14 Monday. This morning we start again. We had to build a railroad bridge and then we went on again. I got to the company about dark
18 Friday. Today I go and stay all day with Co. E
19 This morning we had a good wash off
23 We leave Fort Canfield and go to Athens
25 Friday. The orderly leaves us and goes into an Alabama Regt
31 Thursday. I am on picket and Byron Rockwood and I get into a wagon shed for it was an awful rain

August 1862

1 Friday. It is very warm today
3 Sunday. I am on picket
4 Monday. George and I are washing
7 Thursday. We move our camp into town and camp in the Courthouse yard
11 Monday. Today George Canfield and Mackentire start for home
12 Tuesday. Today I come in from picket
22 Friday. John Patterson puts in his resignation papers
28 We start from Athens
29 Friday. The boys ranties [?] at Pulaski today and the Cavalry boys gets $300 for their horse
30 Saturday. We get into Nashville
31 Sunday. The artillery boys are over here and Thomas Mosley gets his head cut

September 1862

1 Monday. It is raining
10 Wednesday. We move our camp and James Stewart has a very sick spell
12 Friday. Today the prisoner of Co. E gets back to 21st
13 Saturday. Co. A has a scirmish and took two prisoners and 8 horses and killed one man

October 1862

1 We are still at Nashville
5 Sunday. Today I have an awful sore mouth
20 Monday. This morning we start at half past 12 out the Bowling Green Pike after the guerillas and we had a hard time doublequicking
21 Tuesday. Today the weather is very pleasant
25 Saturday. Today we have the first snow storm
27 Monday. Thomas Davidson goes to the

November 1862

1 Saturday. We are in camp makeing corn coffee
2 Sunday. Tonight go on picket
3 Monday. John Mcferren and I have a good time getting hickerynuts
5 Thomas Davidson comes from the hospital
20 The new recruits come to the regiment
26 Elisha Harris dies today
28 Friday. John Muir and Brewster comes to our camp

December 1862

1 Monday. Today we are on picket on station four and a citizen brings us some snops [schnapps]
6 Today we are paid off. I draw $141.20
7 Sunday. Today Sandy shoots at Morgan and Forrest
9 & 10 We are on guard at the penitentiary
11 We move from Nashville 8 miles
12 Friday. Today we are on review
13 Saturday. We are on battalion drill
14 Sunday. The Col. of the 74th preaches to the 21st
21 Sunday. We are out forageing today and the rebels attack us. We killed 2 and took 6 prisoners
22 Monday. Today we are on drill
26 Friday. We start from Camp Hamilton. It rained all day and all night
27 Saturday. We march on through the woods in the rain. We got to the pike after dark.
28 Sunday. We stay all day in sight of the enemy
29 Monday. We march on slowly, driving the rebells before us
30 Tuesday. The 11th Mich. and the 19th Illinois are scirmishing [skirmishing] with the enemy
31 Wednesday. We got into the hottest of the fight and David Loomis was killed

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