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Annie R. Stuart Diary - MMS 1454

Annie R. Stuart's diary describes a woman's activities including school teaching, courtship, and marriage as well as domestic chores. During this time, her husband and brother served in the Union army.

Annie R. Stuart Diary - 1861

April 1861

Friday, April 12, 1861
In the forenoon helped sister. Afternoon, went down to Brothers. They gone to Tiffin. Went up to Fathers. Found him better. Read to him.

Saturday, April 13, 1861
Got on the horse to go to L. L. Parks. It rained and could not go. Stayed. Made taffy. Played with Cora.

Sunday, April 14, 1861
Went to Republic with James and Nan. All went to hear G. R. Brown preach. Rob and I went to Sabbath school.

Monday, April 15, 1861
We went to Tiffin to trade. Found that the war excitement was increasing.

Tuesday, April 16, 1861
Helped sister. Afternoon sister and I went up to Inez's. Trimmed hats. In the eve, went to singing school. Had a pleasant time talking with Will. Wore the Jackie (?).

Wednesday, April 17, 1861
No Entry.

Thursday, April 18, 1861
No Entry.

Friday, April 19, 1861
Packed my trunk. Sister and I went down street. Made a call. Went to the store ____. P.M. went to see Lill. Found her well. Went to see Inez. Found her sad. Sister and I called at Mr. _____. Had a pleasant time. Rob, Lizzie and I went to the _____. Linden came after me. Mr. G. __. D. called and spent the eve. Had a social time. Inez and ___ was there after _____.

Saturday, April 20, 1861
Left Republic at half past 6. Came to Tiffin. Found the city in a great excitement about the ar. Called to see Dr. Parks. Bid bro. G.A.E. goodby there. Rob went with me to the depot. Got the morning paper for me. Said he thought he would enlist. I felt very sad about it. Got to Berwie (?) at 11 A.M. Found a pleasant home ___.

Sunday, April 21, 1961
Went to church, heard a dutch sermon. Afternoon, went to McCutchensville to church. Heard a very good sermon but felt to sad to enjoy it. Saw some of my friends. One told me that Rob had enlisted in a horse company. Heard sad news about Washington. Cried all the way home. Wrote to Uncle Andrew. Mr. Weckert came in and talked a few moments.

Monday, April 22, 1861
Went to the schoolhouse to commence school. Found it too dirty. Came back. Wrote to Annie Seymore. Went to see the Bride. Came back. Wrote to Mollie Grub. Went down stairs to hear Mr. Weikert read war news. Very exciting times. Hear the cannon roar none. Heard some good news.

Tuesday, April 23, 1861
Went to the post office. Mailed two letters. Went to the schoolhouse. Found it looked rather cheering. Schollars came in until I had 25 enrolled. Had no trouble. A very black cloud arose and had a hard rain.

Wednesday, April 24, 1861
Had a pleasant school. 29 enrolled. Found them all waiting at the door for me. All seemed pleased with the school.

Thursday, April 25, 1861
Went to school. Had no trouble. Went to Mr. Hoffmans after the ledger. Mollie and I went back in the eve to see them raise a union pole. Had a pleasant time hearing them shout anvils after they run up their union flag.

Friday, April 26, 1861
Had 36 schollars. Some very mischievous. Had some trouble to govern one boy but finally succeeded. He was stubborn youth. Thought himself almost as large as his Father.

Saturday, April 27, 1861
Rob came to see me. Was glad to see him. He went with me to school. I bid him goodby there and felt O (Oh) how sad. Cried all the afternoon. Could not help it. Came home. Read the daily. Got a letter rom Armana and read it with the greatest pleasure for it was good. But my thoughts were with my brothers dear.

Sunday, April 28, 1861
Sabbath was spent at home. Wrote three letter, one to sister Martha, one to Inez and one to Eliza. Night. Went to church. It was held in the hall of a basement kitchen. It was quite funny to see the old dutch woman preform. Had a nice little time going through the mud.

Monday, April 29, 1861
Had 46 schollars. had some trouble with one of them. Hurt my toe in the scrape. Finally conquered. Washed. Read some in the new library books.

Tuesday, April 30, 1861
Read some. Went to school. Had a large one. No trouble. Read war news at noon. Cut out my dress. It is very stormy now. Got up.

May 1861

Wednesday, May 1, 1861
Very cold. Wore my big shawl to school. Had no trouble. Felt a little sad. Did not hear very favorable war news. Ironed. Read some and sewed on my dress. Went to bed not feeling very well. Had some cold. Could not get to sleep for some time. Was thinking about poor Charlie and imagined that I could see the Indians taking him prisoner.

Thursday, May 2, 1861
Heavy frost. Froze ice. Sewed some. Went to school. Had 52 schollars. No trouble. Felt tired and sad. Thought very likely all my friends would have to go to war. No one to sympathize.

Friday, May 3, 1861
Rained some. Had no trouble in school. After school swept the school house and came home through the rain. Martha and I felt quite funny. Laughed a good deal. Pleagued Adam. Had some general fun.

Saturday, May 4, 1861
Had no school. Mr. and Mrs. Weikert went to Tiffin. Us young folks kept house. Had a pleasant time. I sewed on my dress. Mollie was making one too. Adam read the daily news to us. It was a pretty day. We all read some. War news more favorable. Sent for a pair of shoes with Mrs Weikert.

Sunday, May 5, 1861
Mollie and Adam went to ____. I stayed at home. Read all the forenoon, enjoyed it. Was a pretty morning. P.M. Adam and I went to Mccutchinsville to hear McClain. Had a pleasant time. Rained just as we got home. Read until dark. All seemed happy. Had prayer and retired.

Monday, May 6, 1861
Rather gloomy and cold. Read till school time. Went to school. Had 50 pupils. No trouble. Rained all day. Came home. Read till dark, then Mollie, Adam and I went to Mr. Bowers to sit up at the wake. had some sport taking items and teasing Adam.

Tuesday, May 7, 1861
Finished reading a book, Twenty Years in the Philippines by Girassiere. Very disagreeable day. Rained. had 55 pupils. Very good. Sewed some. Read. Heard that the boys were called upon to go to war. Felt sad. Rob was one of the number.

Wednesday, May 8, 1861
Sewed some. Went to school. Noon. Got two letters. One from sister Martha, one from Annie. Had a note from brother P. Said he was going to war. Went to school. Felt somewhat down, but dare not give up. Came home. Wrote to Annie. Thought about Charlie and Robert and cried myself to sleep.

Thursday, May 9, 1861
Wrote a note to brother Painter. Mailed his and Annies. Heard favorable news about war.

Friday, May 10, 1861
Went to school through the rain. Rained hard. Did not come home at noon. Read. George came home. Had a social little time in the eve.

Saturday, May 11, 1861
Pleasant morning. Had a little trouble in school. Two of the boys fought. Nothing serious. Finished my dress. Acquired two letters. One from Mollie Grub and the other from Eliza and Marilda. Mr. Weikert said I looked 10 percent better after I read them. Finished reading. Beautiful. Bertha, Mollie's cousin was here. We did not retire until 12 o'clock. Had a nice time.

Sunday, May 12, 1861
Read all the forenoon. Mollie, George and I went to take a walk in the country. Sat on the fence and read until they began to return from church. Went to hear Mr. Culler. He came home with us. Went to cellar meeting.

Monday, May 13, 1861
Rained some in the afternoon. Had a full school. No trouble. Marked off my register in the clerks office. Read some in the latin (?).

Tuesday, May 14, 1861
Read. Finished Tip Top (?). Rather interesting. had 55 schollars. Wrote the name of the pupils in the register. Add and I read in the daily.

Wednesday, May 15, 1861
Went to school. No trouble. Read some. Washed in the eve. Rained in the afternoon. Mary and I good friends, have good times together. Mr. Weikert anxious that I should have a letter. Brought me a mock one, all enjoyed the joke.

Thursday, May 16, 1861
Nothing important, Cut out my white sack and apron.

Friday, May 17, 1861
Read. Had a pleasant school. Rained in the eve. Read in the daily. Did not feel so low spirited about the war. Read in my room until I got cold.

Saturday, May 18, 1861
Wrote a letter to Marion. Finished my apron. Trimmed my bonnet. Played on the dulcimer. Mollie and I fooled some. Wrote a letter to Mage. Went to singing school. Had a nice little time. Got two letter when I got home. Had some fun over them. Talked some.

Sunday, May 19, 1861
Wrote a letter to Armana. Read some. Wrote to Sophia. Talked some. Our folks had company. Mollie and Add came into my room. Had a nice little time. Wrote to Rob an Martha. Mollie and I took a walk over the city. Called to see the sick. Came home. Had a ______ in the corner. _____ _____ and retired.

Monday, May 20, 1861
Backed five letters. Finished one. Mailed them. Went to school through the rain. Had no serious trouble. Kept one boy tied part of the afternoon. Worked some. Played on the dulcimer.

Tuesday, May 21, 1861
Read some in the Day Book. Did not like it. Went to school. No trouble. Read. Got two letters, one from Rob and Martha, one from David. Rather funny. Martha wants me to apply for the Republic school. After I came from school I tried to work but there was to many books near had to read.

Wednesday, May 22, 1861
Worked some, Went to school. Saw some of our city ladies hauling manure. Went in to talk to the young folks that were cleaning the church. Wrote to Mr. Gregory and Orshan (?). Commenced a letter to David. Was so tired writing that I could not finish.

Thursday, May 23, 1861
Wrote to Martha and Rob. Finished Davids letter. mailed them. Went to school. Very cold for the season. A little bird flew in pleased the schollars very much. Noon. Mr. Dick came in on business. Sewed on my sack. Read in 2 different books and then went to bed.

Friday, May 24, 1861
Sewed some. Went to school. Two birds flew in the school room. Eve. Washed my shaker frill. Mollie and I washed the buggy. Did not want to go to the city in it dirty. had quite a time. Ironed and partly trimmed my shaker. Washed and retired.

Saturday, May 25, 1861
Went to Tiffin. Bought a new pair of shoes. Mollie and I went in Add's buggy. Took dinner with Dr. Beks. Came out to Robert McClellands. Glad to see me. had a pleasant time. Talked until 1 o'clock.

Sunday, May 26, 1861
Visited. Went up to see Sophia. Wife gone. Did not stay long. Had roasted chicken for dinner. Came home. Read some. Two girls came to go to Soldier meeting. had a pleasant time. Had to hurry to get home before the rain. Stormed hard all night. _____ third on the portico.

Monday, May 27, 1861
Stormy. Went to school. Schollars all seemed pleasant and happy. Met me at the railroad as usual. No trouble. Marked the ledger and graded the different studdies. Mollie and I looked up an old record of a road in the clerks office. Talked.

Tuesday, May 28, 1861
Wrote a letter to sister Nan. Mailed it. Went to school. Nothing important. Worked on my sack. Mollie came in my room. Looked at our new bonnets. Thought them models of taste.

Wednesday, May 29, 1861
Sewed some. Went to school. had 46 pupils. Felt somewhat _____. Had some vocal music. Robert came. Was glad to see him. Mollie and I went with him to the cars (?). Had some sport with our money. He was returning from Columbus.

Thursday, May 30, 1861
Made crackies as a request of Mrs. Weikert. Went to school. All my young men there. Big school. Felt just as though I did not want any noise. Got any amount of kisses as usual. Sewed some. Read. Retired.

Friday, May 31, 1861
Sewed. Went to school. ll passed off well. Listened to the fife and drum. Our little company marched. Robert came on the train. Stayed all night. Brought me a letter from Will. Had some fun over it.

June 1861

Saturday, June 1, 1861
Talked to Rob. Went with me to the school house. Then went off on the train. Had school till noon, then we cleaned our house. Had plenty of help and fun. When thought I was treated to 2 sticks of candy. Went to singing. Was good. Many there. Had a nice time after we got home. had two letters, one from David and one from uncle. ____ fourth on the portico.

Sunday, June 2, 1861
Finished reading the "Poor Rich Man". Rained so that we could not go to church. Read most of the time. Mollie and I took a walk to the cider press and thought the day rather long but improved the time.

Monday, June 3, 1861
Went to school. Had a large one. No trouble. House looked nice. Came home feeling weary in well doing. Sewed.

Tuesday, June 4, 1861
Raining. Had a large school. Got any amount of kisses. Rather cold after the rain. Read the account of the decease of S. A. Douglas and thought the treatment that the Ohio boys met with rather cruel for a state as proud as Ohio.

Wednesday, June 5, 1861
Finished my white sack. Went to school. No trouble. Read the daily. Wrote to David. Finished reading the lives of the Three Mrs. Judsons.

Thursday, June 6, 1861
Finished Davids letter. Mailed it. Bought 17 postage stamps. Met the schollars as happily as usual. Washed. Did not get through till near dark. Blistered my hand. Was tired when I got through. Our folks had a little wool ticking(?).

Friday, June 7, 1861
Beautiful morning. Had a pleasant school. Ironed part of my clothes. George came home. All glad to see him. Night. The little boys marched. Went to the gate to see them. All seemed happy and I felt happy to see them so.

Saturday, June 8, 1861
Finished ironing. Rid up my trunk. Went to school. Only had 34 (?) schollars. Felt lonely. Came home. Read the daily. Got ready for singing. Big crowd then one of the students. Mr. Fry came home with George.

Sunday, June 9, 1861
All went to the french church to see them march and try to kill the devil. There was a great many there. Did not all march. Some of us sat at the foot of the cross until we were tired and we went to the edge of the woods and stayed with the others a short time. George asked me to take a short ride which we did and had a pleasant time. They returned from their march and bowed at the alter. We left. Went to church. 3 of the students here. Very tired.

Monday, June 10, 1861
Fine morning. Mr. Culler here. Feel rather dull after seeing such a parade. Had a pleasant school. Kisses by the dozen. Read the daily. Tried to work some. Mollie and I sat on the roof of the portico. I sat there till the cars came in.

Tuesday, June 11, 1861
Balmy morning. Nothing particular. Eve. Had a letter from brother Robert.

Wednesday, June 12, 1861
Pleasant. Bought a broom for the schoolhouse. Had two letters. One from Sister Mary and the other from Martha. Charlie not coming home. Felt sad. Came home. Commenced a letter to him. Finished it. Miss Shealy and Mr. Crislip (?) came in and spent the eve. Had a nice little time.

Thursday, June 13, 1861
Wrote to Rob. Mailed them. Went in to see Mrs. Watson. Went to school. Schollars looked happy. Noon. Talked with Mr. Asher. Eve. Went in the store and post office. Went in to see Bill. Came home. Read the daily. Did not feel like work. Thought about poor Charlie way off in Texas. Oh dear.

Friday, June 14, 1861
Embroidered some. Went to school. No trouble. Scrubbed out the schoolhouse. Was tired and warm. Two of my little girls came home with me.

Saturday, June 15, 1861
Washed. Dressed. Add asked me to go to the fishing party. Mollie and I went with him. It turned out fishing on dry land. Big crowd there. Had a loud time generally. Saw a great many of my old acquaintances. Came home. Got ready for singing. Went. Had a nice time. Received a note. Had no pencil to answer it. Felt sorry. Teased Add.

Sunday, June 16, 1861
Did not go to church. It was German. Stayed at home. Read some. Fooled with Add. Felt sad. Wished to see some of my kindred. Two of the students were here. Mollie and I took a walk over the city.

Monday, June 17, 1861
Our folks started on their journey. Had a large school. No trouble. All seemed happy. Parted after school with many kind good nights and kisses. Ironed in the eve. Rather cold.

Tuesday, June 18, 1861
Light frost. Commenced a letter to Mary. Went to. No trouble. Came home. Made cracker for Mrs. Watson. Sick. Finished Mary's letter. Got one from Robert.

Wednesday, June 19, 1861
Mailed Mary's letter. Talked. We did not care about work. The old folks gone. Came home from school. Read all the eve. What time I did nothing else.

Thursday, June 20, 1861
Wrote to Robert. Went to the office. Talked awhile to Bill and to Mrs. Tailor. Pleasant school. Got a letter from dear sister Sophia.

Friday, June 21, 1861
Very warm today. Some signs for rain. Hauled sawlogs (?) today. Had some difficulty loading a little but did not good. Had better ____ in the afternoon. Had a pleasant school. Took tea with Mrs. Hoffman. Mrs. Shealy and Mrs Orms was there. They came home with me. Had a big romp in the yard. All went back to Bill's to spend the eve. Had a big time and a lawsuit. I won the suit.

Saturday, June 22, 1861
Helped Mollie a little. Got ready for school. Had a nice little one. Maggie and Will came in the afternoon to visit me. he brought me a fancy bouquet. I went with them to Mr. Biblers to tea. Had a nice time going home. Maggie came part way with me and Will came all of the way and went with me to singing in the eve. Had a letter from David.

Sunday, June 23, 1861
Mollie, Add and I went to their cousins and spent the day. Very warm. Had a nice little shower in the afternoon which made it very pleasant coming home in the eve. Had a pleasant ride home. Saw some of the young folks on our way home. The boys ___. Cried till I was most sick about them. Stayed alone. Wished that the war was ended.

Monday, June 24, 1861
Fixed some of my clothes. Got ready for school. Found a large school and the schollars all happy. Had a little fun at noon. I fell out of the door and _____ fell too. It made a laugh. All passed off as a joke. Washed in the eve and laid my clothes on the grass. Read some.

Tuesday, June 25, 1861
Rinsed up my clothes. Nice morn. Pleasant school. Went into see Bill. Had a letter from Robert. Rained some. Ironed in the eve.

Wednesday, June 26, 1861
Did not have school. Went to Tiffin. Mollie and I took dinner with Mrs. _____. I got two dresses. One like Mollies, one beige. Called at Dr. Parks. Come home. Wrote two letters. One to David and the other to Rob.

Thursday, June 27, 1861
Cut out my lawn dress. Went in to see Bill. Mailed two letters. Sewed on my dress. Nothing particular. Had a letter from Martha and Viola.

Friday, June 28, 1861
Sewed. Went to school. No trouble. Came home. Add asked me if I would not like to go to McCutcheons with to the lecture. We went. Heard a good lecture. Had some fun examining heads. Saw quite a number of the young folks. All seemed glad to see me. Had a very pleasant ride home. It was so cool and nice.

Saturday, June 29, 1861
Sewed. Did not go to the picnic. had school. Schollars anxious to go to the woods. Went in the afternoon. All had a swing on our new swing. Rather tiresome for me to have them out there. Eve. Went to singing. Nice little time. The two boys, John and Sam came part way home with me. had a letter from Mary and Libby.

Sunday, June 30, 1861
Very pleasant. Rather dry. Need rain badly. Read some. Wrote a letter to Will. Had quite a time about going to church. I did not go. Wrote to ___ and Mr. Wittrie (?). Read some. Wrote to sister Martha. Read. Helped Andrew pick currants for supper. George S. came and spent the eve. had quite a time generally. Took a walk. Looked at the comet.

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