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William Shanks Diary - MMS 1172

William Shanks Diary - 1863

January 1863

1 Our regiment was not engaged in the fight today
2 Friday. Today Samuel Burk got killed
3 Our regiment is not engaged
4 Today I go back to the regiment
5 Monday. Today we march through Murfreesboro. The killed of our Regt. is 22, wounded 114
7 Today we draw shelter tents
9 I am on camp guard for the first time at Murfreesboro
14 Wednesday. I commence cooking for the Captain
22 Today John Patterson goes to Co. C
24 William B. Wicker goes to the Pioneer Corps
25 Today Col. Moody preaches to the 21st

February 1863

2 George Canfield and I are over at the battle ground
4 James Banks goes to [?]
6 John D. Kelly is ordered to go to the Battery
7 The boys goes to Nashville to exchange gunns
9 Monday. George Canfield and I are washing
17 We have the election and three of the boys are chosen to go into the light battalion
19 We are paid off today for four months
20 The pay agent takes dinner with us
23 I and George are washing
24 Tuesday. Half of our time is in and we draw new guns, Enfield rifles
25 Wednesday. Our boys goes out forageing and the river rose so that they could not get in untill the 28th of the month

March 1863

1 Sunday. Our orderly gets his commission for Lieut.
2 Monday. John Griner and McMeen gets back to their regt.
3 We have general muster. Are inspected by Lieutenant Cheny
11 William Muir arrives here today and leaves on the 14th
14 We hear of the death of James Pember
16 Jesse Walker returned from the hospital
17 William Forrest returns from the hospital
24 I stop cooking for the Captain
26 Wednesday. Today we have general review
27 We move our camp across the pike
29 Sunday. I am on guard for the first time after cooking
30 On fatigue ditching the quarters
31 On fatigue duty

April 1863

1 Wednesday. I am washing today for the first time in this camp
2 I am on picket for the first time after cooking for the Captain
8 James A. Forrest returns from the hospital
9 Thursday. James Muir returns from the hospital.
8 We draw our rubber blankets
11 Saturday. We go to Nashville with the wagon train
12 Sunday. We stay in Nashville
13 Monday. We return to our camp
16 Thursday. We are paid off for two months. Drawed $248
20 The 37 leaves to go to town
23 General review. We are reviewed by Gens. Thomas and Negley
25 Our Captain starts home on furlough
27 I am on brigade guard
29 Wednesday. Homer Pember starts for home and tonight we start out on a scout at 10 oclock and I stand picket after we got out
30 Thursday. We have plenty of walnuts to eat today and a nice place to stay

May 1863

1 We are out on a scout
2 Today we come in from the scout
4 We are working on the fortifycations near our camp
5 Guy Morgan gets his discharge
6 Wednesday [Tuesday]. We draw shelter tents
7 Wednesday. Elisha Fair dies today
11 Monday. Today we put up our shelter tents
21 Thursday. Today we turn over our overcoats and extra blankets
27 Wednesday. Colonel Neibling is presented with a nice sword and sash and a pair of spurrs by the noncommissioned officers and privates of the 21st Ohio Regt.
29 Friday. We draw Colts revolving rifles for our regiment

June 1863

1 Monday. Death of John Adams, Co. D
4 Our orders is to have 5 days rations in our knapsacks, three in haversacks
13 George goes to the hospital today, sickness the typhoid fever
14 Sunday. I go down and see the sick in the hospital
16 Tuesday. We have Corps drill
17 Division drill
18 Darius Scott returns from the hospital
24 We leave Murfreesboro and march all day. It rains all day and all night
25 Thursday. On the march and the adjutant wounds himself in the leg
27 Saturday. We go through the gap and through creeks every little while
28 Sunday. We stay at Manchester
29 Monday. We march on towards Talahoma [Tullahoma]
30 Tuesday. Our brigade goes out on a scout and we have a hot time scirmishing [skirmishing]

July 1863

1 We march on and are fired on by a rebel battery. A shell struck very close to our company
2 Thursday. We do not march much today, but there is sharp fighting
3 Friday. Today we cross Elk River and our rations comes up
4 Saturday. This morning we got into line and gave three hearty cheers and march on
5 Sunday. Today I am washing clothes
6 Monday. We do not move and there is nothing of importance
7 Tuesday. Picking blackberries
8 Wednesday. We move on to Decherd Station. It is very warm weather and we move slow
9 Thursday. We are busy putting up bunks and sheds over our tents
10 I am sent to Elk River Bridge with a train of wagons
21 Tuesday. I am on picket today for the first time since we came here
23 Thursday. We are paid today for four months $52.00
27 Samuel Altman comes to the company

August 1863

1 Saturday. We are still at Decherd Station. Nothing of importance
6 Smith Acley return to the regiment
7 Friday. The drafted men turn over their gunns and equipment
9 Our officers start home after more men
10 The drafted men are discharged and start home
12 Wednesday. George Myers comes to the company
13 Ephram Persel returns to camp
15 Henry Fox returns
16 Sunday. We leave camp at Decherd Station at 10 pm. March on to Cowen Station, climb the first mountain and stay all night on the top at a spring
17 We march on and stay all night at a corn field. They issue corn to the men
18 We march today on the railroad most of the day. Marched 14 miles
19 We move a mile and camp
20 The shades are being put up today
27 Ebenezer Wetmore comes back to the regiment
29 Two of Battery G, 1st Ohio Artillery are drummed out of camp with their heads shaved

September 1863

1 We are all packed, ready to march and we march at 6 pm. Cross the Tenn. at 12 oclock, march till two oclock
2 Sleep 3 hours and start again. March all day up the Tennessee River
3 Thursday. Start on the march at 7 am in the advance of the division and we have a hard time getting up a mountain, 10 horses on a wagon
4 Friday. This morning Co. B and our company are detailed to fix the bridge. Crossed the Georay [Georgia] line at 12 oclock
5 Started out on a scout. Passed a large commencement for iron works
6 Sunday. Start from the mill and go back to camp. Get 3 days rations and start on the march again. March all day in the dust. The march was very hard on the men. Several gave out. Camped at night by a small creek
7 Monday. Start at 10 pm. March till two oclock. Camp for the night on a side hill close to a spring at the foot of the mountain
8 Tuesday. Start at daylight. Only have 20 minutes to get breakfast. March half way up the mountain and stack arms and help the teams up all day till 9 oclock. Start up the mountain. Stay all night on the top
9 Start down the mountain. Got down to the teams at 10 pm. Got some rations and start on again. Got down the mountain at 2 oclock. Stay all night in a nice grove
10 Thursday. Start again on the march. Go 3 miles and are fired into by a squad of rebels at a stone fence. March up a hill and down 4 times. Camp on a hill close to a house
11 Friday. Started out at 3 oclock and formed in line of battle. Laid down with our traps all on and laid till daylight. Got up and got breakfast. Marched down into the edge of the woods. Stacked arms and laid still while the 74th was scirmishing. Marched back past the teams and were put out on the scirmish line. Came in to the Regt. Marched back past Battery M, formed in line of battle and there was quite a scirmish. Had an awful time retreating through the woods. The rebels follow us up camp on a hill. I am on picket. Waked us up at one oclock, relieved by Co. K
12 Co. K is on the scirmish line. A cavalry man came up and Co. G fired at him but missed him. We were relieved by the 74th after dark
13 Sunday. Nothing of importance
14 Monday. Move half a mile to the front. Stack arms in the thick brush and stay all day
15 Tuesday. One man from each company detailed to go with Pike on a scout
17 Thursday. March 7 miles towards Chattanooga and join Crittenton
18 Friday. Start at 4 pm and march nearly all night forward and back. I am on picket. Fighting on the left
19 Saturday. Our Regiment builds breastwork of rails and stones. There is heavy cannonadeing all along the lines. It tirminates in a very hard fight. We guard the train up and then go to the front. Lieut. Mason is wounded and 2 more of Co. B. Co. K is on the scirmish line all night. Relieved in the morning by Co. E


MMS 1172 - William Shanks Diary Guide
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