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Heral Watson Gardinier Papers - MMS 1523

Heral Watson Gardinier served in the 126th Infantry, 32nd Division, Company E during the Punitive Expedition against Mexico and during World War I.

Heral Watson Gardinier - 1919 Correspondence

January 18, 1918


Date insurance effective Jan. 18, 1918

This Certifies That Heral Watson Gardinier
has applied for insurance in the amount of $10,000 , payable in case of death or total permanent disability in monthly installments of $57.50

Subject to the payment of the premiums required, this insurance is granted under the authority of an Act amending "An Act entitled 'An Act to authorize the establishment of a Bureau of War Risk Insurance in the Treasury Department,' approved September 2, 1914, and for other purposes," approved October 6, 1917, and subject in all respects to the provisions of such Act, of any amendments thereto, and of all regulations thereunder, now in force or hereafter adopted, all of which, together with the application for this insurance, and the terms and conditions published under authority of the Act, shall constitute the contract.

Mg Mcadoo (Signature)
Secretary of the Treasury
William C. De Lanoy (Signature)
Director of the Bureau of War Risk Insurance

Countersigned at Washington, D. C.
A. E. Brady (Signature)

[on back]


The insured may change the beneficiary without the consent of such beneficiary. This insurance is not assignable and is not subject to the claims of the creditors of the insured or of the beneficiaries. Should a claim arise under this certificate you are to write direct to the Bureau of War Risk Insurance, Treasury Department, Washington, D. C., in order to secure a prompt settlement. There will be no expense in connection with proving a claim and collecting the amount due, other than small fees to notaries. It will not be necessary to consult or employ an attorney, claim agent, or other person to secure benefits under this certificate.

January 7, 1919

Anhausen, Germany
Jan 7, 1919

Mrs Alice Gardinier
Delta, Ohio

Dear Mrs Gardinier,

Your son was killed in action Oct 14, 1918 near Ramange France in the last great American battle of the war.

He was killed while leading his platoon against a German machine gun position.

He was a brave man, a gallant soldier and fell in the cause of his country.

We received the Christmas box that you sent your son.

Knowing that he would never get it three friends opened and eat the contents.

Yours Respectfully
His comrades in arms.
Sgt. Major Lafstrom
Corp. Richard Vansand
Corp. G.D. Van Winkle
United States of America

Clipping, January 10, 1919

Son Dies in France

Delta, Jan. 10.(1919) Mrs.Alice Gordiner, of Pike township, received a telegram from the war department, advising her of the death of her son. Corporal Herald Gordiner. He died in a hospital in France, succuming to wounds received in the battle of Argonne Forest, on Oct. 14. (1918)

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